Friday, February 26, 2010

window of opportunity

I think to myself why I can't get stuff done anymore. I ask, am I really all that busy compared to others? So I made a nice table to trick myself into thinking I am busy for at least a few hours in the day.

2:43pm Home From School
3:15pm Bring bike in from garage, get snack
4:00pm Window of Opportunity - emails, forums, bike prep, homework prep
4:45pm Homework
5:15pm Get ready for Trainer (I can usually get one bike to work, hopefully)
5:30pm Trainer
6:20pm Shower and Dinner Prep
6:30pm Dinner with a bit of Two and a Half Men
7:15pm Back to the dungeon for more homework
8:30pm Upstairs to Study
9:15pm The Dark Knight
9:40pm Bed Time

With this window consisting of maybe a forty minute block I haven't been able to get much done at all. I can either start something (like a blog post) but can't get close to finishing it. So, I have been kind of enjoying that time and getting semi-productive stuff done after a day at school on Friday. But that makes every weekend day enormously busy with trying to squeeze in a two hour ride. I can't understand how the athletes at school get anything done with practice running at least two hours a night. But then I remembered, if Quarterback Jimmy needs to play in the big high school football game on Friday, and his gpa needs to be a 1.0, our teacher (every coach must also be a teacher in North Royalton) might happen to give little Jim an 'A' for the rest of the week.

Monday, February 22, 2010

check out those booties

I watched a ski race that wasn't as close as a finish as the Olympics.
I made it out to a semi serious group ride the other day. You can tell by the faces varying from let's go easy to I'm feeling like attacking you all. Mine was on the very low end of that spectrum. But my booties were on the very high end of the spectrum.
I cut down my burritos to under 1500 calories. Not including double guac of course.
I've snowshoed 6 times the past few weeks and that's translated into some ok hourly weeks. My fitness is pretty much where it should be but I'll probably miss workouts/rides from an ingrown toenail this week. On the group ride, we had a 2 hour block where I averaged just under 170 watts, which is 15 below tempo so quite endurance. I was pretty totally spent after though.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

seperated at birth?

He can get second at the Olympics in men's figure skating and his brother can a ride a bike fast.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

it's what you've all been waiting for

These are the races I plan on competing in if all goes well:

XC - Mountain Bike
RR - Road Race
CR - Circuit/Crit Race

April 10th Vulture's Knob #1 XC

April 17th Race at the Lakes CR

April 18th Mohican Wilderness XC / Big Bear Classic XC

April 25th Team Akron's Valley Race CR

May 2nd Cone Azailia RR (what I am training for)

May 16th The Wilds XC / Chippewa Creek RR

May 22nd Vulture's Knob

Lake Effect Time Trials

June 6th Ohio State TT

And then after the State TT, I am going to put in a bunch of miles since school will be out and the Tour of the Valley Cat4 is coming. As much as I'd love to set goals of placing in the race, looking at the results from last year, I want to score a few points (meaning top 10) in the TT, then just finish safely with the field the rest of the days. It will be could base for cross and its basically so I have something to train for in the summer since there is literally two other events in the Northern Ohio with one being the Masters State Championships. That will be the extent of my road racing, but not XC racing, a good bit more of that, besides some Westlakes to get in shape for cross. And then cross. And repeat.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a true road bike

I've had two 650c road bikes.
I've had one 700c TT bike.
I've had two 700c cross bikes.
I've had one 700c fixed road bike.
Now I am getting a true road bike with a double chainring, too.
Here is the ultimate teaser.
Frame is 1333.5 grams with a rear derailleur hanger for a 56cm ultimate entry level road racing bike. And then I decided to weigh every part that is going on this bike HERE. I need to get a chain and a rear derailleur and I will have all the parts needed to complete. I probably shouldn't skimp on the chain (since we all know how that goes) so I'll probably make up for it and go for
the Force RD. Along with some other cool stuff.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

right at the wrong time

So I am kind of getting famous at school for being the only kid who walks home still. Even though it's just under a mile to my house, I guess everyone just drives that way to watch me. Especially since I've had 98 consecutive days walking home from school. All in tennis shoes and either a hoodie or a light jacket. Anyway, the past two days have by far been the most miserable. It has been picking up in the wind category since Monday, and with the snow falling a slight west, the wind picking it up from the north, it went directly into my eye sockets. I could literally see about fifteen feet in front of my sneakers, maybe.

And what I am getting at: we haven't had a snow day yet this year (2010) but we've had more blizzards than ever. They just come at 2:43pm everyday directly at me. At least I did get to watch three cars get stuck today making me walking not seem completely worthless. 2 BMW's and a Lexus, yep, that is North Royalton. Don't have enough money for snow tires (or 4wd) but enough cash to drop on heated seats. I would have said we have a good chance for a snow day tomorrow but around 1 am it switches from 90% chance of snow down to 30%. I am seriously considering dis-attaching every snow-plow dude's plowwer tonight.

And then I might actually post some actual content on this blog. Not just polls.

Monday, February 8, 2010

taking a reader poll

Has the blog really come to this? Yep, I don't really know what to write anymore since I've got so many small things to say. That sounds like this, but we know I'm not going there!

More Serious Than Voting For the President Poll
What is your favorite types of reading on Feel It: Factory Rider during the winter months?
Training/Statistics/Powertap Ramblings
Weight Weenie Tips
The Rants
Future Racing and Events
Equipment Reviews
The Spam Comments

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

$34 Recycling

I had a Challenge Grifo tire looking a bit ill after the cross season. Not holding air well, valve stem not long enough (for my deep dish wheels, ha), the valve core being taken out a bit too easy, Stan's swirling around like mad, base tape looking cooked after a solid amount of muddy racing this year. But with plenty of tread left around, I didn't want to the retire the tire, so I tried Tire Alert. And within a two week turn around time, my tire arrived in mint condition with new base tape, a new lightweight butyl tube, and a 60mm stem all for $34. The average single tire retails for $110. So even though it was a few grams heavier without the latex tube (equal with the stans), it was a lot cheaper! Thanks Tire Alert!
Also arriving in the mail today was my Alpine Digital Bike Scale. This is quite possibly the most dangerous $50 I have spent in a long time as it will probably add up to much more money being spent. It should help with my kg/lbs conversions though!
Lastly, my mountain bike is almost complete. For now. I am currently in the 'sanding off glue of my handlebar stage.' But, I decided once the winter thaw is done I am going to 1x10 for the racing season. It would only add 1/2 pound to my bike from singlespeed but give me a lot more gear range to stay with the lead group, or a better chance I should say. I will use an 12-27 cassette, most likely dura-ace, with one of the little road shifters on my handlebar. It seems like 10 speed is catching on in the MTB, so I can get a little jump start now. But, since I have 26" I'll never be able to change wheels with anyone anyway. And the rear derailleur I plan to use:
2008 sram force rd