Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have found something wrong and write with being young over the past few days. Wrong - I stayed up til maybe 12am two nights in a row. The past three days, I have laid down at about 10pm but sat there WIDE awake until at least 12:30am. How can this happen so quickly? Does my body know I don't have school tomorrow or did I really adapt to changing my sleeping patterns 3 hours different a day that quickly? All I know for sure is, sleeping 10 hours a night for a week straight makes you feel so much better, no matter at what time. Write - Also on the adaptation theme, I started to do some more core work so I won't have to pull out of half my races next year due to back pain. The plan is to start 10 reps x 1 set and work your way up to 20 reps x 2 sets for maximum ab-ability. The first workout I did, I warmed up a little with a walk on the treadmill and was crying-for-mom-suffering by the end. The second time I completed the workout, I warmed up a little more with some very light stretching, but I did 50% more workload, and can barely feel the effort sitting here 6 hours later. That is a good sign. It felt 50% better during, too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I put a lot of stuff on my plate this winter hoping it would work out better for racing next year considering this year didn't go the way I wanted. Outside of actually training, these are some of the projects I want to focus on:

Work on until my mind goes.
Remove tread from used mtb tire and put it on road shoes aiming for a stiffer mtb shoe.
Repack all pedals with grease.
Clean all cassettes and chainrings.
Apply wet lube to all bikes for the winter.

Then at Broadview Heights, I want to make a cyclocross park for real. It obviously won't be this official since we don't live in Boulder, but, I still would like to get it enough to have a solid practice course where you could practice everything relatively legally and within a 1 mile radius.
So Broadview::
Cut in stairs onto gravel path
Begin a nice smoothed out singletrack section in za woods
Repack entry to bridge to stairs, then cover bridge with something very grippy (see above photo for said bridge to stair combo pack)
Find ways around stone path to oil drillers (or, mandate clinchers at park)
Grind up soild to implicate sand somewhere in za woods

Onto the bikes.

Dial in fits with Sean on all bikes.

Richard Sachs::
Gutted/Broken Rival Shifters put on
Clean Chain
Put on a massive training gear (work on lowwww end power for big muscles)

TT Bike::
Swap to Sram Force 175mm Cranks
Get Sram Rival Brakeset
Adjust front shifting
Clean Chain
Really, really work on fit

Road Bike::
New Chain
Rebuild with parts from A Bike (red crankset from B Bike)
Piece together a set of tubulars
Extra Coats of Bike LUST before build

B Bike::
New Chain
Full Fenders
Build up matching front pt wheel (open pro w/ pt front hub)
Put on Time ATAC XS’s
FSA 172.5’s with NO pedal spacers (slight cleat modification to follow)

New Chain
Garmin Cadence/ Head unit
Nokon Cables
XX Shifters
Decide if I need more than an 11-28 in the rear (26t up front)
Put back together training wheels

Monday, December 20, 2010

MIGHT as WELL call IT ovcx

This will probably be a bit jumbled as I wrote this on multiple dates at multiple rage levels. So beware and let's hope you are a local so you know what I am talking about a little bit.
While the series is still a little fresh in everyone's mind: I should start bringing up next year's plans. I have some pretty good (in my mind) ideas of what I want to do with our cyclocross series next season. Yes, I italicize "our" because if you have an event, you are a big part of the series, especially when you have been putting it on for the past 12 years (even though you are getting ruled out of it this year, haha) HERE is what they are doing down south, arguing on the internet, so let's get to it.

My Plan for Daily Race Schedule:

11: 30 minute event - C Men (Cat 4) and Juniors (u18) start 30 seconds after and C Women (Cat 4) start another 30 seconds after

1145: 40 minute event - B Men (Cat 3,4) and Singlespeed? - note time gap (30 minutes) in between until Master's (old guys need their warmup, and officals need a little break)

1: 40 minute event - Masters (40+ and 50+) and Women Open starting 3 minutes later (divided into under 35 and over 35)

2: 60 minute event - A Men (Cat 1,2,3)

