Wednesday, September 29, 2010

winds with a d

I guess I should look on the bright side and mention I finished my first "A" race this year, even if a lap down. I also looked very Pro going over those set of planks. But that's now how I am.
Wrongs of the day:
- Getting Lapped
- Having the worst legs, ever
- On the windiest day ever
- Breaking a shifter on my "A" bike about 1/2 hour before the race
- Getting Lapped
- Trying to set-up the "B" bike enough (not enough brakes)
- File Treads
- Getting Lapped
- Giving up on a good placement less than a lap in
- Starting at the back and finishing there too
Thank you once again for pulling my overweight out of shape self around, Bill. Ok, this is it. I am done fooling around. I've had one month of DNF's and more excuses than ever before. That is enough. It will all change this Sunday. Bring on October.

Monday, September 20, 2010

at this rate, i might finish a race by November

I almost made it a full lap without crashing Sunday! Baby Steps!

The inconsistent racing of the 2010 cyclocross moved on to Michigan this weekend for Double Cross. Short Story:

Day 1, crashed into at the start from behind (like on the 3 in 3,2,1 go), seat points straight down. Pit, last place. Move up slowly. Take it moderate working on riding the hard sections hard, the non-technical stuff easier. Somehow end up in 14th. That means I picked up about 3 places a lap, good feeling for taking it easier, relatively.

Day 2, Hole Shot, better mindset ie. want to win. Feel good for first time in too long. Lead first half lap, begin to wonder when the real racing will happen. Roll tire about 100 yards from the pit with everyone on my wheel. Somehow everyone avoids me as I start my trot to the pits. Last again, but don't feeling like moving up after crashing a few more times on the file treads. Pull the plug with two to go to watch the finish. I wish I was in that finish.

Overall, I am glad I went. I am finally not sick so that helps. But not riding since crashing the last Sunday was not good for the legs (flatter than ever, though fresher than ever.) The fitness is lacking but at least I feel good being out pedaling, be it slower than a month ago. Time to start turning this season around.

Monday, September 13, 2010

the crash heard around the world

I guess I managed to crash pretty hard at the race on Sunday. First off, the start. It was a bit surreal as everything seemed a bit slow motion. I went third into the first corner and thought I was backing it off into that trying not to cut off my only super serious teammate (also referred to as Groundskeeper Willy) Then I let Johnny and Paul and two more pull through to get that front group sorted out for real. Then we went into the barriers and I passed two people, that feels weird. Then into the loooong sand pit, and I caught that Martin fellow. All time highlight of my cycling career. And I am pretty sure Lisa, his wife, was cheering for him, but saw me catch him and was screaming at me to pass him. Then I settled back into the mid-teens where I can actually race humans (well we don't really know that yet, the racing part not the human part) and was with the Stiener/Ehrlinger/Sroka/Just behind Crafft gruppo. It was just settling in before the final twists of lap one (yes I got passed by 10 people on one lap) when I totally ate it on this "woop" type setup. A small ditch lay at the bottom covered with leaves and I totally bombed into it right in front of my dad. Immediately unclipped, sorry ejected, from my bike and landed squarely on my noggin (head) I jumped up and took my helmet off as I couldn't really breath and apparently laid down shortly there after (the only part I don't remember) Then my buddy Tom Humphrey asked me all these questions and kept telling me not to go to sleep. I really did feel like going to sleep as my head was pounding in pain. I ended up getting a ride to the hospital from my Mom and Granny. They gave me a few X-rays and a few blood tests, and a mere 5 hours later I was allowed to leave. They don't think I had a concussion but still want me to take a little bit of time of the bike. For some reason they continued to ignore the fact my head hurt not the rest of my body. But at least I was ok in the end after all the precautions. Below around 23 seconds is Erwin Vervecken attempting to do what I did, except I landed on my face/head.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

more on attention spans

Somehow I ended up at McKyD's to get a mcmeal the other day. They were quite busy as expected at a popular breakfast hour. There were about 6 people in line and the average serving time was 32 seconds. Each person complained at least once, my favorite comment was someone telling the cashier "more like 32 minutes." Then, three separate (not together) people just walked out. They said they couldn't take the wait any longer. I guess I don't get where anyone can get food faster than that. By my calculations, even if you were last in line, you get your food in under 3.5 minutes.

Some days I just feel like a Saint just being able to keep my mouth shut for the three minutes I have to wait for my meal. What do these people do when they go to a real restaurant that has generally an hour before you get your food?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good News Everyone!

Well, things have been on the upswing ever since about Monday. I, as expected, got really sick (congestion, pneumonia, fever, etc) after the race Saturday. I couldn't breath Sunday so decided to not attend the MTB Festival. Then Monday I felt about equally as terrible but have started feeling better starting Tuesday morning. I really kicked the 8-day swine flu massacre out by Wednesday night and got in a light cross ride. Thursday I was able to do it again, just with a bit more intensity. I think I might actually go into Wendy near 100%, health wise, not fitness wise anymore!

I also added a thing in the right corner of my upcoming races (hopefully).

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, it didn't go to well today for me or my family. First, my mom got some serious heckling at the registration table. Then, Julie rolled a tubby in a heated battle in the Women's Race. Then, my dad flatted good bit away from the pit and had to ride his MTB the rest of the race, therefore getting passed by 3 people on the last lap.

My race went as predicted. I started in the last row so I wouldn't be that guy in his first race taking a front row spot. I ended up leaning on my dad through the first few turns! I stayed on Tony's wheel for a whole lap then everyone got serious and the real racing began. I put in my best effort to stay on but started getting a little out of control and was headed straight for a tree. I pulled back hard and my back just kind of yelled at me like "who do think you are, you don't do core work" Then it became really hard to breath or really race so after dropping back for about 3 laps I just pulled the plug on lap5. It really stinks pulling out of a race but at least I wasn't doing anything in the race. I feel really, really sick now. Before heading out for the race this morning, I sneezed 12x in a row and couldn't breath well. Anyway, I think I have pneumonia or I really just suck this year.

Common signs and symptoms of pneumonia may include:
* Fever
* Cough
* Shortness of breath
* Sweating
* Shaking chills
* Chest pain that fluctuates with breathing
* Headache
* Muscle pain
* Fatigue

Friday, September 3, 2010

the day goes on

Well, my calf "healed" a little quicker than expected but not hoped. It is still not %100 but I was able to complete my openers today will be able to race tomorrow. I ended up taking off Sunday - Thursday completely. I gained like 10 pounds and lost all this motivation I had. Training was followed to a "T" and the form was really there, but now I just feel fat more than anything. Good thing fitness only drops off after 8 days of zero intensity and tomorrow will only be my 6th. You would think this would leave the rest of me feeling fresh but just laying around apparently doesn't do me much good either. What I'm saying is I felt extra terrible riding today.

That is probably enough of the complaining excuses for the year but I'm hoping it is enough to not get laughed at tomorrow. My hope is to not get "doubled" by Matthew. And then improve each and every race this year.

Goals for the 2010 Cross Season -
Stay Healthy (race to full potential each race)
Top 10 in a single race in BA Cross Series
Win Junior States/ Win Cat 3 States/ Jump in 1,2,3 Race (same day, just want to do the last race to say I did as the occurence of it happening again will be when I'm a master)
Beat Cameron Jackson One Time