Saturday, June 4, 2011


Doesn't my scanner make this look computer animated?
I am trying to make it out to LeRoy a bunch more this summer. Even though it isn't quite summer yet (for me, one more week) Dad and I were able to swing a trip out there Thursday night for the time trial. I am starting to think it is a wive's tale that the course is really far away, because even with mild traffic we still got there in exactly an hour. I decided earlier to race with my 32h standard wheels with my powertap and a few other slightly "un-aero" items. I drew stick #6 putting me behind Chris Nicula and 30 seconds in front of resident time trial hero, Brian Batke. Jim must have gotten stronger over the winter, too, as I found my push off the line immensely fast.

For some reason, more than likely adrenaline, I started pretty hard and turned the only corner onto Kniffen with the wind at my back really opened it up. Dumb. I got half way up the hill to the turn around and knew I made a mistake in my unplanned pacing strategy. I got to the turn around just as Brian wizzed by me, made the turn with him, then got gapped instantly to 30 seconds on the downhill. The downhill is a 2 mile stretch that starts at about 6% then is more of the opposite of a false flat, maybe 2% downgrade the rest of the way. Now I realize Brian is going a lot, lot better than me, but I weigh probably 30 pounds more than him and he put literally 45 seconds into me just in that 2 mile stretch! After making the turn onto Indian Point with only 500m(?) to go I was struggling to hold it above 300w. Usually, this is when I know I didn't go hard enough and am holding 350w more or less. But not tonight, I blew up early and paid for it with not the time I was looking for, 18m and 15s, on the 7.85 mile course or about 25.8mph. This required a power of 304w average, at an average cadence of 87rpm at 4.18w/kg. I would have liked a 320w with a sub 18m time, but that's what happens you kind of bonk half way through a time trial. Still, that puts me 2 seconds faster than my best time last season with full aero gear.

Another positive I can take from this is Mr. Batke said a sub9/1080 combination is almost a whole minute faster on the course. I am thinking this must all be on the down hill?!? I will have to test this later on in with Sean's 1080s and possibly using the team disc for a PR.

My dad, as per usual, had a very fast time and Tony I think set his runner-up PR there (or possibly third). Bill had a slightly off night but is putting in a good block of training for a big Tri next week so he had a real excuse. We all did a nice 10 mile cooldown before indulging in burritos.


Jim said...

We hope to see you and Dad as often as you can get out this way.

I doubt that I got any stronger over the winter. It doesn't seem to work that way. I suspect your Dad would confirm that.

Chris Nicula said...

That is a very good time, that would put you sub 18 on the short course easy, probably 17:50. 1 minute faster with those wheels on this course is incredible and almost unbelievable. That would have you near 16:50 on the short course!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Thanks Jim for the quick response as always.

Chris, I'd like to think that, too, but in reality I would say a full aero set-up (wheel wise) is closer to 30 seconds faster on that course. Brian was trying to modest after he crushed Matt's time this week and not give himself too much credit.

I guess we shall see later on in the year!

Jim said...

Based on the results tonight, it looks like 30 seconds was a pretty good "guess-timate".