Friday, April 15, 2011

coordinating configurations

Old bikes, re-used parts, new pictures. Here is the road bike configuration. Pretty similar to last year except with Zipp Bars and Stem, Force shifters, a 1090r chain, a matching pt/mavic front wheel, and my new favorite saddle. I guess it isn't all that similar. I will post a picture later with the tubulars and the white bar tape and it's full black on white combination. It looks even cooler.
And here is the mountain bike with the full XX. It has the same seatpost, fork, and handlebars, but that is about it carrying over from last year. I just recieved orange grips and a slightly better looking (but better yet, fitting) so another picture for this bike is to come soon. She is also getting some new wheels soon, too. Lacing some of these. (Orange theme) To some of these. Should be my most coordinated bicycles yet.

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