Saturday, October 30, 2010

my favorite weekend part 1

I finally put most of it together in a race and didn't get lapped. In fact, I think I was pretty far from getting lapped but that was because of Brett's extra long course.

The course was super supple, grippy but squishy and slow. But all the racing was extra close in part to the flatness of the course.I had a great 5 laps sitting on a solid group containing John E., Erik Lesco, Dad, and I. My dad did most of the suffering, pulling us up the field (he ended going faster and faster up to 6th!!!) until we individually pealed off. Mine was off a stupid mistake trying to take the "fast" line through the ditch. Luckily I only lost three spots, but then I started fading the last three laps. Each lap, the official was ringing the bell and I crushed myself thinking it was the last lap only to have to do another. She apologized and all was good besides getting passed by one more each lap I fell apart of.

So, besides three untimely crashes, I finally felt good, rode smart, and had zero bike problems. Looking forward to trying to clean up those mistakes tomorrow in part 2.
Looking extra baller in the new black kit.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the best weekend of the year

Is coming up quickly. But first, I need to make up some excuses for last weekend. Sparknotes Version: Good Warmup, Good Start, Back hurt, No finish. Monday I come to my senses and finally believe something is still wrong after a serious jerking-forward motion after dropping my chain on Sunday. So I hit up the local massage place, not much better. Wednesday, me and mom finally get me to a real chiropractor who takes some X-rays and notices a few things:
I have an extra segment of vertebrae in my sacral vertebrae that is quite crammed. My right pelvis was 1/2 inch lower than my left one. And, my whole spinal column is twisted to the right slightly all the way down. So much for me just needing to learn how to htfu these past few weeks.
The Doc already gave me some good treatment and is convinced within about a week I will better than ever. But, I am still allowed to race this weekend which is better news yet and I don't feel like complete crap going into a weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

what happened

This video from the Dark Knight is probably the easiest way to describe how my race went on Sunday. I've never been pushed around in a bike race more than that and don't intend to ever again. But this last Sunday was different, I thought the race would come to me instead of me pushing my way through it. In the 'B' field, each and every week last year, I went to the front and made this race. This year I continue to get suckered into believing I belong at the back (which I probably do) and start there, work my way up a small margin, then get put back there sooner rather than later. No more.

Some more stats on the course. It was rumored to be a little over a mile long and had 71 turns a lap. Paul won the race and averaged just over 5.5 minute laps = 12mph. I bet at least 20 of the turns were full on 180*s. Anyway, for me personally I did 9 laps (going a minute slower a lap will get you lapped fyi I need to work on that) during the race and approximately 6 laps warming up. 9+6 = 15 X 71 = 1065 turns in a two and a half hour time slot on Sunday. Let's just hope this improved my cornering a bit. You definitely need to focus. It was a great use of land for sure. Please mud, come on....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a.d.d. l.i.s.t.

But first, I got some good pictures of this year's cross set ups (finally)
Single A vs. Double B
New Fangos, Classic Pauls
Black vs. White
Aluminum vs. Carbon
Single vs. Double
The geometry is split between the bikes except the BB30 on Single A throws everything off by about a quarter cm. But saddle, stem, and handlebars all remain the same. Also, I have a Nokon on my A bike, which makes the shifting feel that much better. Then, this year I managed to get together 3 wheelsets.
Ksyrium's with 32 Fangos for the slick. Campy/DT Swiss with 32 Grifos for everything. Classic Mavic/Shimano setup with 32 Grifo File Treads for Dry/Ice.
And now the extra list.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

all the little things

This weekend we ventured south for the biggest weekend I'll hit all season, UCI3. It was also one of the warmest weekends of the year, seriously. Friday was quite literally the worst course of all time. I hate to rag on promoter's as I have done good and bad on all types of courses whether I preferred them or not, but, seriously, what were they thinking. I hated it so much that my back started hurting after about three laps so I cooled down enough to get pulled. I thanked the official and got out of there. Saturday went a lot better, but still not the best. My front row start position of almost 180 racers benefited a lot even though I totally sucked at starting this weekend. I think I still managed to finish in the top 40 after cracking hard the last two laps and getting passed by a group of 8 in a row. Sunday has like this 4 minute power climb in it followed by a sand pit that totally thrashes you if weren't enough thrashed from the prior two days of racing. Anyway, my legs weren't cooperating the best but I suffered enough to make myself not look like a complete fool in 36th place. I put in a demonstration presentation at the top of where I would have liked to have been racing this weekend, for a top 20 Friday and top 30's Saturday and Sunday. I feel like my slow motion skills and technique have been the only thing keeping me racing this past few weekends. But, the legs are starting to get some twinges of speed back after the worst month ever. Let us all hope they come back soon. I generally consider after this weekend the start of the real cross season so let's see what happens, cross your fingers for some mud. I've still got a dozen weekends more of cross to race hard and have fun.
Getting outsprinted for 35th on Sunday. Whoop-de-do.

Monday, October 4, 2010

getting better

We made the trip down on Sunday to one of my most favorite cyclocross series for their first race at a downhill derby park. The course was slick, with slight rain during the races but not too much before hand. I had the perfect bike setup today with 32 Grifos and had the course dialed better than people faster than me.
I lined up front row with my teammates (Jeff Craft, Nate Loman, and Dad) and about 30 other of my best Cat 2-3/Master's friends. I clipped in instantly but me and Jeff agreed about 50 meters into the race we shouldn't race for the whole shot on the rather wide open course. So the TLE crew filed in about 4-7th into the first grass section.
Jeff quickly jumped up to the guy riding in first and soon everything started coming back with him pulling. Then he got a little bit of a gap and started opening it up. I was on my dad's wheel when he decided he wanted to go across a 15 second gap in 30 seconds. So wish I had my powermeter on for that one. Anyway, I let my dad and Jeff get a little gap going through the road section on lap two and couldn't close it ever again, but I was still third on the circuit. I kept it really close, loosing only about 5 seconds a lap only on the uphill road thing (see second to last photo.) We did seven laps like this, with Nate yo-yoing between us four on the front crashing back to me about once a lap. In the end, I reeled in Nate (by reeled I mean he fell) but he caught sight of me and took off. So, fourth place and off the podium/prizes but it was to only teammates and 45+ riders (old guys are still fast) but I was still a little disapointed in the legs on the pedaling parts but on the non-pedaling parts I got a lot of confidence back. Thanks to Julie and VeloArts for the shots.