Tuesday, August 31, 2010

right on the rivet

Ever since Friday's awesome intervals with my dad, (5 x 30 100+ RI 30. 8 x 2:00 LT RI 2:00. 2 x 4 x 10 sprint @ 1:00. 5 x 30 100+ RI 30.) at a wayyy higher wattage than expected/supposed/hoped/wanted/needed. Then I started getting some confidence for this year of cross racing. Then it has slowly plummeted downward in a neatly orientated spiral since. Saturday morning was still pretty good though I have to admit with checking out the OROC 5k run downtown, then getting in a nice 2hr Z2 (my favorite) ride home from the hood. Saturday afternoon I started to get really tired and slept a bunch that night for getting nothing done but the ride in the morning. Sunday I awoke with a major fever, headache, and not the whole bit. That was pretty much it, a headache and a fever. I was surprised it hadn't developed into a full blown swine-flu epidemic. I still took the day off from activity but still got done some bike fits which is good. Slept good Sunday then had a very drowsy day at school Monday. Then my granny came over and my calf cramped so bad she had to change my position on the couch for me. The muscle just locked up for a full 5 minutes and it swelled like I was flexing after a good workout. It seemed like just one of "those" cramps after a really hard race (pretty much all cross racing for me, especially with a long drive / little cool-down) but it has been really sore since and my fever hasn't gone away.

What am I getting at?
I commonly read THIS book and it describes how the professional racers are always right on the verge of getting sick. There form is so good and there training load so much up 'til around Christmas that they are very frequently checking pulse, etc. for signs of illness. "Constantly treading on a tightrope from top-form to sickness," is one of the phrases in the book. And of course, being the total pro-stalker that I am, I remembered this cramp sounded a bit like KFC's "lock-ups" that she experiences.
Katie’s legs have opened up and she’s back on the bike. Her muscle episode lasted just over 3 weeks which is typical for her condition.
This, obviously, scared the crap out of me and now I am pretty serious about working this thing out. I have already rolled it, balmed it, and iced it. Let's hope this goes away quick, like by tomorrow would be good because I'd like to break in the Pit Bike.

Monday, August 23, 2010

shoe analysis

Just a quick write-up as I am adapting to school slowly and really coming down the wire getting all my cross stuff together as the racing starts in a weekend! Here is my plan to work on my latest issue this year, clipping in really fast like the fast guys. So I am going to dremmel a bit off the sides as there is not much room to work horizontal with. Then I am going to put back on some toe spikes for a bit more bite and teach me to bring my foot in close without whacking anything. Then I want to mount something small on the very tip of my shoe that will really give me an edge on steep or muddy stuff. I also ordered new cleats themselves which will most likely be the only difference I can actually tell. I started with some DT Revolutions(r)/Competitions(f) and two DT 240s 32h hubs. And some brass nipples. (HD Phone Quality Only) The front came out at this many grams. And the rear this many. Making my bicycle weigh in at this much... Still Lighter: I have a lighter seatpost that is a good bit stiffer that cuts off 5 grams. Slightly lighter Bontrager Ti Skewers that cut off 8g a wheel; I still have my PT mount ~10g; my front Grifo XS wheel is 20g lighter by itself... hmmmm. I think that is most of it. So that drops me below 17.8 lb, which I am pretty glad of, but if I had any money left I get matching SLR's and be nearing the 17.5 lb barrier, oh my!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

old pictures, new stuff

Wednesday - Got to ride at the all inclusive Sram demo at O&ECR. Only three "shops" were invited including some of the RGF team members. I have to say the new XX/XO was pretty awesome. It was wayy lighter feeling (you drop 5 gears in flex of a movement) than any of the super automatic road stuff. I do still like my 1 piece shifter but the double triggers was useful sometimes in the sense you would never mess up. . 2x10 is for sure catching on everywhere and it is pretty apparent why. We were all able to ride in the 42t front and cross chain the 32/36 and still have it feel "light" on the derailleur. The new XX brakes made by Avid are also the greatest things ever, 1 finger was all you'll ever need. That leaves 3 fingers still on the bars, I usually have 1! Maybe that is why control is a bit off. Say good bye to that other brand for mountain bike stuff.
Thursday - Day at the shop, started working on my pit bike with 1st Generation Rival and getting together parts for my new wheels.
Friday -Intervals, short LT stuff, followed by 2 hours of endurance on the bridle trails with dad on the cross bikes. Rebuilt the Sachs a bit.
Saturday -2 hours on the Sachs with my mom's Sachs, too. 42x18 was just the wrong gear, a bit too low on the flats, a bit too high on the hills, woops. My mistake.
Sunday - With the same idea of getting the most of my 2 hour ride, I headed down to Reagan with Johnny for 2 laps of the old/1 lap of the new, cross bike ride. He took his MTB but was pretty beat from this week's workouts so it wasn't too much of a problem keeping up. Cross is right around the corner, so pumped!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day

