Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 June = 2010 January

So I have developed the rate at how well I am developing as a cyclist yesterday. In May, which was my last test, I tested positive for good power shortly after Presque Isle TT. Then I retested yesterday and had slightly higher numbers. Threshold 200w vs. New 220w. I did the same exact thing last year, what I am saying is I have May/June fitness/power from last season in January the following year. This is good. I really wish I would have done some testing during cross season because my numbers would have been a good bit higher. Myself and Johnny both admitted to zero intensity since our last cross race. Which is good.
So I was shooting for 280 watts no matter how hard I had to go. Well, I had to go really hard, like 197bpm hard. Sean said to push for one more minute for 300 watts but I couldn't pedal ever again. Until the wingate test, where I laid down 466 watts for the thirty second period and peaked at 615. I really want to redo this one up Harley Hills as I was aiming to average 500 for the test. Then continue on to try to reset a personal best time up it. Sean said it's kind of the cheater way to get a new PB 30 second uphill but since I have been running out of gear sprinting on flats (thank you junior gearing for letting me brag) I think it would only be fair to get some BIG numbers climbing some STEEP grades in my FAT body. I think the powertap will help me a bunch after geeking out and getting some real tests done like this.

I now will announce Johnny's numbers to the world. No I won't, because no one would come to the races anymore with his monster numbers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

train at chipotle, train less, train sometimes when you feel like it

I don't think that is quite my coach's motto but it seems to by mine. Anyway, I am planning on the testing being some time Saturday at the shop. Last time I did the wingate and conconni testing was May last year. I hope my watts have increased a little since then but I am not expecting too much since I have nearly no intensity since December 20th. So I guess I would like to complete at least 10 stages of the Conconni and average 500 watts for the 30-second power. I will post up the lab results after I get them but for now, you should check out Train Ready's website to the nice link to the right.


Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll let the pictures do the talking

Align Center1x1_sachs
I inherited my Dad's Richard Sachs 57cm for my birthday. By no means is it mine to keep, but I wanted a fixed gear bike for the winter and my dad wanted some use as it was looking lonely in the attic.
I think I should just let the pictures do the talking. Steel is Real. I'll do a full build list of it once I am done swapping parts.
I also made a new flickr URL, Now you can all reset your bookmarks and favorites to a simpler URL. You can see more pictures of my bikes in the my bikes column. I still have a PRO account on the site so I really should upload some more photos. Check out more sets of racing/riding/looking at bikes from the past two years, HERE.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the calender looks kind of blank

The powermeter is all hooked up and I have been using it quite a bit. Maybe a bit too much, as I managed to loosen two crankarms this week alone off my pure power strength (or inability to tighten) Anyway, the graphs come out pretty sweet and really make heart rate seem like a waste of time. As in, it takes so long to catch up, your either doing too long or too short an interval/ride/indoor-death-trainer-session.

Since nationals on December 14th, I have taken 23 days off (40 days since, so 23/40) from activity. Between a 10 day shut-down post Nationals, a swine-flu-like cold, and just the bi-weekly days off, it's been adding up. So it can only go up, power, health, speed. I have the rest of this week and until Thursday next week, and I start resting up for some lab testing. After that I officially start the BASE miles of my training.

After a couple months of that, a month+ of Build to get me in shape for Cone Azalia, my first peak of the season. Then I'll probably coast off that fitness with some Vulture's Knob action, the start of the NEO Power Series, and most likely the State Time Trial Championships. Then cyclo-cross! I plan to have the 'getting in shape' include some of the local weekend racing, such as RATL and 311's CVCR. But besides that, mostly intervals.

I also found this gem on the internet today. Barack should make it a law to race cross.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

elbow greasing

I have been doing a lot of thinking of new stuff to spice up the blog. Change it up a bit, you know. So I figured I'd throw in a long delay of posting. It didn't really spice things up. In fact, my dad told me today the world's been on hold since this page hasn't changed for the past 10 days. I am starting to sound like Chris Martino so let's start the post.

