Monday, January 30, 2012

the twelve days of effeciency

I guess you could call it thirteen days now, as I am just about to jump on the trainer again right now . . . So I started riding my bike again thirteen days ago. It was super cold and I was super motivated so I decided I wouldn't going to ride outside until February. I don't really know why that seemed like a good idea but it hasn't been above freezing yet this January so I haven't had to fight the urge to crush it outside too much. I wanted a nice solid pedal stroke and have some muscle imbalance kinks worked out before I start laying down the fitness foundation. It is a slightly different approach than last year when I attempted to work on my pedaling cadence/stroke/force while starting to put in base miles. Gran-it, I wasn't putting in anything considered large amounts of riding in January but at least now I feel it is smart to venture outside, plus there is a slightly better chance of going above freezing. And it isn't like I will get outside everyday, so there will probably be at least one day a week where I am pounding out cadence ladders and single leg drills and one where I am crushing my core workout.
I also revisited that nerdy strava site and have decided to start "making history" again by plugging in rides from my garmin. So far they have all been probably really boring since I haven't ridden outside yet this year (barring a race on NewYear's) and my heart rate rarely creeps past the 150bpm level. But don't get the wrong idea, strava isn't about seeing if Robert Rode His Stationary Trainer for an hour today; it is more about trying to beat your punk friends on local climbs. It is pretty neat in the sense you can see exactly where you need to try on your rides to look awesome and get some serious street cred. I want to ride outside now. Is it February yet?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I guess everyone has been asked this over their lifetime. I mostly remember this being asked in elementary school when everyone actually had a definite answer. Mine was always an architect, even from being very young. I probably just liked saying the word originally but in reality I was super into drawing buildings and those skyline things where they fade off into the distance. That is probably how I learned the word, from telling me that is what I should be.

But now, I get this question even more often and don't have a very sure-fire answer ready. And if you say anything along the lines of putting off college a year or even, dare I say it, avoiding it for multiple years, you get shunned by all elders. In current times that is.

It kind of reminds me of the scene in Breaking Away when Cyril is talking about what to do with his life and says something like, "this is gonna be the first year no one asks us to write a report on what we did over summer." But not really since no one really gets an option nowadays: a) you are going to college no matter what/where b) we are disowning you as a kid / you are a failure no matter what. I guess I have slightly more clue than cutters about what to do with my life, ie I know I am stuck attending college.

[On a contradictory side note, my grandma wants me to pursue bike racing for at least a year so I put use to all the fancy parts she has bought me over the year]

Making these decisions should be easily transferable and adjustable, but, we are getting some serious pressure at school to pick our classes for next year before next tuesday?!? And there is actually a lot of variety next year. And of course, every teacher is like, well since you get decent grades I recommend you taking classes that will coincide with your major in college (simple as that, right??)

So in my agenda it says 'learn what you want to be when you grow up- by tuesday'

Sunday, January 15, 2012

chicago and notnationals

Well, a culmination of unfortunate circumstances amounted in me missing Nationals, again, last weekend. I was banking on getting a buddy pass from my uncle who works for Continental, but, when the only flight I could have taken to get to Madison was down to having only two seats left with one day left, I just stopped caring and told him not to worry. He was pretty convinced I could make it there, but would be on stand-by and would have to take another flight home, requiring me to miss Monday at school, and breaking my only chance at perfect attendance this year. I was basically left with the option of spending $1200 for a guaranteed spot on the plane, or risking not getting on, on the way home at all. But, I simply had the attitude of "I am not going to win, so why even go?" This probably isn't the right attitude as 96.4% of the people (1023 of 1061) who go to Nationals don't win. Either way, having two back to back off days racing in Chicago didn't help my reasoning. And then I didn't go to Nationals.