Arguments: Women - we don't have enough women for a separate 1/2/3, 3, and 4 race so I divided it up into three categories (cat 4, open under 35, open over 35). I didn't know whether to put the women open's race with B men, or masters, but I will do some calculations later to figure out field sizes then put them with the least amount on course (no traffic for women) Technically, we should start the women first (generally under 10 racers, followed by the B race) Masters - so many we need to split up the B race in half, cut out a few in the A's/C's, and have a good size field with a wide variety of riders (still ok) divided by 40+ and 50+. This will be a spread out field, but would be competitive throughout. Singlespeed - This isn't Portland, there are no singlespeeders. Just kidding, if interest is shown, this would be a good one to run with the B field. NOT OVCX - I think the great part about our series IS the lack of categories. I hate going to a race where they combine fields or don't have enough numbers for at least the first few people to get upgrade points. It is totally wrong to have 6 separate Master's categories. Maybe its because I am not aged well enough, but, having more than 2 Master's categories is VERY excessive when the total race gets mayyyybe 200 racers. Maybe. Then having 4 junior categories when the majority of last year we HAD 4 juniors in the race, total.
At this point in the year, we MIGHT get two dates on the schedule for Lake Effect promoted races. I don't quite realize how or why this is happening. #WTF. I seriously thought we (being team lake effect) were going to have 4-5 races this season (Boughton, Kirtland, Kent, Broadview for sure) but all the dates are already filled up. It is not as if we can't put on a Saturday race followed by a Sunday race with a different promoter, BUT, generally most people have to work on Friday so the course would have to be put up on race day AND I know quite a few racers who have children/wives/lives that don't put them in the situation to race a double weekend more than once or twice a year, so they would miss series points, be out of contention, then may not be as interested in the overall. Also, "no dates after the Thanksgiving weekend," if I remember correctly this is cyclocross NOT ROAD RACING. My proposition is obviously to run a series right against the big dawg neocx series. This is definitely not the best solution, but, when you want to put on races and race dates are set 2 DAYS AFTER the end of the prior year, there is no solution. It is like a bidding game that everyone will complain about shortly after playing. To spit even more in our faces, the large majority of these races don't have permission from the park/grounds to have the race (all of them don't besides Brett's weekend - parent's property (he might not have even asked his dad yet)) I heard Wendy Park wasn't asked until two weeks prior to have the race this year, but was on the schedule 2 months in advance. I am just so enraged at all this. Simplicity is the key, everyone thought. Remember, it is just a bunch of lycra clad racers going around in circles.
If you've made it this far, thank you. All Comments are greatly appreciated and needed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

an appropriate ending to the script

Cap City #7 didn't go to well. I was riding inside the top 5 (of the A RACE!!!) for almost two laps when my rear derailleur cable froze to my frame, then slid out from my force rear derailleur. This left me in the 39-11 gear, only, with my cable flopping through the wind. I realized this wasn't an option considering the race winner only had his 3 easiest gears functioning, and won. That is how sticky/sloppy slow it was. Race over, season over. Nothing like doing well, only to be let down majorly. But I am used to that apparently this season, so I wasn't a debbie downer.

