Friday, June 26, 2009

Climbs VS. Fatboy

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1575 Cal from Fat 620
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 68g 105%
Saturated Fat 16g 80%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 100mg 33%
Sodium 2730mg 114%
Total Carbs 176g 59%
Dietary Fiber 26g 104%
Sugars 11g
Protein 65g
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% Iron 0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
INGREDIENTS: Tomato Salsa,Guacamole (4oz),Chips,Cheese,Rice,13" Tortilla,Pinto Beans,Steak (4oz),Lettuce

Hills. The one word I said to my dad before we ventured off on a 40 mile adventure. Before I knew it and him too, he was reminiscing of steep climbs like Oak Hill and Boston Mills and more I can't think of or I'm trying to forget. Any we, we climbed a lot. Like 2920 ft. of climbing in 2.5 hours.

I figured I would pay attention to food intake and outtake Friday since it was like 90*F and 90% humidity in the middle of the day. I should have probably thought more about sunscreen in all reality. Here is what I consumed on the ride: 150 calories clif shot. 210 calories fig newtons. 200 calories of heed. Which totals to about 560 calories on the ride.

Considering I burned around 1900 calories with an average heart rate of 143, and I digested 560 that leaves me with still 1340 calories to replenish! So I quickly downed a 170 calorie yogurt that is supposed to make my workout worth- worth doing it. Then we drove over to the nearest Chipotle where I took advantage.

There I put down a steak burrito, with tomato salsa, cheese, rice, pinto beans, lettuce, guac, and chips, all for only 1575 calories! And I still came out 405 calories the wrong way! I love recovery food!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

State TT Pictures







As it turns out, the junior course is going to be considered 8.5 miles which sets me at a 23.962411902897415 mph average on a graded course with a little wind. That seems very pleasing considering I threw down 24.08 mph at Presque Isle with nearly dead flats, and no wind. I was also telling Ray this wasn't really a huge peak because I hadn't done any LT work in the past three weeks leading up to the TT. That's right, Coach and I stuck with VO2/tempo intervals on my TT bike just to get me 'in shape.'

So, I'll talk with him Thursday at the shop and decide where to go from here. Maybe in a few weeks if I can upgrade I'll post up a time at the TOV TT because everyone loves a short time trial. Or maybe I'll just look to put down 25mph at Presque Isle #3. Or I can just start training for Cyclocross?!?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ohio State TT: Peak or Bust: Report

This picture is the best description of how it went. Thanks Julie.

It was the big race of the summer for me. Peak or Bust. My second peak of the year after Presque Isle and I don't even really know how I did. But, I raced the air to burst my belly button and felt pretty darn good. I was so done I laid down in a chair next to the car for nearly an hour after my race, getting nearly sunburn with the tanning oil less than ten feet behind. I also just started looking at my Garmin data!

My warmup felt very good so I wasn't conserned if I got in a half an hour vs. fourty five minutes or even an hour. Anyway, I went almost 3 miles out and back with Austin and Brian, and the good pavement started at almost exactly 1 mile out and also the slight downhill began.


Just ask my dad if it was hard. Happy father's day.

Anyway, I chose a relatively larger gear to go down the start ramp with and ended up spinning out as quick as usual. Better than not being able to get going. The first 10 minutes was some of the best of my riding. It was so fast and I was actually going with the road. I here caught my 1 minute man, 2 minute man, and 4(?) minute man. All in the first ten minutes.

I quickly got to the turn around in under 10 minutes(!) and it hit me. That would means I just averaged over 30mph to the turn-a-round except, it wasn't that good. With the benefit of the wind I was barely averaging 26mph, not 30. I also have to not what a great spot for a turn a round for a juniors, a bridge of death that seemed like relatively scratchy surface.

A slow time to get finally get going again, like three minutes, which in a twenty minute race, doesn't really help, and I could still hold 22mph with some pain involved. The rest to 1 mile to go felt like a long very shallow grade, the thing I'm worst at. I'd rather have a freaking 10% grade for a minute or two versus this slow grinding wind stricken area in the middle of no where. It was so hard and my stomach was starting to hurt because I was actually breathing in and out deeply and it was sore!


So, like usual, with about one mile to go, lit it up with the little gas I had left and 'sprinted' to the line with nothing left, or nothing to start. I could have averaged anywhere from 23.7mph to 25.3mph from the different distances I heard. At 8.4 miles, I still was close to 24mph which was ok, but if it was 9 miles like some juniors said, I would have put out 25mph. I really don't know, and it really bugs.

