Tuesday, October 2, 2012

an unforgiving sport

I don't know how many of you folks have seen the transition series that covers Euro racing at its finest, but I am remembering an interview with Jon Page that described racing so well. Page finally got to win a race after a long season of battling bad luck. Flats, crashes, and illness all barred Page even more than usual. It wasn't worlds, a world cup, or a superprestige for that matter, but a smaller race with only a single line of maybe twenty fans watching the finish. Page was probably there for the start money since I believe it was a post-worlds race, but anyway, Page finally got to ride away from an entire field for the first time that season. Page pulled his signature (he doesn't win much in Europe) victory salute of riding a one-handed wheelie across the finish line. Being in Belgium, the rain from the morning hadn't yet dried, and Page slid out his rear wheel finish line and crashed. He still won obviously, but crashing on the finish line isn't the most professional thing to do. He got up and just laughed at how his season had went. Even winning a race he couldn't have good luck. He talked about how much fitness he had and how the first race he won this year was five months after he had planned to win his first race. But it was just enough satisfaction, to make him want to come back for another year.

Apparently that is how I need a race to go for me. I need to be so much more freaking fit than anyone in the race that bad luck just can't go against me. And when it does, I am so far ahead it doesn't matter. Lots more races coming up, hopefully I get some satisfaction out of them.

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Andrew Miller said...

Hang in there. You're so close you'll get that W before you know it!