Based on this site. I don't think I completed a single one of my goals this year so we can skip that section in the cyclocross review of 2010.
not going - to the chiropractor earlier on (extra segment of vertebrae in my sacral vertebrae that was crammed, right pelvis was 1/2 inch lower than my left one, and, my whole spinal column was twisted to the right slightly all the way down) 15 treatments spread across a month and all better for now
then - NOT riding in September, resting so much with a few dnf's and dns's throw in the mix
32c tires - what was i thinking, by the time I'm a uci elite tires will be electronic or something, 34's make the courses in europe child's play (sven nys quote)
worn - out pedals
majorly - differently sized rims
challenge fango's - i should give them more credit (at Kirtland, ideally similar conditions, after i switched bikes and equal traction as grifo's, etc) but not enough bite still. more a sliding feeling not matter what pressure (played between 20 and 40, sweet spot is lower but still not that grippy) rear tire also wore down after about 15 short rides with minimal pavement. Front tire was wayyy better than rear though.
Fully sealed cable systems (gore/nokon)
1 bike single ring, 1 bike double ring
salad and water. as much as you can consume all the time.
water for the final two hours before a cross race. only. Gels = too amped up for me = no 2:30 feeling later but = toooo crazy feeling first lap, followed by a premature bonk
lots of calories the night before race with good sized breakfast if race before twelve, no other food. before state's I consumed this at Olive Garden in the matter of a half an hour:
- 2 salads
- 5 breadsticks
- 1 meatball
- 1 full entre' of cheese ravoli with meat sauce
- 2 dr. peppers
- 2 large waters
Sadly, those stats are no fluke as I have noticed a major increase in energy race day with an enormous meal the night before. Ittez what works I guess.
race at 2, then breakfast, followed by bagel/sandwich three hours out.
recovery food instantly - gatorade perform + clif bar + sleeping in compression
bigger base of z1,2,3
actually riding during September
working in the powermeter more (do at least 1 race (cross) with it for actually data)
11-28 cassettes all around
starting on the front row
more tire options of course (thinking 4 sets - Grifo, File Tread, 34 typhoon, 33 terra's, meh maybe just suck it up and get rhino's)
stronger core / with at least better short power running
more knowledge - if you make the group after the initial two lap split, the effort will decrease dramatically and you will recover

Saturday, December 11, 2010

did he just say what i just said

Visit for more Videos
He explains the beads around his neck, too.

more nationals coverage

My dad had a pretty good TT Friday which put him a lot closer to the front than in prior years, at least the system worked a little bit in his favor. Even though he ended up 21st in the TT, he was still 5 rows deep in the 50-54 AG due to prior call-ups for earlier years' results. He managed to move back up to 21st for a pleasing finishing result even with the super epic conditions.
And just to put it in perspective how fast everyone is at Nationals, Jon Card won Ohio's PRO STATE championship, but managed only a 10th in the 45-49 AG yesterday, and was almost 4 minutes behind the winner in a 48 minute race! I want to say he once made the podium (cyclocross AG wise) but has never come close to the win. (But he did get a 2nd and a 6th in this year's road nationals in his age group)
My dad was preriding the course earlier this week and someone caught a picture of him on the flyover catching some air.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

this just in from bend

My dad and Julie are out at Nationals for cyclocross this year in Bend, Oregon once again. Today Julie had two races, age group master's women and singlespeed, with a three hour time split to cure the legs and singlulate the bike. She ended up taking 10th in the 45-49, then getting 4th in the woman's singlespeed. Those are some pretty awesome results and putting them on the same day makes it all the more special.
Now she gets to rest up the rest of the weekend (long weekend, huh) while my dad goes at it Saturday. Our buddy Patrick who we have visited in NM before got 8th in the SS TT after no warmup, then got a front row start only to have his chain break, sound familiar? His teammate Andrew, who is 18, rode wheel to wheel on Wednesday for the win in the B-Open race, eventually taking second in the sprint to the line. Nice job! I'll update more as the results come in!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

signs of the apocalypse

With the random outbreak in snow (went from 95° to 70° to 40° to 15° this year, no inbetweens) I realized something must be up. I checked my email from jawnp and found the answer.
That is right. The man who has made fun of facebook for like 10 years (before it was invented, he made fun of it) and doesn't know how to turn the volume down on the computer.... has a facebook.
Also, Mac™ almost winning a sprint ?!? Something is up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

