Saturday, March 27, 2010

so due i don't get half credit

I am slowly transferring into the two things I hate most (right behind facebook): a road racer and an inconsistent blogger. I guess I should try to fix these things. So I am updating today and inheriting my dad's 26 inch mountain bike. Wheel size that is since that is uncommon now. I am not positive on the frame size but it appears about 2 inches larger and about 10 years newer. This is the best shot of it I could find of it. I am also rapidly prepping tubies for the 2010 road racing campaign. My goal is to have my set of race wheels glued (I am counting on dad for that) by next weekend so I can make sure they work. I am planning/hoping for them to drop that extra .8lbs so I will officially have a sub 16 pound bike. I will probably use these for almost all road events (besides TT) because the majority of the races have hills in it and power in a race kind of scares me. Just the fact that when you know you can only hold a certain wattage for X amount of minutes, and in the race you went over that X. Back to the wheels, the tires are TEAM tires from a SPONSOR and are going to be really sweet so look for some pictures coming soon. This is the rim's current condition.
Can anyone name all four people making the split in last year's RATL in the top photo? All major teams in the 4 race representing. I'll give you a hint, the chunky dude in the orange with the walmart helmet is on our team now. We also finished up the third quarter in school so I am that much closer too summer. I managed to pull out an 'A' in enriched bio-- that should make Greg Fletcher proud. And it raised the gpa up to a 3.7

Sunday, March 21, 2010

enough with the 6.5

I've had 6.5 hours of "smart", "power" training five of the first eleven weeks of this year. I've had three rest weeks that add up to about 3 hours a week. I've had three weeks over 6.5 that consisting of 7,9, and finally almost ten this week. These first few races are going to HURT this year. But they should. Here is what I'd like every week to be like:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - tempo intervals, 100 minutes of riding with 4x 30 second sprints at the end. each is at about 850 - 950 watts.
Wednesday - 70 minutes of cadence drills. 2 minutes at 80,90,100,110,120 repeat.
Thursday - one 15 minute tempo. completed up snowville + some 21. averaged 245 watts for 15 minutes at an average hr just into threshold.
Friday - 45 minute AR roller spin
Saturday - 2.5 hours with 2000ft. of endurance climbing with mom. tempo hill repeats to finish off the ride.
Sunday - 2 hours of trail building, back-breaking at vulture's knob. then 2.25 hours of hard riding at the knob. mountain biking hurts when you haven't done it for six months. and thinking a few wheelies in your front yard will straighten up your skills.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Speed Demon
This weekend seemed like a good one to check out the local racing courses coming up soon. Anytime I am planning to ride 2 hours or so I try to hit up these loops.
b-ville warmup
Saturday I rode the Chippewa Creek RR course twice. Then scouted out the best warmup road since there are NO riders on course during the race. This is run by CRC, a fantastic organizing club for their small numbers so I am quite sure they WILL be true to their word, get off the course. Speaking of the course, the "climb", which actually is quite steep road, is technically closed. But since the bike path lead you right around it, I had the road to myself. I also tested (again) some of the warmup roads since there are only three roads leading into the course. Meadows to Parkview is the best as shown by my paint drawing. Since they closed two thirds of the roads in the race (Meadows and Valley Parkway) in the winter, they are in great shape. No holes and only 3 cars passed me the first four mile lap! The race is on a Sunday early morning so traffic won't be an issue. This will be a great event.
Today my dad and I rode down to the old Lake Effect TT course. This is being revived this year! It will again take place on two Thursdays in May leading up to the State TT. I am going to try everyone to do one more after, also, for a little less pressure. The nights will most likely be in the 2 man version with the option of going solo or picking a partner at the start. With the course being in good shape (better than before) I think I could feasibly go sub- 25 minute on the course. That would be approximately 24 mph. But, the course gains nearly 300 ft. in just under four miles. But again, those are steep 300 ft. But I seem to do better at that in all honesty (I'd like to say long climbs but those just suck.)
I also picked up a new hat from closet. Not sure at all how it got there (seriously) but it goes with me perfectly now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the way i figure it

I'll be mountain biking next weekend. Camba legally. DSC_0011

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pretty close, but no cigar


* Disclaimer - I am by no means a sprinter. In fact, the only reason I have been hitting higher watt-ages is because I gained a bunch of weight over the winter (hopefully more vertical than horizontal) and still want to go as faster (but hopefully faster) than last season's sprints.

I got relatively close to the higher goal I set the day before my workout.
I felt I little tickle in my throat before the ride and thought I may not be at full-go but I felt pretty awesome. I only had on two layers today and it felt soooo nice. A very different feeling than at least four all year or nothing on the trainer.

But anyway, I broke 700, 800, and eventually 900 watts pretty consecutively. Just kept feeling better and better. This would put me in the 14.5 w/kg max power ratio. I am not sure how that stacks up (anyone with a pt book please comment on the numbers, please) locally, regionally, or nationally but its sounds pretty good for not ever sprinting and starting from a pretty dead stop. If anyone knows there max data, it'd be great to post up a comment...

I can usually pull out almost 700 watts on the trainer but it seems a bunch easier to sprint when you aren't on 8" wide rollers. But I bet with some training, and the right conditions, 1000 watts is very achievable.

Monday, March 8, 2010

not gonna make it

I have a serious condition of an eye floater for the past three days. Not only is it super annoying, but it is sooo hard to read/concentrate/think lately. The doctor said it usually goes away after six weeks. But it also usually occurs to people in their late 30's so I am not counting on anything. At least I am planning on getting outside tomorrow. Since I am in the get in shape period of my bicycle season, coach has me doing five 30 second sprints at the end of each tempo workout (Tues/Thurs) Just messing around , but seriously messing around, I broke 800 watts on Saturday coming home from Bike Authority on my new road machine. It is sooo stiff I think 1000 watts is pretty possible within the next few weeks. That would be totally worth a graph on the old blog.

AND, if everyone could make a google account and follow my blog that would be awesome. I need eight more folks to say I have more followers than Barry Wicks, which even if you don't read his/my site is cool.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


16.86 lbs
Six 13 Frame w/ der. hanger -
1 333.5g
Cannondale Premium Fork -
Seat Collar -
ITM Ergal 7075 Ultra Lite -
Cannondale Bottle Cages -
42g + 39.5g
Sram Red FD -
100.6 g
Sram Rival Shifters w/ shifter cable -
179g + 176.3g
Sram Rival Caliper
148.6g + 141.2g
Cannondale Fire Seatpost -
Fizik Pave Sport Saddle -
Sram end plugs -
3T ARX-Team 90mm Stem -
Sram Red 175mm Cranks (no rings, bolts, no BB, w/ Garmin Monitor + 2 zip ties) -
Truvativ GXP BB -
48t Chainring -
38t Chainring -
Brake Cables/Brake/Der. Housing -
Cane Creek headset -
Sram PC-1030 Chain -
Talkum Powder in Tires -
Presta caps -
Bontrager 48mm Tubes -
82.3g + 81.8g
Challenge Gara 23c Tires -
Easton Circuit Front (no skewer) -
Easton Circuit Rear (no skewer) -
REAL Design Titanium Front Skewer -
REAL Design Titanium Rear Skewer -
Dura-Ace CS-7800 12-25 -
Speedplay Ti w/ spacers -
100.3g + 99.3g
Fizi'k Tape -
Thanks goes out to my dad for helping me get this together so quickly and not getting *too* mad for "borrowing" a few parts here and there. And yes, I weighed every single part besides brake cables and the headset.