Saturday, January 17, 2009

A nice day for an Indoor Velodrome..

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I should have changed the title to a nice month for an indoor velodrome. Somehow the trainer is even more mind-numbing when my average ride is 31 minutes. The good news if you would call it that is my house is so cold (a mere fifty-eight degrees) I didn't need to waste the energy of setting up my box fan today.

Looking ahead to next weekend is the Tri-Flow Indoor XC Challenge at Ray's Indoor MTB Park. Amateurs are welcome to race but a max limit if 50. Only $30 for 10 minute-sufferfest and a weekend pass. Looks like we'll finally hit up Rays for a weekend. No school Friday so I might get out for three days.

Other than that, not much new. We are currently in the process of ordering new jerseys. I'm getting a long-sleeve skinsuit and two bib-shorts.

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John P said...

Welcome to the SS darkside. Just remember when you think you're tired beyond belief; pedal harder! :) I'm sure you'll do well at the Ray's race.

I think I'm doing Brett Davis' tough dude super bowl Sunday century, you should come out and keep me company.