revenge at penultimate cap city

I guess I have been holding a grudge against Cap City for three reasons: 1) They marked me as a DNF two years ago at Alum Creek 2) I went back for revenge last year (for the dnf) but failed to bring toe spikes, and lost catastrophically on the run-ups after leading the majority of the race. 3) I rode a really smooth race at Big Run, but lost to three old guys. Normal people would forget this and go on with the great well run series, but not me.
My warmup was a sluggish pace at best and consisted of 1.5 laps (I usually do about 5, or like 3+trainer time) so I felt really cold (for once) at the start and decided to stay warm I needed to go hard at the start. I needed to rip some "B" field legs off since I have pretending to do the "A's" this year.
The first lap I tried to produce a fast lap (jPows style, fast forward to 9:20) and really test the waters (more like me being dumb style). I did exactly that and had 15 seconds ahead of the BIG pack after lap one of six. The next five laps were boringly hard, as I wasn't feeling too hot but still pushed my limits. Each lap, a group of 8 (smartly riding together on the windiest day ever) would get about 5 seconds on the 3 loooonnng back to back to back straights. Then I felt I needed to open it up more so through the rest of the course I would put back a few of those seconds. I bet the group was getting pretty annoyed and the spectators because it looked as though each lap was similar with a different guy leading the chase group. With two to go, a singlespeed dude was trying to bridge across to me. This was a good motivator as I tried to keep my 15 seconds to him now as he had his 15 on the rest. I managed to hold him off and get the overall "W" in a Cap City B/Masters race.
Onto the A's now for good if I can kick this sickness by Sunday.

Friday, December 3, 2010

waiting for revenge

I have recently found myself waiting (but still being excited) for these last two weekends of racing to pass before starting anything really different at all. The bikes aren't suffering too bad after some cable replacing, lubing, stretching and a good bit of cleaning the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My legs also seem to be doing alright so I have done a few short intervals (like the ones on a taper week) to keep them fresh but no where near overtrained. I have been kept busy with homework all week and have only managed 1.5 hours on the bike this week, all on the trainer too (.5 hour recovery ride, 1 hour with some LT and very short sprints) so no worry there. But I find myself not just saving a rebuild/reclean on the bikes and the legs; but rather everything else I usually don't do:
-not cutting in trail in my backyard
-not full on cleaning of the basement
-not really getting into my new basketball league
-not digging too deep into
-not flushing out my computer and downloading new stuff
-not finishing any major blog posts

Anyway, here are some more pictures from John Bryan last weekend.
Keep in mind all these photos are copied/stolen without any permission. But I will thank Jeff, Chris, and Julie for the shots so I don't get sued. Man, Erick strung it out at the start. I request more sand next year so I can fall more.

Monday, November 29, 2010

cat 3 for life

Seriously though: white booties, too much or not enough?
Julie kicked things off right with a win in the 3/4 woman's race. After a few cat4 sets of races, I was up in the junior field along with Julie in the singlespeed. Then the course began to change for my first race, junior 15-16. The mud was a lot slicker than the two laps I took before my race, and the whole course was totally (texturally speaking) different than Saturday's preride. The freezing of the night before left the ground hard for the early woman race's, damp for the cat4's, slick for the cat4 master's, and downright wet for the junior/singlespeeds. It was weird but it was what we were all dealt. Then it started reversing this process leaving a sticky consistency for the cat3's, then a bit drier for the elites and elite masters. Not realizing this I had to dab about 53 times for a three lap race in the juniors. Mistakenly I think, they started the first wave of 17-18 year old juniors and singlespeeds, waited thirty seconds, then let the rest of us hundred juniors mass storm the course at once. This lead to some mass confusion/traffic so I jumped early knowing that when you lead first into the passing zones, it already starts to open gaps. After the first lap I had passed a dozen of the 15 singlespeeds, and all of the older juniors besides one. I then dropped the pace down a few notches and tried to stay upright. I managed to do that and caught but didn't pass all but one junior and two singlespeeds, which I was very alright considering. I quickly jumped the tape and made my way to staging for the cat3 race. This was a bit more important to me but having just won the race "I needed to win" I was pretty darn relaxed. I managed to swap transponders, have some dude rip my junior number off, drink a bottle, and let my legs harden to rocks all during staging. This is what happens when you combine cat3 open, cat3 35+, cat45+ all together when everyone and there brother is there to win so they do the 3's. And they all are called up individually by one dude. I got the wholeshot but got jumped going into the first grass turn. I let a few more pass and then said enough. My legs felt like bricks but I knew if I suffer hard for a lap or two they'll come around and I could still make the front group. Exactly as planned and perfectly executed I suffered with all my might battling like no tomorrow for two laps and attached myself to the winning lead group of six. The break was established, like pee-break established. Like the first five guys were talking about who was going to attack established. I sat in for two more laps letting one bike length gaps open into corners I knew I could recover faster through. I would let a bit open through the bunnyhop logs and recover in various spots, I felt smart. I sat on and I studied. I knew where and when to go but just blew it. Our group got 3 to go (of 7?) when I decided to try and move up. One fellow Indianian had about 5 seconds and I felt like bridging and then attacking. I went too fast into a sloppy "S" weave trying to jump past three guys (I was 6th wheel for the first four laps) and smacked against the soft ground. Both feet clipped in, rear wheel misaligned, I access the damage and spend the next fifteen seconds fooling around on the ground letting the group ride away. I guess I must have been on the edge more than I thought since I COULDN'T close the gap back and lost a few more spots. Ahhh... another year as a cat3.... In the end 11th overall (3 old (35+) guys beat me at the end, embarrassing...just yanking) 8th in the 3's Open, 4th Ohioan letting the podium slip by me with 200 meters to go NOT KNOWING.

