Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We awoke a the ripe hour of 5am to get to my mom's first triathlon in 17 years. At first I was thinking, "why would anyone start a race at 7am?" Then I realized the answer: "to get to a bike race in columbus by 11am." My mom did very well winning her age group on minimal preparations and with an eddy merckx style bike leg.
After a brief two hour jaunt to Grandview Heights... I got prepared for the bike race. Last year at Grandview I didn't even make it half way through the race before I got droped (actually I got dropped so early there is only one "p" in dropped) My only goal this year was to make it to the finish and have energy to cheer on the later races.

Our race started off like a real race, someone put in a huuuuuuge attack off the line and like 6 people crashed in the second turn of the race. Luckily, my late registration placed me at the back of the starting grid allowing me to avoid this. On the other hand, it did take like 4 whole laps to get back near the front, and guys were already popping off by then.

The maybe 40 second hill kept minimizing attacks but kept knocking people off the back. It didn't have the crazy number of surges per Westlake but having to keep pedaling after a jump after a turn hurt everyone. My average pedaling power was 331 watts for 42 minutes...

Anyway, with close to fifty starters, I bet their were less than twenty going into three to go, when we got a prime bell? I could have spent a few matches and got that (no one jumped too hard) but I figured the way I can't seem to recover in the heat I should stick in the pack and hope for the best at the end. One to go comes and guess who is on the front, RIDEFREAKINGON. Todd was in the first lap crash, didn't take a free lap, rode back to the front, and was covering moves for his teammate Matt the last few laps. Jeeeez. In the final turn heading up to the climb, about 10 of us have 5-10 seconds on whats left of the field, about a dozen. I took a risk diving into the turn way on the inside to avoid a manhole cover and lucky I did..three guys tried to go hot and hit the manhole cover, crashing each other to the outside. Matt (who wins all the races) jumped after a nice leadout from Todd, who had crashed, again, and I was there. This is it, phat victory here I come. But, Matt just rode me right off his wheel in the last 200 yards. Then Purdue guy jumps me with 50m to go. Ok, keep turning over the pedals and get on the podium. I can smell someone coming up from behind, so I go for the bike throw but throw too early for the finishing checkerboard, and not the actual line. 4th.

That was a really bad last 30 seconds I think cooling down. I really cracked hard, I was thinking win in the last turn and I got fourth. But, that little yellow measuring device told me different: 651 watts for the last 30 seconds. My all time all time all time high was 702 watts near the start of a "best legs ever" ride and up a stupid steep hill. But, I still got droped in the sprint baddddd....
The 1/2 race didn't disappoint. This guy with his boss shoe covers spent the first 8 laps off the front before being brought back from a Paul Martin-esque chase. Then, a few laps later he rode across to Bauldessare/Knapp and helped drive the break to the win. It was an exciting finish where all four in the break threw their bikes and no one knew who won for 10 minutes afterwords.


Dave said...

awesome job Robert!!

j.b. said...

Yeah Lori!!