Thursday, April 29, 2010

no more than a wheel holder

The TT bike was relegated to the hooks last year and hasn't seen natural light since. Well it is almost time again since the TLE TT's are coming up fast and I want to do really well at that big race in the summer (which is only 70 days away!) and I think my best bet for points in the overall are in the time trial event especially considering it took me a little under 14 minutes last year. I am going to swap for a thinner, lighter saddle since I believe the triathlon one I kept on there robs to much power and adds too much comfort, and then adjust the position slightly for my growth spurt. That will be the only changes on the bike since another SRAM RD + Shifter Combo is close to $300.

This weekend I am planning the cat 4 RATL #3 on Saturday and B race at Covered Bridge #4 on Sunday. Three cheers for local road racing! Hoping for BIG fields with NICE weather.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This morning was the second edition of Race at the Lake p/b Summit. Being 'down' with a cold the majority of the week, my goal was to just finish safely with the field. And once the race got going, all the snot/throat/mess got out of me, I ended up feeling pretty good. I went with a few moves and generally stayed within the top 7 of 20+ starters. The main high of the rainiest race ever (there was a lap we went around all waving our arms because everyone was so numb from the icy cold rain) was about a six man split went and was going. I helped out bringing the rest of the field back and that was my claim to fame. My powertap was unreadable during the race, and quite flaky in the upload but I think my average was about 10-15 watts more than last week because of a slight increase in speed and much harder (with the weather condition) course and actually putting my overweight body into the wind every so often. I also pulled the lens out after the rain stopped and I got some artsy sorta shots.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Even though it was kind of sleeting/hailing pellets during the 4 race along with the masters and 1-2-3 race, the first of four Race at the Lakes had a pretty solid turnout. With the weather turning to mid 60's by this weekend, I bet the fields will be packed to nearly the field limit.
I once again was going for another race for experience since I've never done particularly well this early in the season. The Team went in again with myself and John who between the two of us have no idea of what to do in a race. He likes to attack, I enjoy to sit it and think I know what I'm doing. Either way, I managed to snag a prime and he took home a burrito prime and 3rd. It was very fast-slow-fast-slow the whole time to an excess of what it usually seems. My average power was 225 but I bet my normalized power was about 30-40 watts higher considering the amount of coasting I took part in. Also appearing in the data, is the fact I was going slightly easier on the uphill portion vs. the downhill. I am pretty sure this is a combination of the wind blowing up the hill, me sucking at descending with my little gears and letting bike length gaps open at the top, and this one dude who went close to 38mph every freaking time (the down portion is quite gradual, my max was 36mph trying to keep up). He wasn't big, he just got in his tuck and went. No aero wheels, just pure determination.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Covered Bridge #1

Since Saturday's Knob Night Race didn't go too hot for me, we decided to test the road racing scene with the first covered bridge and it was pretty cool. Johnny and I did the 'B' field with the other 60 racers! The video from Bob is from the 'A' group going around.

I ended up riding near the front the whole race and watched my teammate cover any moves. It was quite uneventful as the 28.5 miles ticked away very quickly and I felt very good but waited wayyy too long to think about putting in a move and just rolled in safely with the field being one of my first road races not expecting too much. It was a solid feeling knowing that I made it safely and got a very good 1h and 12m ride (222 watts average - 2 watts out of tempo) It also set me up for confidence heading into some other road events in this very early season.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the newest knob

At least I am not required to include all these pictures and words since it didn't last all too long for me at the knob on Saturday. It started pretty fast as I totally whiffed my pedal but latched on to the top 5 already pulling away in the Sport U18/U29 combined. Took the expert line through the first prologue lap and got by three more and was riding wheel to wheel with the sport leader. Going right into Mike's Upper Lip through the switchbacks I dropped my chain. This is ok, still top five, cyclocross leap and back through the switchbacks. Another POP, then drop! Move third eye, put back on chain, move third eye back. Now repeat it four times until you've determined you can't going over any root, rock, hole, ramp, leaf... with your single ring system. Then call it quits and get a double chainring so I don't have to walk another 13 miles.

*Then find out putting the bike on the rack (throwing it) that a chainring bolt or two is missing and your spacers are gone. Chainring is moving and chain WILL NOT stay. OOOOPPSS, I think it is officially time for XX. Not the best first race of the season.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week has been all about getting on the mountain bike for the race this Saturday at Vulture's Knob. It has been going great but spring break is going wayyy to fast. But, waiting for new cranks might make it slow down a bit.

Friday, April 2, 2010

it has been almost a month

Added another bike to the stable today, except all it really did was come that 1.82 miles from my dad's house. This is his three season old Optimo Frame with this headshock fork that is just unbelievable. Dave Walker rode this thing back in the day and it is still riding great! It has a few very minor things that still need to be done before being officially race-ready. But since I am on spring break next week I am sure I will get all the kinks worked out and get THE cable stretched. Yes, I am running a small amount of gears on this bike, 34 up front with a 12-27 rear. Not that gears are at all a bad thing, it's just, not a singlespeed. And since Dad is officially aboard the 29'er train, he parted his wheels out to me too since he has no use for them. They are reasonably lite and have sweet mag rotors and paired with another 12-27 will become my backup/mud wheels/tires. I have never had backup mountain bike stuff so this we be weird, and expensive. Since I really like Continental's line of black chili mountain tires, I now have two 2.4 MK, three 2.2 MKSS, and two more 2.0 race kings. So I am officially set for ANYTHING the weather can/may/will throw at me. I must thank my dad again for coming through with helping me build this a mere 8 days before the first race! Now it is time to make it go fast with a big chunk of riding next week on dirt.