Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Every race this weekend was at least 3 hours away each direction. That seems kind of pathetic to me but what do I know. It's just funny because in April/Early May you can do so many races everywhere, but now, the lull begins. So anyway, I didn't race, the first time I went a weekend since April 10th, but I did get to ride my bikes some. I guess that it has been 7 weekends. Since there is too much going on next month.. and I can't decide exactly what to focus on, no matter what event though, I am trying to get some (ohio) climbing legs then for whatever it may be.

TUES: 50.2 miles w/ 300ft of "climbing" - race at westlake
WED: 6 miles w/ 2ft of climbing and core workout (rollers)
THURS: off
FRI: 27.9 miles w/ 1403ft of climbing ~2 hours brisk road bike
SAT: 26.2 miles w/ 2339ft of climbing ~3 hours hard at moho
SUN: 28.3 miles w/ 2074ft of climbing ~2 hours easy road bike
MON: 68.1 miles w/ 3341ft of climbing ~4 hours steady road bike

I used that ridewithgps site where you actually don't have to ride with your gps to track your everything stats. It *seems* to read a little bit lower than my garmin but it seemed in line except for Monday's ride, I would have put that closer to 4500ft of vertical. So here is a summary of the first part of the racing season's training:

Week of 4/4 - 11.5 hours (1 race)
Week of 4/11 - 12.4 hours (1 race)
Week of 4/18 - 11.7 hours (1 race)
Week of 4/25 - 7.5 hours (2 races)
Week of 5/2 - 8.0 hours (2 races)
Week of 5/9 - 7.4 hours (3 races)
Week of 5/16 - 10.3 hours (1 race)
Week of 5/23 - 15.2 hours (0 race)

My little plan is to tone it down the next two weeks while finishing up 10th grade. I want to keep some good intensity but keep the volume at only 8 hours per week, then come into the State Road Race and Wooster Crit feeling fresh. Then I can start to ramp up into the Pro-20hr-no-job-summer weeks and start to think about some longer races.

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