Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have to give a really, really big thank you to our Cannondale Rep. Debbie Lewis for hooking me up with a new frame. Although they are quite scarce this year and have been on backorder through the shop for a looonng time, she managed to come through once again with the latest and greatest, in the right size. It really does give a brand a great name with someone so great working their; and who helps you anyway she can all the time. The Bike (capitalized) isn't in total PRO mode yet; I don't have any of the three sets of tubulars glued up, or the fancy pedals, and the seat isn't covered yet. But, it still does have some cool bling. I thought I would have a full Sram Force DriveTrain but ran out of money for the shifters. Not those those really count as part of the train. I also made my own sealed cables to go along with the Nokon Shifter Housing I have running. All not to be outdone by the Mac®

Friday, July 30, 2010

miss a day, miss a lot

I'll give a recap of the past few weeks before I start jumping into cyclocross talk. It is no longer on the tip of everyone's tongue, everyone is all ready talking about cyclocross. So, two weeks ago we went to New Mexico for a week of fun, heat, and some good riding. We hit up trails every day for at least 2 hours. Most of the trails were really hilly and really rocky, therefore my descending skills improved tenfold, along with my altitude lungs. The one day there was a race on the opposite side of the mountain and I went and rode the course. It started around 7900ft and climbed up to 10,340ft in about 8 miles of super switchbacks. It averaged about 5%-8% all the way up. It seems gradual looking at the profile but it seemed really steep riding up next to a ski lift for a while. Pretty neat map, huh? The BAD News: apparently it hit facebook first but who goes on that site anyway. My dad broke some bone in his ankle and tore a bundle of ligaments/tendons. He now has an air cast boot for three weeks and is all ready for cross.
I had a short three days at home (which included some long rides) before we headed down to Mohican for a week in a sweet cabin. It wasn't really camping at all because of the sweet chalet type setup. I ended up riding up and down Wally Road most of the days because it rained so much but I got on the State Park loop twice, and finished it once. It actually seemed relatively flat considering I climbed only to 1,340ft this time. Either way, I still broke three hours riding pretty conservatively. For some reason the Wilderness was all gated off all week...
Now. It is almost time for cross. I am going to finish off this weekend with a good bit of hours and take a well deserved rest week next week. Hopefully I will have close to 45 hours of base these past three weeks total if I keep it going strong through the weekend. Then after next week, I'll get some serious intervals from Sean getting ready for September 4th.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tour of the Valley

Quick recap before I head out to New Mexico for some base miles and overall general socialization. I wouldn't expect to read more on this from me because I simply dropped the ball this weekend.

Day 1 - 9.6 mile TT. Felt pretty bad and got a good bit down on myself (also known as time wasting) after the eventual winner pasted me literally like I was standing still. Got it together a little bit more on the way back. Still managed 10th of 61 starters in the Cat 4 race which was pleasing but seeing I was 14 seconds off money spots kind of ticked me off. I honestly feel if I get my attitude and pacing down in a TT I could go A LOT faster. But, I did get my 4 lonely points for the omnium.

Day 2 - 33 mile RR. Way too hot for me and I told everyone that (don't expect to give up, hint hint). Went through about 2.5 bottles in 40 minutes before starting to really suffer, so I just turned around. I was so mad that I came and expected to race on a really hot mid-day open road race. Body just couldn't take one bit. Seriously considered packing in the road season on the way back, which by the way I could barely find... ended up coming in the same time my race did?

Day 3 - 30 minute Crit. I was all focused on blowing the race to pieces with my fresh legs and angry, engraged ego but just forgot how to attack. Sat in for the field sprint. Felt really good and was pretty disappointed how quickly the race ended without me doing a single thing. I would have rather made someone suffer a little bit and get dropped then worry about my 21st place.