Tuesday marked the start of a new season. I finished off my rest week last week with 4 rest days, 2 easy rides, and 4 hour mountain bike hammer session. Now it is time to start getting that top end back plus some more of it. I did a pretty hard workout this Tuesday starting at the very bottom of Parkview, a road one short of Snowville. They run parallel about 1/4 mile apart but I like Parkview better as there is even less traffic and a much more steady grade. It takes a while to get there (35 minutes) but seems well worth it. This year I go down past the dead road sign, down this really bumpy gravel (picture above) for about another mile and a half of gradual downhill. This then dumps you off into the Buckeye Trail but we know no one rides there! The whole climb takes I think a little over ten minutes before leaving you at 21. This week I did 5 minute efforts at a steady pace, then 1 minute efforts at threshold, all with very little recovery, and of course followed by some sprints. Speaking of sprints, my new favorite paved road (pictured) is of Barr. They only paved about 1/4 mile but it's soooo smooth, way faster than 21 without any traffic. It would be the perfect place to reset that 30 second power, slight uphill, no traffic, hmmmm.... Of course when taking of cross, you can't go without mentioning the words Pit and Bike, so I have begun to put mine together. I realize that 5° 120mm stem looks quite Fred. I really hope it is the camera angle. And that steerer tube might just stay that length because I like these forks and might want to use it when I get a 56 later in life. Just to clear things up.

Monday, August 9, 2010

John Bryan - 6 Hours of Turning

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Being the last minute people that we are, the gang decided on Friday we would do this 6 hour MTB Race on Sunday. It was at the same park Cyclocross States were last year and another OVCX event two years removed. We decided the morning of that line-ups would Me/John, and my dad/Julie. Our strategy was to start the fastest guy off first on the 13 mile lap, Johnny, have him do two laps to open it up from traffic/other people changing riders after 1 lap. He did a nice job after a crash to hold onto second within 2 minutes of the leader (or leaders, it was a male/male duo team, also) I managed a pretty good first lap for not knowing the trails and braking a spoke. Johnny took over for Lap 4 as we quickly realized we were out of contention for the win since they were putting time into our Fast Rider... So I think we both loosened up a bit and got more into a grove. Lap 5 was a good one for me but somehow I got a much lower time on my watch than on the scoreboard. Not that it really mattered, it's just I was bragging up my fast time to people only to look at the results and see a time two minutes off!!
I soon realized if we kept up our timing, we could put out 8 laps, equaling 104 miles. So we kept the pressure on. Our plan was that if I could get across the line before the 6 hours was up, I would just ride the next lap relatively easy since 3rd place was not going to get in 8 laps and we were 12 minutes down on the eventual winners. So I set off on Lap 7 feeling confident having 1 hour to get around (I had broken 55 the last two laps)... I kept saying don't screw up too bad, but I was very smooth after doing everything for the third time and realized I had a few minutes to spare when.... I flatted within a mile to go. The guy I had just passed gave me some grief as he chuckled his way down to the finish. Not knowing really how far away I was, I sprinted the last .5 mile coming into the home straight with two minutes left!!
John Bryan State Park 2010 - 6 Hour Race 021
Be it that I don't EVER run, nor plan to, I suffered really hard just to make it like 5 minutes to the line with my lap only 2 minutes slower than the previous two (I am thinking I was on a hot lap). Johnny, recognizing I had a flat, and knowing it would take 10 minutes to get to the car, fix, get back on course, decided to take it upon himself to do the last lap on a full belly of pasta/vegan burgers while still equaling my best lap. So he ended up with 5 laps and 65 miles while I did a measly 3 laps and 39 miles. All in 6 hours. Oh yeah, 2nd overall and 2nd duo male/male team and 2nd team to do 8 laps, guess what place dad/Julie got in mixed 2 persons? 2nd!! But, my dad did win the raffle bike and donated it to the Queen City Wheels Junior Team.