Tuesday, May 17, 2011

solar panels and masters racing

On the ride home from Chippewa, there is half a bridge out. There's a stop light that's solar powered and we always get "stuck" at it. We always joke that it never turns green because we never get any sun.
About a mile south of the Chippewa loop, there is some major water buildup.
This is part of the Chippewa loop when me and my mom were re-conning it on Mother's day. This is looking up right after there was the crash/split in the cat 4 race.
Here is the slight kicker up to the ball fields. The picture is slightly imbalanced but the road is still built on the camber, not into it, which makes it harder. I wanted to counter over the top of this but was boxed in.
The whole course is slightly tilted which makes for some slightly interesting racing, and a whole lot of 2x riding, even if it's easy, versus a fully flocked across the road field. Nate Loman solo'ed away for the Win on Saturday at RATL in the Master's. He went on lap 3 of 18 and held a steady 15-20 seconds the whole way. It was fun seeing someone trying to go across with three or four of our teammates grabbing his wheel.... I am glad that suffering on his wheel up Boston Mills a few Wednesday's ago pays off for him.
My dad was allergic/sick to something all weekend. He got 5th to 3 teammates and Jim Yankush Saturday. Then on Sunday, he was feeling better, probably due to all the climbing, but Phil Hines (another master's teammate) came up to him and said he was going to win today. So when Phil attacked and John Lowry and Jason Suppan went with him, my dad was relatively confident. No one tried to get across so my dad patiently waited until the gap was big enough to attack with one to go. He rolled across the line in 4th solo cutting the gap in half to the break in the last 3 miles but quickly learned Phil got 3rd out of three in the break. He literally grabbed his stuff under the pavilion and rode home in anger without collecting his pay (I later got it). Like, the most angry I've seen him after a race (that wasn't Westlake) in a very long time. Rudy Sroka doesn't like to lose. Neither does Robert Sroka, he is just more accustomed to it. I am curious to see if my dad ever lets a teammate roll up the road again even if my dad is suffering like there is no tomorrow and just covered six back to back moves.

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