Sunday, September 16, 2012

mobile update on wendy park

Well the second race of the year didn't really fall my way either. The field was a little deeper but in reality I just felt even worse. But the good news is, even being stuck at 70% I still got 9th. The bad news is, I was stuck at 70% and my bike held up for once. So next week, no more user-mistakes: no more tackle football the day before, and more air in the rear tire on a dry day, so I don't roll it over in every single turn. I need to remember I am 155lbs and not 105lbs anymore...little improvements will hopefully generate a good bit better results.

Friday, September 14, 2012

summer of setbacks leads to the real season

So yeah. The end of summer didn't exactly pan out the way I wanted. A number of things kept me from putting in tons of miles.

But anyway, I made to cross season. Maybe a little under-trained, a little under-raced, but ready to let 'er rip.

But I kind of kind got ripped apart at the first race hopefully due to there being a lot of running but who really knows... The race was at Cascade Park which the past two years has meant a really short, bumpy course with a lot of pavement. This year, though, it rained, therefor the pavement was taken out, making the course short distance wise, but timing was about the same. It was funny- half the course was a slog and the other half was beaten down to almost pavement-esque grass.
Either way, I thought it would be important to be near the front for the first of two long-ish running sections. What I didn't realize is my teammate Steve Twining has had enough of losing (forever) so he basically attacked half way into the first lap and was gone. Therefor, no distinct front group formed, and I basically crushed myself from a 2nd row start up the first part of the sled hill to get into the long running section redlined. The "group" started splitting up in the first running section and only one's and two's rode together the rest of the race. In hindsight, the race wasn't really won or lost on the first lap in such a long race and I just pinned it for nothing but training...

So here is the big difference from when Steve is dicking around 2011 (dry) trying to tactically ride in the front group to in 2012 (wet) when he isn't having that losing stuff anymore.
The race broke apart like I said on lap one and I was battling in the 4, 5, 6 positions with Brent Evans and Mike Mihalik. Brent and I got away from Mihalik around lap 4 then my seatpost fidangled (that means my seat slammed up- not even on a remount either?!) so I had to pit, twice. It was muddy but I don't think pitting was the right strategy. Brent got away from me pitting then I gave up so I got 5th.

Kind of disappointing, but there are a lot more races to come and I will be more prepared for battle.