Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yes, it has been a while. Well, I finished a good 3 week tempo block around 35 hours then took a nice easy week. I thought that was good chunk for someone my age but apparently not. Now it is time to start going hard while keeping up the volume and racing, too. But more on that later. That is about all my news for now.
Also, I was telling my dad about how good my single leg no handed riding (along with some trackstanding - must be able to read labels on rim to count) has gotten on the rollers. He gave me the crazy "I don't believe you- you have eight heads" look. So here is some slight (headless) proof. I want to do a more professional video with some better music etc. but that might have to wait until I have some free time. That might be in 8 weeks when school lets out sadly. But by then I already may have forgotten how to ride the rollers and have long forgotten about this post.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

races start

This weekend for most people. I am not racing. I won't be until April because apparently I save my travel miles for cyclocross. I am pretty anxious to get in a field again. I've been doing some good group rides and think I understand racing a little more and might have some powerz to do something at least. We'll see. Here is what I've got so far:

April 10 Akron Valley Circuit Race #1
April 17 Akron Valley Circuit Race #2 / Steel City Showdown
April 23 RATL #1
April 30 RATL #2
May 1rst Presque Isle TT / Akron Valley Circuit Race #3
May 7 RATL #3
May 14 RATL #4
May 15 Chippewa Creek Road Race

Friday, March 18, 2011


So me and my dad (with a few teammates) have been enjoying the weather a bit lately. With the dry roads I've been doing a lot more 2 and 3 hour rides than last year, which hopefully, will make me a lot faster. Here are pretty much the standard loops. Saturday we rode down and did 3 laps at the Covered Bridge course, then took Major home.
And Sunday we played around a bit more riding mostly on the opposite side of the valley. Then ended coming up the Columbine. This is my road bike configuration, so far! I have a few other items on order through QBP that include white bar tape, a cooler chain, and new shifters.

Monday, March 14, 2011

on helmets

I've been able to ride outside these past few weekends and maybe a day or two during the week and have been seeing or riding with a few people. I am down with looking cool and staying warm on rides but (I have a problem with everything).... "We all know that rockin' the winter cap is very pro and makes you feel pretty cool, but you know what else is not so sweet? Brain hemorrhages." I guess it just makes me mad since people complain about helmets being too warm in the summer, then not using one in the winter. I know these might not be the same exact people but I put those phrases together and assume everyone speaks for everyone. So I present you with a few options: [caution ahead:ugly kid alert] Standard lightweight winter cap, available everywhere.
Basic pro-tour cap. Available for $2. Also note slight head growth when PRO cap is ridden with. The homemade cap. Cut the sleeves of an old shirt, put on head, cover with another cycling cap. Most stylist, comfortable version, but therefore most expensive. Or, incase you are really nerdy like me you can go custom. I may post some routes I've been riding as of recently so you will know to avoid me, if, that is you don't wear a helmet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

print screening stuff and describing it

I studied the calendar a little bit the other day and was absolutely shocked at how little time there is before the first race. For some reason, it usually seems like the weather is better in mid-march. But I then had to check that, and it's only 10­° off so far, which for northeast ohio, is nothing.
In something besides the weathers, the new lake effect site is almost ready for the public. Outside of a few color changes, a few small html revisions, and a few more pictures, it looks pretty good. I know you can't wait for another site that won't get updated!The parts are rolling in pretty quickly for the race bikes, too. My road and mtb are now rideable and nearly raceable, just a few more details. Then some pictures.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

one extra hour

It's pretty funny how far an extra hour can get you. Wednesday we had an early release from school so I got home an hour or so early. With some motivation from the sun, I got my stuff together and got a LOT done.

Before six o'clock I had:
tinkered with my bike a bit,
got some homework done,
rode for 2.5 hours,
and put away all my dirty and clean clothes.

I am curious as to if I got home at 1:45 everyday if I'd literally ride 18 hours a week. Probably.