This instantly started the next part of my day, Pit-Monkeying for the faster dude/dudettes I know. I yelled so much that I lost my voice for Monday. My dad and Jeff dueled for a bit and ended up 4th and 2nd 45+ to Brent. But Brent had Rhino's so that is basically 3 minutes a lap :) The elite open races seemed very tactical and relatively boring for two laps but then it got super serious and shed all but the very very best. I helped pit for Flecher and Johnny and watched a bunch of people's bikes so I had no time for cameras between all the mayhem. I'll probably write even more than this novel tomorrow with some more photos.

Monday, November 22, 2010

no luck this year

I almost missed writing Kirtland. But in reality, I should have skipped it. After a poor start, I felt pretty good for working on the course the past two days. I was on my teammate Jeff's wheel as he rode us up through into the top 15, his usual. On the first lap, we only got crashed twice and quickly jumped away without too much misery. The second lap though, I went a little hot into a turn with someone in front of me going not quite as fast. Me, trying my best to avoid them swung left into the tape and did my flip it out the tape of the handlebars trick. Except this time, a stake was there and got split in half and jammed into my bike. Broken brake pad, out of true front wheel, and both sides of my brakes shoved beneath my rim. I managed to break loose the brakes, open up the cable, and ride away in last, again. Man, everything happens to me so early in the race I always have to make my way up and I hate it. Seriously, what should I do different, get the hole-shot and get in everyone's way so I can have a clean first lap?

So I grabbed my pit bike and got back three places until the same turn next lap, this time I wasn't so lucky (ha) I wrapped my whole shifter in the tape and created a big superman over the bars and onto my shoulder. Breath knocked out but still in tact, I take a lap (like a crit, ya know) and gather my stuff together and jump back in with the Mac after his flat. He tows me around for a few laps until the leaders are coming up and my race is ending, and I pull to the side. Devastated I couldn't even get a finish, but I still got my forty minutes of racing in. Another day. States.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

za course

Click above for more detail than needed
We got about 75% of the course set up today and have the police patrolling every so often tonight hoping it will be together tomorrow morning. We showed them the permit and they were more than willing to help out, one even came a half hour after we talked to the first cop! I think boredom has set in as the weather has gotten colder and crime is going down with it. Gangsters get cold too ya know.

Anyway, the course is pretty sick-nasty awesome. There are a few new lines and some cooler downs added but all with sweeping turns to keep the speed up. That seemed to be the main issue today (besides running out of stakes after an hour) was trying to add as much time as we could to the course without adding too many slow turns or stairs that would make the course less fun After Ehrlinger finished his first hot lap in 5:28 we knew we needed to put in as much as possible and specifically Lynn, Nick, Bill, Julie, and Dad came through as always putting in another minute or so to the course. It seems to have a little less flow but at least we all won't be getting lapped right away, and Lynn will have a much easier time officiating. Plus, after 15 laps of a course, the flow probably sucks anyway. 10 or 11 sounds much more reasonable.

