Saturday, April 30, 2011

what am i doing wrong

Went with the same moves. Rode around the right people. Did my fair share of work. Got the same result.
New idea is to wear my helmet cam next week. Upload it and have my dad and the internerds analyze what I am doing wrong. Speaking of the 'ole Pops, he won again.. this time in the field sprint! Mixing it up and still getting the same result! Dan Quinlan also yelled at Jeff to take a pull. That may be the last time anyone ever purposely pisses off Jeff Pendelberry.
Winner winner chicken dinner. Cat 5 to Cat 2: 42 days later.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

ok race. great day.

The plan was simple in the cat 4 race with only Johnny and I. Get in each noteworthy break and make it work. No need to necessarily break apart the race all by yourself, but then again, don't let it come down to a field sprint. Well, Johnny succeeded. On lap 4 to5 I covered back to back moves of which no one ended up working and the counter to a prime went, and appropriately, Johnny was right on it. Their lone group of 5 started coming back and 2 of the dudes came all the way back thinking that was it, but John and two others pushed on eventually building over a minute advantage over the rest. Knowing I would screw up the field sprint, John did all by his lonesome on the podium capturing the top step. Always remember, VOTE FOR PEDRO JOHNNY! It was a pretty good feeling knowing I had a strong dude in the break with my jersey on, especially since the bike genie's didn't grant me great legs today.

After my piss-poor boxed in sprint attempt at the line, I quickly chamoised out, and watched my dad do the same thing as Johnny. Went with the counter after Joe, or new teammate, was reeled in. Then played strongman in the break with Zak and Ray eventually winning the sprint, too. Not to mention, finishing the senior race slightly otf of the field immediately after! Sam and Sally got away early and created a huuuuuuge gap on the windy day, finishing in that order. Not the picture, my word order. Then some mega-tactics were used in the P-R-O race since PM was still feeling under the weather. The two major teams represented in the break, RGF and Carbon, both looked a lot at each other and were wondering who was going to win now that 'ole Paulito wasn't up there.
But eventually RGF p/b Cleveland Clinic p/b Felt Bicycles and Zipp Weaponary with association of Shimano and Hammer Nutrition took the bull by the horns shipping off Jim Baldesare on the last lap, with enough time to thank Polo. And local mountain bike stud, Jeff Pendleberry and sprint guru Jeremy Grimm took 2nd and 3rd, also a big part of Team Polo. Gartburrito also put in a valiant effort in a small group off the front of the field after winning a very special prime. And was last not to get lapped. I was feeling better after the race, too, so Johnny, Fletcher, and I caught up the Carbon boys for a little bit then rode home with Shawn for another fifty miles tacked onto an early morning race. And, as per usual, I felt awesome during that ride but not the race. Ho hum, rest week coming. Of course, now I don't feel like I need/deserve it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 done and no wins

Sunday was another local Covered Bridge bike race. The plan was to ride down again and race, then get some more k's in by riding home. Well, I managed to do that well again, but not do the race part right.

Fast forward to one lap to go in the race (of five) and Soupcan had the Suppan Jason off the front by about 15 seconds. My usual planned spot of attack was pretty well paced already, so I waited until the final mile on Riverview, that leads to the final one or so mile finishing straight. So maybe 2.5 miles to go total. Jason was visible and I was sitting about 3rd wheel. The two guys in front of me pulled off and I dope-ily stuck my nose into the wind. I drew out singlespeed mountain man Lorson but didn't even get halfway across the gap before blowing up. Lorson wouldn't pull through since his teammate was off the front (I probably wouldn't have either- but then again Soupcan's tactics always surprise!) and we slowly drifted back into the pack after the railroad turn. Dumb. Rolled in about a second after the field after getting smoked into the back with about 200m to go. I suck and Suppan held it off still.

Still, here are some goodish stats from the day:
70.06 miles
206w normalized power for over 4 hours
new 15,20,30, and 40 powers*
52 minutes at or above 174bpm
*= only from this calenderic year

Friday, April 15, 2011

coordinating configurations

Old bikes, re-used parts, new pictures. Here is the road bike configuration. Pretty similar to last year except with Zipp Bars and Stem, Force shifters, a 1090r chain, a matching pt/mavic front wheel, and my new favorite saddle. I guess it isn't all that similar. I will post a picture later with the tubulars and the white bar tape and it's full black on white combination. It looks even cooler.
And here is the mountain bike with the full XX. It has the same seatpost, fork, and handlebars, but that is about it carrying over from last year. I just recieved orange grips and a slightly better looking (but better yet, fitting) so another picture for this bike is to come soon. She is also getting some new wheels soon, too. Lacing some of these. (Orange theme) To some of these. Should be my most coordinated bicycles yet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I went down to the race today hoping for some phat pockets but ended up with a flat instead. It is pretty embarrassing for some reason. Not only because I am the sponsors' head mechanics' son, or that I re-conned the course probably between 8-10 times this winter (with multiple laps each time), or that I had just ridden 22 miles on crappy roads, or had to crawl my bike back 2 miles to the parking lot, but because I rode through crap roads all winter with glass, chunky salt, sharp rocks and never even wiped off my tires and got 2 flats total in about 1200 miles. And I am pretty phat (overweight) this year, too. But, riding to and fro the race, even though only fifteen miles of the actual race, I still got in over 60 miles. So I will take it out next week, just not on my rims this time. Also, Johnny didn't win today like I told him to do.