But, I still scored the fastest overall junior time (of only about a dozen?) and won my age group commandingly with a 21:17 time vs. a 22:55 2nd place, a 6.5% margin of victory win which sounds good. The course still gained 400ft. of elavation with equal descending (except for the 3 foot start ramp!) and with a little wind I'd still be moderately pleased if my time was on the low end of the spectrum, 23.7 mph or so.

After my race, I took some nice snaps of the real racers. Julie's set came out cool too. I'll post up some more photos tomorow along with more results, but got to catch a recovery ride now!


Friday, June 19, 2009

What You Should Buy


My Time ATAC XS pedals arrived Thursday at the shop and almost drop an astonishing 200 grams off of my MTB/CROSS rigs. My other times came in around a pound total but these were near $100 for 338 grams of awesome. I've tried these out on Julie's bikes and really enjoy the stiffness and minimal movement. They also should add some added security for cleat and foot combination. Now just time to get some shoes that fit!!

Next, my dad is selling off his 58CM Cannondale System Six carbon and aluminum frame that has around 4,000-5,000 miles on it or one full riding season. It is in great shape and has never been crashed or fallen over. Generally, my dad only used this bike in perfect conditions and put in around 50 races on it. Including with the frame, you will get a light seat collar, system six carbon stem, and the carbon fork and headset. We will try to sell it local before going to eBay. Price: $450.


More photos of the bike HERE.
Email at rudycoach (at) hotmail (dot) com if interested

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Needs and Wants

What $200 Gets In Cycling...

I have an ever growing obsession of owning the nicest stuff, or maybe it's the lightest? Either way, I've been doing quite a bit of research on what my few dollars should get me. In this post, after dropping nearly $100 on new ATAC XS pedals, I have given myself $200 to try and spend wisely. Note how the wisely part of the sentence.

So, I tried to make a trusty graph to help me out. It's just a basic XY chart with the humps on the left and right indicating the BUY zone on the left and the STAY AWAY FROM on the right. The more affordable to the left, the less the right. Anyway, after making this it should be easy to decide, correct? Except this little graph put everything into perspective of how much I don't need but more that I want.

Lets just say, I'm growing rapidly and almost done with my beloved Sidi Dominator kicks, and would like to invest in another pair of Sidis. I can get a GIAU version near $100 dollars but have to spend almost twice that to get another set of Dominators or any carbon racing model out there. But, am I willing to sacrifice a whole lot of power, stiffness, and design, for only a few more dollars, not likely.

Or do I really need ULTRALIGHT BBG Chainguards in team colors for my bike, maybe not? That goes perfectly with my white 661 gloves that don't even need replacing just a wash. But, I'm not like that, I'd rather be crammed into shoes for weeks and have a light bike that be comfy and heavy! That is just me though, and hopefully no one else is as weird.

Looking at the graph the 3 main items, they could really drop some weight off my bike. Lighter carbon/aluminum rotors for the mtb would drop rolling weight and with those pedals hopefully get near the 20 pound marker. The Sram TT 1090-R2C bar end shifters return back to the center after you shift for ultimate aero and easy reach. They would also be wicked light and go with my Sram red colored brakes on the TT bike. Mostly though, if I drop the dough on a pair of the Grifo Dry Tubulars my cross bike is getting close to the 18 pound barrier. And I could run like... 5psi.

Ok, back to the real world trying to sell old shoes and miscellaneous items I never use on eBay to get some nice bike parts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vulture's Knob #3: Report

Completed nearly all of the same pro-logue of last time and was feeling pretty good. I again liked my chances of my gear of a 34-18 and some lower tire pressures. I was again on the 2.0 Race Kings with 24psi up front, and 21psi in the rear for some serious traction in the dry.

Twelve under 29 novices lined up with another nine over 30 novices for the start of my race. It was a mass start and I again killed the whole-shot. I was spun out like before right away like usual entering the tight and straighter pro-logue. Everyone was still bunched together but I put in another effort at nearly all out up the first hill to the start. I never once eased up and eventually caught Julie and rode with her on the switchbacks that have some rock sections.

Right after that was a long DH section, where I couldn't see or here anyone and made sure I was recovered for the next hill. I slammed every hill and flat, but basically recovered the downs. Like a stud once told me, "don't pedal if you're going to hit the brakes," so I coasted every down and got ready for the next up.

I ended up running one longer climb and dabbed my foot twice on steeper pitches. The gear felt good and only over shot two turns bad hitting a tree head on with my front wheel, rolling backwards and going again then once whacking the Ergon grips. By that point I seemed to be a good bit off the front and was latched on to a group of 4 Sport racers. They towed me around eventually dropping me in the final single track but I caught them in the furnace but was soon dropped again.