Up Amphitheater with all three switchbacks included
2 sets of stairs like last year, one cleared side so ridable (pull off toe spikes for stairs, seriously I bet that is a three seconds a lap)
Long Soccer Field in the back added (old school one)
Double Pit entrance but single lane in and out..... not that bad though
Ground was tacky today, dry all around though, about the same as last year (predicted average speed for 'A' race winner, 22mph)
Less straight-away parallel to Marginal
1 Port-a-Pottie

Still up for tomorrow is trying to tape/flag (sadly flag) the amphitheater, doing one more lap with the leaf-blower to get all the glass for sure away, sweep up the steps, pop up the tents, and watching people smile on a fun but difficult course.
Quote from Dad::: 12 people and 6 hours later we had a 1 mile course!! Wow this race promotion stuff is hard.

Friday, November 19, 2010

kirtland weekend of awesome

One of the best cyclocross venues in the world is this weekend. Just off Marginal next to the Burke Lakefront airport landing strip, this is one of the most artistic parks for being in such a terrible neighborhood. The main features include an amphitheater and about 5 sets of FULL length staircases.

Stop by tomorrow if you want to see the course. We are starting around 10am and should hopefully done with the course by 2pm if not earlier. Pick up a few sticks or just ride a few laps, it should be fun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plymouth Cyclocross Festival

Friday night we traveled via aeroplane to Massachusetts to visit my grandma/aunt/uncle/cousins. It was a quick flight but we still didn't get in bed til midnight. I felt pretty crappy all Saturday morning and the race was nothing at all to write home about. But, the course was. It was one of the best courses I've ever ridden (I need a post on that) It had a solid amount of woods, grass, two-track, sand, everything.
Both days had a pretty legit descent in it with three 180°s and you were still flying down it.
Sunday I actually had a good race. I was in the 4th of 5 rows at the start but moved up into the top 10 early making some fun yet dangerous passes. I couldn't quite make it across much more since it was already strung out and I was hurting so soon. So for another two laps I rode/towed a big group of about 8 for the final 8 spots in the top 20. It was so fun until I got crashed two laps in a row in the sand pit. And get this it was the same guy, but me, being completely mind boggled after a tough climb (close to a minute?) didn't get around him and fell for it again. The rule is if you can't feel you can ride something 90% of the time, DON'T do it in the race, ESPECIALLY after you just bobbled it last lap. Why didn't I explain this to him earlier?
So I ended up getting popped by that big group with two to go and rode of the race by myself, catching the tail end of it when someone would crash on the euro descent.
It was a fun trip but I wish on Saturday I wouldn't have been hurting so much, then proceeding to sleep for 14 hours straight.
We all need to do some more east coast racing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

will. oughby.

These past few days have been some of the most productive I can ever remember. But, with production comes stress and busyness. LOTS of busyness it was, between double washing the bikes, working on my mom's bike too now, two chiropractic appointments, lots of homework, of course trying to hit all my workouts and packing for this weekend I have had very little time (and daylight) to get much else done including blogging. But finally today, everything was scaled down a bit, and I have a few hours to myself where my mind isn't going 200 miles an hour. Phew. In all honesty I can't really remember that much about the race this weekend. I guess my running skills were well below par as expected but not by THIS much. My toe spikes/shoes had no bite in them so each time I ran it was very "shuffly" and as the course got more torn up throughout the day I would guess about 1/4th of the course was being run, time wise that is...7 minute lap (for the faster guys) with AT LEAST a minute on the sled hill/ across the sled hill, another few seconds for that big log in the back, another 15 up the barrier steep up, then another 20+ for the 180°'s that were getting destroyed in the back. I was still having an ok time pedaling but would lose probably 30 seconds a lap to the group I should be in between those few spots, and that adds up quickly. Either way, I have no excuse for getting lapped with 4 to go. Or pulling off my glasses on lap 3 and not being able to see the rest of the race.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

part 2

I felt really tired getting up Sunday. Then I debated tire choice (Grfio vs. Files) all morning but in the end didn't ride a lap on the Grifo's but still raced them (and man was it a file tread course, too). Then I realized I had a slow leak in my front tire at the line but didn't swap it out. This is what happens when you're tired. You forget things, like how to ride fast.

