Monday, May 24, 2010

Vulture's Knob #2

I am going to start pouring bags of gold into this ^^^
So I have less of this ^^^
Either way, onto my 3rd rear derailleur this year and still 0 points at the knob series. At least Sunday was much better. With all the rest I had on Saturday I felt very energized (also known as PO'd) and managed 2.5 hours on the TT bike, 3 bikes washed, and my cross frame getting stripped.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Kicks

I finally replaced my road shoes with some nice Sidi's, the 5-Pro steel/silver edition. But, it was not soon enough as I developed yet another in-grown toenail but luckily got into the doctor's last night for a quick, yet bloody removal. I also anticipated my mountain shoes being small so I got my 4th or 5th generation Dominator Five's. These shoes just fit my feet so well compared to everything else I have tried.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chippewa Creek

Chippewa is famous for it's course more than anything. It is 4.09 mile circuit that is superb for training. But racing it is quite a diferent story. I believe about 30 lined up for the cat 4 race. It got going pretty much right from the first time up the 200ft/1mile climb which pitches up to about 12% at one point. There were two primes on lap 2 and 3 with the finish being right over the top of the hill. Basically each prime lap we dropped about a 1/4 of the field. I managed to get into the final split containing a dozen of what I would consider elite climbers: Bob Rodgers, Ross Clark, Mike Quigley, Johnny, Jeff Kompa, Matt Bockbrader, etc. etc. The 4th lap of 5 was really hard I was pretty spent going into the hill for the final time. I managed to get into the top 6 and only got passed by three more in the final half-mile final UP and finished in the top 10 in a very hard race!
I was pretty pleased considering I felt well below 100%. I never was near the front EVER but still managed to make the split thanks to Matt and Jeff and a touch of myself going across the start/finish at like 2 trillion watts catching those skinny climbers. My dad on the other hand just kind of rolled away on the last lap up the hill and pulled off another master's victory. I literally think this was his 8th win at Chippewa. Like 3 in the PRO race and another 5 in the Master's.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cutting Grams for Chippewa

I pulled off all the Garmin stuff, a bottle cage, and finally got together the tubulars this week. This managed to cut .47 lb off my bike with the majority being rolling weight.
The wheels are the same one's I raced my dry tires on for cross. 32h classic Wheelsmith rims with a dura-ace front hub and a ultegra rear. We ended up mixing up a cassette that has a 11-12-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27T combination and I think comes in around 190 grams. The tires my dad had at the shop are both slightly used Vittoria's, which felt quite squishy (supple) my first ride. I am going to test out the full 16.4 lb rig today on some openers and make sure everything is good for Chippewa tomorrow. I need all the help I can get going around the course each of the 5 laps.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and i felt guilty

I had to use two zip ties for my garmin for a single ride this week after a malfunction on my old one. I felt guilty wasting to new zip ties that would be broken soon enough again.

Then I came across this system at a longish tour (approximately 70 miles(I don't even think it was a timed race)) . And to ensure everyone visited each aid station, they used a different color zip tie on every person's bike, making sure they stopped. This year the race had over 300 racers equating to over 1,500 zip ties tied. I like the idea, it's just so wasteful.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


At the last RATL, Johnny and I went at it again pretending we knew how to road race. He did his usual "ride off the front until you blow but win two primes in the process ordeal," while I sat back and went with what I thought could benefit me. In the shot above, three went up the hill fast including John, then four more including myself went across with all but two teams represented (Spin and Steel City). I immediately went to the front and went hard across the parking lot hoping to push the gap up a good bit but looked back to see a small gap for myself but the field all strung out and together again. How did that happen so quick? I figured I'd have a better shot at saving up a bit for the finish so I went back into pack-fodder mode since nothing else really developed at all.
The finish went about the same as last week. I got on the sprinter train with about 400 meters out and just hung on at the end for 5th, again. At least I got ten bucks and some upgrade points!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Covered Bridge #4

Sunday was the final Covered Bridge race and I felt quite great. It was really wet and on-off drizzling so I decided to leave the power tap at home to avoid damage. So I basically went with every move that went further than an inch off the field. At one point when I was recovering towards the middle of the field, Jeff Kompa took a snap and got a nice little gap going. One Spin dude bridged and I decided I would go with the next person who went across... except no one ever did. The field didn't get organized until like 4 miles to go which was well overdue. The break pulled off the 1,2 positions by about 100 yards. Then I got chopped into the grass in the sprint. I probably should have went from way out. I probably should have made the break, too. Next time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The third edition of RATL went pretty well. I felt not abnormally well but still quite awesome and stayed in the top 8 wheels the majority of the race. The break went and was gone for about 8 of the 15 laps until with three to go it got close and then finally back. The bad part was it came down to a field sprint then and even though I went into the final turn 3rd wheel (aka perfecttt) I came out fifth across the line which was good for some solid points and a burrito afterward.

Looking at the data, there were a dozen or so 500+ watts efforts with mainly 200 in between with a couple minute 300 stretches every few laps when someone attacked or I took a decent pull through.

Congrats to Jeff Kompa for taking the 4 race on Saturday in the sprint, then doubling up in the masters taking 3rd. And also starting the break Sunday and getting second overall, but first Master. I think I smell an upgrade... My dad also put in a great effort attacking on lap 3 of 17 and staying away solo for the REST of the race solo.
The 1-2-3 race was won by the Martin fellow while I took PHOTOS and was part of a fan club for Scott Fartman.