But, I made sure they were all sport and they were. I believe one of them was Camba racer Darren Spence who had some sweet techy skills. Finished the end-logue and made the finishing jump with a little bit of air to roll across the line for the first overall novice win of the year! Felt good at almost broke a sub 50 minute lap which sounds fast for like 8 or so technical miles. But I couldn't have went much faster this time and led start to finish! RESULTS!


Single-Speed Whoo Haa Wootown Challenge
Was immediately after the 'real' race and was killer fun. Have a partner spin you around for 30 seconds, Le mans style to your bikes, kids lap, water balloons, 4 donuts and a cup of monster. All on the first lap, next was more balloons, hot peppers, and a Tabasco sauce. Then this cool ramp after another lap. Man that was hard. I was so dizzy riding but actually made up some serious ground eating... that probably is backwards but I don't care!
The video is the mass start who-ha race that Bob Rodgers took home! My pictures didn't come out to hot because it was raining and I was under the pavilion but Julie's turned out good.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Groveport TT: Report

This is what I sent Sean and this pretty much sums up my day: My legs felt terrible but somehow I managed to pull out 23.5 mph, which I was pleased with considering the wind and legs combo. I am going to come to the shop one day this week when you are there and make sure my tt setup is still correct because I think I have grown even more than the six inches or so since this January. Would it be ok if I skip this Tuesdays intervals, which would make basically 3 days complete rest? I think this would be good for me. Then finish off this week and taper into next Sunday's states. Here I ordered what I could do better:

#1. legs, no more intervals 2 days out, thankfully
#2. hydration, could always use more
#3. warmup, 30 minutes isn't really enough
#4. position, seat height may be affecting power just a touch.
#5. flatter and less windy course, which should happen.

Thanks for the help and lets hope for 24.5mph or so!
Below is a link to my data from Sunday. Garmin reads a good bit slower because course was 9.45 miles to everyone else. Which makes 23.51071181755356 MPH with dead legs! Cool, training does help!

That is about it. Going out for the first five or so miles my legs were heavy and nearly aching with pain. It was hard to hold 20 mph with a higher cadence like I enjoy and do well with. The cross wind hurt to mile six where I made the final switch over and went the wind, finally. There I started to take off and it made me feel decent but still not good. Then quickly enough I recognized the 1km to go sign and averaged around 28mph for that extreme stretch of pavement that was still bumpy. DSC_0025
Overall though, I was quite pleased with the speed comparing the legs and wind combo. Definitely will be more prepared for states and will be gladly doing so! My collection HERE, Julie's HERE, and the real photographer HERE.

Friday, June 5, 2009

the final push

So after I get done with school, I might actually be able to post something decent on here. School has 4 days left including the one I leave for in 6.5 minutes. I had only two 'real' finals this year with the rest of the teachers just giving lots of homework. I got an 'A' for 3 quarters in Algebra, and 1 'b', a 'b' on my midterm. Resulting in me needing a 'c' on the final. No problem, studied a little for the hardest test of my life! I thought it would never end but it did, I wasn't confident though. Turns out, I got a solid 'C' to get me an 'A' in my first high school class.

The other thing I've been up to a speech. I'm a bad public speaker but can talk to most people 1 on 1 decently. But I totally thought I blew the speech when I almost went over the time limit and didn't mention the theme, more characters etc. etc. But somehow after getting terrible grades on my last speech because the teacher truly enjoys picking on me, I got an 'a'. I was so shocked and I was one of the only in the class.

Now, off to school, intervals, and race on Sunday. And high school next year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The First Visit To Westbranch

DSC_0009 No James, not that Westbranch, this Westbranch. Julie and I had a nice outing at Westbranch sunday. First time I've been this year and don't remember going to much last season. But, great ride on the single speed at the branch, NO walked hills.

We hit up every rock garden at least once and got in around a 12 mile long loop. I only bit it once but I bet we cleared around 80% of every rock garden. The GX1 grips from Ergon were killer today. I bet 3 miles of full on rocks and no blisters when hooked up to full finger gloves from 661. The Brokeback Trail, courtesy of Camba in 2005, has a long skinny at the start that leads to the MOST difficult riding. The video below is of the majority of the skinny, which is still about a foot wide. That was Julie's most difficult challenge, though!
And for all the roadies out there, my dad is almost back. Sunday he rode out to Westbranch (100k) averaging almost 18mph with the wind. He's feeling better and plans to race the Groveport TT this weekend.