Road Racing - Probably going to keep the bike together for Westlakes but besides that it won't get too much action. I am going to miss the two big money crits (apparently the only thing I like about road racing) this weekend... so I think I am ready for cyclocross season. Going to go on base mile training for the next 3 weeks without races (away from home), take a week completely off, then get 3 more weeks to get ready for cross. I am feeling like redeeming my time trial state of being at fall Presque Isle. Maybe not though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


THIS super cool article inspired me to start writing of my weight loss series again. I haven't actually raced my mountain bike for a while, I have still been chopping some serious grams off it in prep for the my version of the NEO Power Series later this fall. I won't be able to make the Thorne TT (New Mexico), and we are planning a cross race September 4th at the BVR so I doubt I'll race the MTB race the next day, but maybe I'll do it on my cross bike. Then hopefully I'll do some convincing to head down to Kings Cross so I don't have to completely fall over dead at the Westbranch enduro. It has been a really long time since I have ridden 4 hours let alone raced it. Then Reagan is next and there is most likely a very local cross race going on then as per usual, but, I would like to do that on my cross bike. And then is the final Knob race, which I'm sure will conflict with something. So, I still wanted to get my bike lighter for a trip to New Mexico and eventually a week at Mohican later in the summer.

Anyway, I won a Kenda Karma 2.0 at the Knob, then bought a 2.0 Stan's Crow to replace my 2.2MK, 2.0RK tires. The actual weights were 435g v. 518g in the front while bringing up the rear it was 438g v. 407g. A total of 115g saved, or .2535 lbs, all top end rolling weight. I then cut into the rotors and rotor bolts. I went with my Hope Pro Floating rotors with new bolts instead of an older set of Magura's that were on the hoops. That managed to trim 23.1g along with another 1g off of the bolts themselves. I also purchased an 11-28 Sram PG cassette for a bit more range on the mountain bike and eventually the cross bike. All dialed in it was still 11.9g lighter than the old Ultegra 12-27 I was running. In all, I cut over a 1/3 of a lb of my hardtail.

In other news, I am slowly convincing my parents I will need a pit bike this year for cyclocross. I think I have a great deal found online that would get me the same model Cannondale Optimo I had in the pit last season, except, in the size I need. With parts I have laying around, or will have stolen from my road bike, I excelled the whole project to cost only $260, a major deal in my mind. It will have 1rst generation Rival, Sram Red Cranks, and some other pretty nice stuff on it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I told Sean that I needed to make sure his wheels were good to go for the TOTV and needed to 'test' them Thursday at LeRoy. I also mounted a more time trial type chainring, a Sram Force 53t. With the Zipp 1080r, 404f tubulars, of course, my bike would weigh a mere 17.06 lbs. I had no data for the race which really worried me yet still pushed me the whole time. I think if I can firm up the start to the corner a bit more, and descend a bit faster, with a bit more pacing practice, I could drop another 30 seconds without physically getting a lot stronger. I always seem to be hauling, in my sense of speed, on the home 2 miles with a bit too much energy. Either way, I did manage an 18:12, 31 seconds faster than last week (I'm giving a good bit of credit to deeper wheels) (I started my watch at 5 seconds to go Jim) which is equal to 25.87912087912088 mph, obviously a hair off of what I was really looking for. I only need 6 more seconds shaved to average 26mph. But that is what all of summer is for.

Friday, July 2, 2010

a W at WW

Well, it's been a while since I've a had a smart road race so Tuesday seemed like a good as night as any. I only went for two primes in the "B" race and got both of them with some serious wheel throwing action. With around two to go, SSC started lining it up for the sprinter. They didn't do a great job of thinning it out because everyone was still right there licking their lips for the sprint. On the last lap I moved up fast to the sprinter of SSC. Right before the last corner it started dropping and pace so I just kind of went for it. And go for it I did averaging about 31mph over the last .5 mile allowing no one to chase back on! A victory in a road event this season, yes! I was pretty excited and even graphed out the secret to winning a race, attacking when no one is thinking of it. Then going harder.