I read a bunch of articles on how to kill your expensive tubulars over the off-season in your wet, cold garage. So I brought them all in and set them next to my newly inherited bicycle. Click the photo for a sneak peak.
And removed all the tires, and the glue. We did a good job gluing this year, I'll have blisters until next season!
Old base tape mixed with dried sand and rotting glue....yummm. DSC_0002
Not just some of it, all of it: Thank you GOO GONE.DSC_0003
And my antique 26" mountain bike has been needing some maintenance. I am holding off on the 29'er another season.
I got some fresh sausage casing tires mounted, Changed out that leaking stan's tube, scrubbed off the rotors, installed a new gear so I can ride with humans again, de-iced a few of my spokes, extra pedal spacers so those kankels don't whack the chainstays. Adjusted my death grip ergon position, opened up the brakes a bit more, revitalized my BROWN chain(not a brand, a color), adjusted the singleator, (soon pulling a few links out) and mounted a full garmin setup on there. Whewww! And now even considering a new saddle and I might soon be riding this again someday! I'll be sure to post a before and after photo.
I've also been cleaning up my new tool stash I got for Christmas. And I have been switching cassettes/spacers like a mad man, and now my bikes will all be color-coordinated just a like hipster. And geared properly!
Time to clean up the basement!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

icicle farmer

Helmet needed, but no photoshop needed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"people today have attention spans that can only be measured in nano-seconds"

This quote from the movie BASEketball really reminded me of the revised Ray's Indoor MTB Park. Both my dad and I agreed that Ray's is getting this mantra of the whole park.

The Sport section used to contain (2006) a loooong serpentine track that contained everything off the deck now. If you could complete a full run on that you were cool.. Now though, you get ten seconds of fame (versus around 3 minutes) that includes riding one section off the sport deck then U-turning into traffic and making your way back to the deck. The sport "room" is where I spent most of my life in 2006, now it seems really boring to me.

Everyone has such short attention spans (also known as OCD) that we need to have everything be a ten second jump, pump, or coast and start us off at square one again. ESPECIALLY that new indoor TT thing, oh my how could anyone pay attention for 10 minutes! At least Ray had the idea to try and lengthen something, even it requires the same loop 6x. If this was when the sport room had a flowing three minutes, you could ride a lap, do a XC lap, and finish with some sport section or beginner room something.

I am totally not blaming Ray for this, but the fact that everyone needs to relax and let the park be the way it used to be. I am predicting by 2012 (the year the world will end) that EVERY thing at Ray's will be off one deck where you have to take the same line to get back, with the other 200 people there. Oh wait, most of them are chilling at the lounge.

But I really shouldn't complain too much, as most don't have an indoor mtb park 45 minutes away to complain (get hurt at) about. But we also have like 3 feet of standing snow in our yard. That video is the only one I could locate from the old days of Rays. When you could go anyone weekend and actually find me there, not riding a trainer in my basement.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Here are the four cool things I've been up to this year so far. First, I have been seeing pod-runner around for a while but finally got around to downloading it off i-Tunes for FREE the other day. You just select a heart rate you would like to go at (fixed or intervals) and it has songs preselected in podcast form for you to download. Most sets have nearly an hour run-time and are continual at any heart rate, ranging from about 120-180. This would be great for a spin class (or any base outdoor activity in three feet of snow) but I am using it for something else, see #4 on my list today. Pod-Runner also downloads insanely fast.


Basically the greatest-inexpensive-thing-you-really-want-ever that uses very few watts of energy, a shoe dryer. Asked for one for Christmas, and what do you know, it's like the best simple invention ever. I now have a portable one for your car (heats up HOT) and an at home version that puts out constant air for three hours and can even dry your shoes after walking in three feet of snow. I should get PEET to sponsor me once I get fast from my powertap.


I also finished up the trainer v. bike all blinged out with the ANT+ sport combo of SL+ powermeter and my 705. Generally, it takes geniuses to hook these fancy toys up. Tried out the new setup today and really liked all of it working smooth. Except I think my miles per hour sensor is not only picking up the magnet, but my valve stem as they are directly across from each other and it reads exactly 2x my human like speed. Unless I really did average 23+mph @ 80 watts today. Must be my super aerodynamics with my massive SKS fenders all set for the three feet of snow we have.


