Sunday, June 27, 2010

1rst Leroy

I rode wayyy to conservative at LeRoy on Thursday. It is a 7.85 mile TT with a slow, shallow grade up to a short pitch before the turn around. What was I thinking of conserving for? I guess I thought I could pedal the downhill even though in reality about 28mph is the official MAX with my junior gearing (and most likely leg strength in all reality) Even with my 32h powertap rear wheel and un-dimpled 404 front, I managed a 18:43 equating to 25.16mph which I was ok to see. I would like to get over at least 26mph at the TOTV TT though. I will try to get out again this week with full aero gear and a mindset of "go til you blow."

Here are the vitals:
7.85 miles
3.74 w/kg
254 average watts
888 max watts
150 lbs of pure greasy augie's pizza

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Cross Bike

I owe a big thank you to Deb Lewis for helping me trade in my old frame for a larger, newer one. In fact, it is the highest model offered (in 2010) by Cannondale, the Caad9 edition.

I also began an eXcel file of the pieces parts I am going to be running on the bike. Note: Frame Weight includes seat collar, derailleur hanger, cage bolts, canti-mounts, and all the cable stops. A few more pictures can be found on my flickr before I finish it mostly today. I still need the crank and rear derailleur to come in, shifters to be ordered, and chain to be picked out. I don't honestly know what chain to go with so this doesn't happen again. It's kind of funny, as I've have better luck with Sram's Hollow pin chains (I've had 2) in comparison to the regular pc-1030 (snapped PINS out). And up until about a month ago, I ran Ultegra 6600? chains on MTB, and you know how the story ends.
Goal - Sub 18.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

note to self

I didn't want anyone to think I forgot about the past to Westlake Worlds. These two past weeks have been incredibly warm and humid (though not much rain) which have kept me and the majority of the "B" field in check. I made a pretty rookie move this week attacking about 50 yards from the only true corner on the course on the last lap. We had just went by the very depleted "A" field (7 racers, we still had about 25), when I lit it up to 1249 watts (1131 was my old max) and got that great initial gap. The turn is probably about a 70° angle and I only made about 67° of it when I realized a UPS truck was sitting at the corner. Being the leader of the now giant group, my head was down lowwww and I had to do this two wheel drift cyclocross thing at about 33 mph to avoid going into the parked truck and being laughed at forever. After having my life flash before my eyes I sat up only to realize I still had a pretty solid gap and only about a mile to the finish. Note to self - don't attack into a sharp turn, then almost crash solo, then sit up when you have a gap. And the video... I was waiting for the finish of the A race and a teammate rolled up to me and said this was happening to my face. Yes, it was hot and yes I was tired. Grandview this weekend. I need to get this "road" concept down a bit more.

Monday, June 14, 2010

anything's better than running

Podium Shot with Kalten and Jered.
It was slow and not very pretty, but I made it.
Just to show how it is done, thanks to Cary and Johnny.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a finish at Vulture's Knob #3

This edition of the Knob they had us enter the single track almost instantly which suited my well starts nicely. It took me a little while to catch the front 3 in the U30 wave but I made it up over the first long climb. Nearly instantly upon my arrival two of the three riders flatted, which as I mentioned to them after the race, I have been there recently. The lead rider, Chris Purcell, and I continued up until after the over-under. He dropped me pretty hard on "under" but coming back around had to dab a foot on the uphill. I saw this coming at the speed we were going at started power walking the steepest section. Jumped back on and went very hard to get a good lead after a 45 minute lap 1.
Lap 2 of 2 I was able to relax on the descents a bit more and use my roadie skills to maintain a lead. I took it very conservatively starting to feel the effects of the 92 heat index, 92% humidity rolling through 1rst U18, U30, and top 5 overall in Sport. I was very pleased to see I could ride very steady on lap two and maintain a solid lead but am also concerned the fact I put my foot down about a dozen times per lap. I think since school is out and I have the ability to mountain bike more I might be able to catch all those Sport riders soon if someone teaches me how to descend and turn and gain some endurance.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

68% Good

I decided to try to make up for the WWE and headed up to Westlake with my Dad. I decided before hand the first few races I wanted to stick with the B field and re-learn how to race criteriums. I also just got fresh white bar tape and really needed to show it off somewhere.
I told my dad during the drive if the pace wasn't relentless I was planning to go for every prime. The first one came and I seemed the only one interested of about 30 wanting a 1 pointer prime. So, I'll take what I can get. The second was a bit harder, but just before I crossed the line I turned to the left to see how much of a gap I had (to try and keep it going). Instead two dudes flew up from the right and I lost the $3 prime. And now I had no gap, oopps. I think I got the next one which was another 1 pointer. Then some guy rolled up and said if I wanted to go after the prime. I think he just didn't want me getting another prime but I fell for it anyway. Our "attack" got like 2 straight aways and I missed another prime. Then I started cramping a little and realized about an hour into the race I hadn't drunk(?) any of my two water bottles. Then I won the next prime and lost the final two. Going into the last lap, someone crashed solo on turn two and the race kind of split up. Marshall slowly sneaked off as everyone looked at each other. Then it got really sketchy since everyone realized we weren't going to catch him. Then I sat up when the curb started getting really close and I remembered it's a training race. I did manage to coast for 17 minutes during the race!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WWE - Worst Weekend Ever

It rained all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Gartmarc pulls some wheelies in the hampton.
No handed wheelie by Johnny as he spins out his legs.
Around 600+ folks started. Only 287 finished but TLE had a 100% completion rate.
Dad opted for the 100k and won the 50+ after getting lost near the end and tacking on another 20+ minutes.
Jeff Pendlebury and Juan manned aid station 3 incredibly well and weren't paid.

Wow the State TT was stupid this year! All time most poorly run race- just edging Mohican yesterday. They delayed the start forty minutes because of rain so most of the marshals weren't out there since I was the first rider. I had a good first 4 miles, then I basically came to a stop at each of the last three corners (actually, the last two major turns, and three other 3 way stops). There wasn't a single marshall or sign (apparently there were arrows I was supposed to follow even though I was told by no one) One girl got lost out there for almost an hour and a half over only 10 miles. People thought she was like gone forever. I didn't put my foot down but I was everything close to it. It's pretty embarrassing knowing that I had basically given up once I had found where I was going becuase I ended up losing by 11 seconds. I couldn't stop laughing/crying when Julie told my that. I would have totally dropped the course record I believe still held by Tony in 2007, a mere 32 seconds off. I still ended up averaging over 24 mph (maybe I cut the course!) but honestly believe I would have went 26+++ on such a good ride I was having. I was/am so incredibly mad. I can't tell whether to prove a point and not go next year, or actually train for it again like last year. At least with Sean's wheels I looked fast, and as we know that's all that really matters.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

weekending south

Does the sign stand for GrovePort or GrandPrix? The world may never know.

This weekend is two big races for the crew. First, on saturday is the Mohican 100 miler, a mountain bike race about 1.1/2 hour south of home. Then, on sunday is the Ohio State TT at Groveport another 1.1/2 hours south of Mohican. I am only participating in Sunday's event but plan on taking pictures Saturday. This has sounded like a sweet weekend for the last two months.