Sunday, March 25, 2012

life is simple. . . almost

Nothing has seemed to blog-worthy these past few months. The weather got really nice for a few weeks and it made it even harder to: do homework, not ride all day, try and get 8 hours of sleep a night. The first two are pretty easy in reality but trying to fit in the last one has been tough for me until recently.

Besides that crazy brief update, yesterday I took a power test to see where I am and where I should be. This was my rest week after a solid 3 week block. I even got a full 12 hours of sleep, the first time I hadn't had the alarm wake me up in over a month, and guess what, I felt decent riding the trainer. Decent riding the trainer = best legs ever apparently. I did the usual conconni and wingate testing with Sean to track my performance consistently with past tests. I still might do a "true" 20 minute power test (then take 90-95% of that) down riverview/ up Akron-Penninsula before the season starts just to make sure this is correct. Anyway, I warmed up then did the conconni ramp test- simply, increasing your power by 20 watts every minute until you can't anymore. I made it a lot further than last time, by 80 watts for those of you counting at home, and Sean assumed my threshold power is around 340w vs last year's assumed 300w. But does it really matter when I am 2 whole kg heavier!

I then spun super easy for about ten minutes letting the lactate ferment in my legs before I tried the wingate- 30 second exam. I did ok averaging 648w for the duration but I know I can do much, much better outdoors. But so can most people.

Here is how my heart rate correlated to the watt-machine CT. Apparently I couldn't tell the difference between 280w or 300w and neither could my body. Cooling down was probably the worst part of the whole hour as my heart rate was stuck at 115bpm with my riding at 42 watts and my legs killing me (normally I wait til my heart rate is under 100bpm to step off the trainer, but I usually am not burying myself like yesterday)

So, what does this all mean?

I need to ride more.