And probably the simplest way to have fun in the winter, snow-shoeing. I went up to Chapin Forest Saturday with my mom and had a blast stalking people's beat in off the path tracks. A few were so steep that it was just a butt slide down to the bottom. And I even opened up a few of my own to get to the top of the main hill in a direct way from the parking lot. You also stay really warm snow-shoeing, so I can actually see myself doing this a lot this winter. Did I mention we got almost three feet of snow?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 is done

I will end up with about 3,500 miles this season including racing/warming up at the race. Just to compare that to some other cyclists, my dad puts out about 6k a year and Dan Chew around 20k. But that seemed to be about right for what I needed. That equated to about 25ish hours every month on the bike. August ended up 34 hours and the most since school was about to start up soon so I decided to ride more since I didn't know if I could ride too much during school.

Definitely most proud of my cross results especially my two victories, Chagrin Day 1 and States. I had solid legs at nearly race and only crappy luck at like two races. Good ratios, 36/38 in luck situations. I'd say about a dozen I raced to my full potential which is a solid third of my good luck races, I'll take it.

The results were still there so I didn't feel the need to put in more hours. But I think about 30 or so a month would be good this year and aim for 4,000 or so miles not really worrying about miles but it's cool to look back at data at the end of the year, like so. But I plan on riding a bunch more next summer. And I have the powertap coming so that will probably measure how much harder I go in races vs. training. But it will make faster anyway so double plus. Make that a triple plus including the most important PRO-ness.

So, without further a do, my 2009 results by date, race, category, and place. SS stands for single-speed:

4/27 Presque Isle, Time Trial - AG 2nd (peak #1)
5/2 RATL #3, Circuit - Cat.5 7th
5/17 The Wilds, XC MTB - Junior 1st (SS)
5/23 Vulture's Knob #2, XC MTB - Novice 2nd (SS)
6/7 Groveport, Time Trial - AG 1st
6/13 Vulture's Knob #3, XC MTB - Novice 1st (SS)
6/21 Ohio States, Time Trial - AG 1st
7/7 Westlake, Circuit - B field
7/10 TOTV, Time Trial - Cat.4 13th
7/16 Chapel, Criterium - dropped
7/21 Westlake, Circuit - B 4th
8/4 Westlake, Circuit - B field
8/9 Milk Race, Road Race - Cat.4 dropped, still mid-pack
8/11 Westlake, Circuit - B 4th
8/13 Leroy, Time Trial - too cool for categories and places
8/18 Westlake, Circuit - B 3rd
8/20 Leroy, Time Trial - too cool for categories and places
8/30 BVR, XC MTB - Junior 1st
9/13 Wendy Park, Cyclocross - B 9th *all cross is a peak
9/19 Michigan, Cyclocross - AG 1st
9/20 Michigan, Cyclocross - B 10th
9/26 Kent State, Cyclocross - B 5th
10/3 Alum Creek, Cyclocross - B dnf?
10/4 Leroy, Cyclocross - B 2nd
10/10 Middletown UCI, Cyclocross - B 43rd
10/11 Harbin Park UCI, Cyclocross - B 42nd
10/17 Todd Field, Cyclocross - B 6th
10/31 Chagrin, Cyclocross - B 1st
11/1 Chagrin, Cyclocross - B 3rd
11/14 Kent State, Cyclocross - B 8th
11/22 Kirtland, Cyclocross - B 2nd
11/29 Ohio States, Cyclocross - Junior 1st
11/29 Ohio States, Cyclocross - Cat.3 22nd
12/6 Boughton, Cyclocross - B 3rd
12/10 Nationals, Cyclocross - B 10-29 dnf
12/11 Nationals, Cyclocross - AG dnf
12/19 Infirmary, Cyclocross - B 3rd (SS)
12/20 Hardesty, Cyclocross - B 1st (SS)

So like 7 road races (including circuit races), 6 time trials, and 1 criterium for the road. 4 mountain bike races and 20 cross races totaling 38 races started in 2009, just right. I peaked at the right time at Presque Isle and posted up a solid ride. Then came on strong throughout the cross season. This season will be a good bit different so stay ready for different posts and racing. I'd type more but my laptop has about 0% battery left.