The course was a touch drier and power-sucking, compared to a more slippy and sliding day on Saturday, making pure power much more needed. I did not have this pure power combined with my 10psi in front tire led to a crappy race. At least I had a good start and rode smooth (zero crashes!) In fact, Jeff Craft passed me at 28 minutes then I stayed near him til 35 minutes until I officially hit the wall and let another 4 people by. I should have switched bikes but I put in backwards and tangled into my dad's bike since there was little room in the pit. Plus I was not feeling too hot anyway.

Then I got lapped.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

my favorite weekend part 1

I finally put most of it together in a race and didn't get lapped. In fact, I think I was pretty far from getting lapped but that was because of Brett's extra long course.

The course was super supple, grippy but squishy and slow. But all the racing was extra close in part to the flatness of the course.I had a great 5 laps sitting on a solid group containing John E., Erik Lesco, Dad, and I. My dad did most of the suffering, pulling us up the field (he ended going faster and faster up to 6th!!!) until we individually pealed off. Mine was off a stupid mistake trying to take the "fast" line through the ditch. Luckily I only lost three spots, but then I started fading the last three laps. Each lap, the official was ringing the bell and I crushed myself thinking it was the last lap only to have to do another. She apologized and all was good besides getting passed by one more each lap I fell apart of.

So, besides three untimely crashes, I finally felt good, rode smart, and had zero bike problems. Looking forward to trying to clean up those mistakes tomorrow in part 2.
Looking extra baller in the new black kit.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the best weekend of the year

Is coming up quickly. But first, I need to make up some excuses for last weekend. Sparknotes Version: Good Warmup, Good Start, Back hurt, No finish. Monday I come to my senses and finally believe something is still wrong after a serious jerking-forward motion after dropping my chain on Sunday. So I hit up the local massage place, not much better. Wednesday, me and mom finally get me to a real chiropractor who takes some X-rays and notices a few things:
I have an extra segment of vertebrae in my sacral vertebrae that is quite crammed. My right pelvis was 1/2 inch lower than my left one. And, my whole spinal column is twisted to the right slightly all the way down. So much for me just needing to learn how to htfu these past few weeks.
The Doc already gave me some good treatment and is convinced within about a week I will better than ever. But, I am still allowed to race this weekend which is better news yet and I don't feel like complete crap going into a weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

what happened

This video from the Dark Knight is probably the easiest way to describe how my race went on Sunday. I've never been pushed around in a bike race more than that and don't intend to ever again. But this last Sunday was different, I thought the race would come to me instead of me pushing my way through it. In the 'B' field, each and every week last year, I went to the front and made this race. This year I continue to get suckered into believing I belong at the back (which I probably do) and start there, work my way up a small margin, then get put back there sooner rather than later. No more.

Some more stats on the course. It was rumored to be a little over a mile long and had 71 turns a lap. Paul won the race and averaged just over 5.5 minute laps = 12mph. I bet at least 20 of the turns were full on 180*s. Anyway, for me personally I did 9 laps (going a minute slower a lap will get you lapped fyi I need to work on that) during the race and approximately 6 laps warming up. 9+6 = 15 X 71 = 1065 turns in a two and a half hour time slot on Sunday. Let's just hope this improved my cornering a bit. You definitely need to focus. It was a great use of land for sure. Please mud, come on....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a.d.d. l.i.s.t.

But first, I got some good pictures of this year's cross set ups (finally)
Single A vs. Double B
New Fangos, Classic Pauls
Black vs. White
Aluminum vs. Carbon
Single vs. Double
The geometry is split between the bikes except the BB30 on Single A throws everything off by about a quarter cm. But saddle, stem, and handlebars all remain the same. Also, I have a Nokon on my A bike, which makes the shifting feel that much better. Then, this year I managed to get together 3 wheelsets.
Ksyrium's with 32 Fangos for the slick. Campy/DT Swiss with 32 Grifos for everything. Classic Mavic/Shimano setup with 32 Grifo File Treads for Dry/Ice.
And now the extra list.