Friday, November 14, 2008

Off to the Side

Originally uploaded by Robert Sroka
Anticipating the weather for Sunday consisting of Friday showers, Saturday snow, and Sunday a wintry mix, I planned ahead and picked up the lastest bike to the collection. Playing the role as spare cross bike (will that change) the Cannondale Optimo2 is ready to roll. Tiagra 9 speed stuff with a 42-30 front setup, a great starter kit. But no need to worry, I'll have this thing lightened up as soon as possible. You can check a few weight tips on Sunday. Thursday we took it out to the cross course for a few laps. Super relaxed positition with hand brakes and a nice and light gear. By relaxed I mean up right compared to Optimo1. Just asking for the mud right?

See the full setup Sunday at the race. Full part list and other reviews following the race.


Eric said...

Me likey the bikey.

Great colors with the tires.

Anonymous said...

that bike is fiercee