Thursday, July 7, 2011

weekend plans

Somehow I've been talked into doing the TOTV again. Last year it was probably the worst weekend of racing bikes I've ever had. That's saying something when you suck a lot like me. Man it hurts to link to that even. This year is more or less the same set-up as last year with TT friday night, a loooong/hilly/death march of a road race on Saturday, crit Sunday, except the criterium on Sunday appears to have a pretty good hill in it.

I was also informed from superstar Matt Celek at Westlake on Tuesday, that the upgrade points will probably be based off a stage race setup. So, one should do well in the overall with a lot of competitors if one should need upgrade points. (Matt was also auto-upgraded as he was sitting on a whopping 52 points of a necessary all cat fours you can come to races again without getting smoked) I realized now I should have asked him for a few! I wasn't planning on trying to upgrade after leTour but I actually want to now. I don't know why it just doesn't feel like I am doing well in this cat 4 thing so let's try cat 3. So I need to do well this weekend in the overall for real. It is supposed to be realllllly hot this weekend so don't expect much even after all this cat 3 talk.
Speaking of going well, this Alexey kid has also ridden to superstar status winning nationals a few weeks ago along with a few other significant results. When he does well this weekend against the likes of Panther/Carbon/GPOA/RGF, you heard it HERE FIRST.

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James Anderson said...

Yeah, that Vermeulen...he's okay.