Sunday, June 27, 2010

1rst Leroy

I rode wayyy to conservative at LeRoy on Thursday. It is a 7.85 mile TT with a slow, shallow grade up to a short pitch before the turn around. What was I thinking of conserving for? I guess I thought I could pedal the downhill even though in reality about 28mph is the official MAX with my junior gearing (and most likely leg strength in all reality) Even with my 32h powertap rear wheel and un-dimpled 404 front, I managed a 18:43 equating to 25.16mph which I was ok to see. I would like to get over at least 26mph at the TOTV TT though. I will try to get out again this week with full aero gear and a mindset of "go til you blow."

Here are the vitals:
7.85 miles
3.74 w/kg
254 average watts
888 max watts
150 lbs of pure greasy augie's pizza


Jim said...

Nice ride if you were in conservation mode. I wish I could go that well!

Kevin said...

Wow, 18:43 is great!