Monday, July 28, 2008

Corolla, NC

Or should I say Biketown, USA. Just taking a week off the bike and chillin for a while in NC and having a sweet time. As for X-training, I'm starting running tomorrow for cyclocross training. Hopefully I'll develop enough running endurance for hill intervals when we get back home as this place is super flat. Maybe that's why there are so many bikes?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lorain Chapel Series #3: Report

Thursday was the last Chapel race of the year. I had one goal and one goal only... stay with B's for over 5 laps. Then my dad said I could see how much it really slows down. I had a good warmup and good legs so I was ready at the line. The race started off really hard with me and me head down pounding reaching speeds of 36mph. Dad rode with me and closed a few gaps and helped me go when I didn't have enough gear so I could hang. Once we hit lap 6 the pace just dropped off. It was so mellow that I didn't need to sprint all out during the straight away. I started feeling very good but didn't want to get in the wind or attack and get dropped. Twice I found myself on Bob Grimm's wheel (Jeremy's dad) with a good crash in front of us. He once even went up over the curb onto the sidewalk for a while. A couple others I was with near the back of the pack really had to work to close the gap to the field even though they slowed, it hurt. With 5 to go, the pace rushed up within one lap... but I would not sit down, I sprinted and stayed with the group for another 4 laps with my dad's help and then saw 1 to go. I made it! Yahoo!

The last corner I just stayed at the back and let the sprinters go for an extra point. I was so satisfied. We averaged 23.5mph and Drew got third and took the series victory! Good night for TLE as Shawn took the overall with 3 2nd places. Pete got 6th and 2nd in the series. Jeremy Grimm won and took third in the series. Dad made the break and got 4rth.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Type Up

Having another great week on the bike. Monday was 22 easy miles coming in at 1h 30m following a 30 mile ride on Sunday down to Penninsula and back. Tuesday was LT intervals and yesterday was A Wedding Ride with Mike and Stina and the Lake Effect Group for a total of 23 miles. This would be a great week to go for a 150 miles with the timing and weather but I'm off to North Carolina Friday for a weeklong vacation most likely off the bike and in the relax mode. So, after one weeks rest, I'll be building up my core and LT for P.I. and cross. Speaking of cross, we're going to the Biowheels UCI Cross Weekend in Cincy, October 12th. The year its a C-1 cross event so the who's who of cross will be there! Check out the conifirmed riders here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

AST Dew Tour

Photos by Julie.

To Top Off a Great Week...

of training and racing, all you need is a pleasent 30 mile ride and a trip to Broadview Hts. to scout out another killer cyclocross course. This week ended up as an 8 and 1/4 hour week on the bike at about 200k after Sunday's ride to Penninsula. Very good training for the heat and I seemed to feel good too. B.H. course will end up a lot different than last season and maybe a lot better weather as an October date may be made? Here is a pic of Shawn last year at The Fields. Photo by Gary B. Up this week is Chapel Racing Series #3.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

149% Increase Since November !

After a few quality LT intervals and sprints, I weighed in at a lower than usual at 47.73 kgs. Using my 1-hr power or LT of 185 watts, my power to wieght ratio is 3.81, halfway to Contador and a 149% increase since November! Thanks coach! w/kg is something I'm currently looking to raise for cyclocross and because it's unhealthy to lose wieght as I'm getting taller, I need to raise the wattage.

My next big race is P.I. #3 in early September. More extended LT intervals and I hope to raise my 1-hr power to near 200 watts. Then at P.I., with a 35min or so effort (just like cyclocross) I should be putting out at least a few more watts.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lorain Track Racing: Report

Thursday we headed up to the Lorain County Speedway for my first taste of track racing. We arrived around 20 minutes earlier than everyone else and were on the track at about 6 o clock. I did probably 15 laps in warmup just to see what its all about. It had a nice low smooth banking just like a velodrome just like 1/10th of that. The high line was fun because you could really go fast coming down. I was on my road bike so the 1rst race was not for me. It was very exciting to watch. Just like the real track dudes, we did a 5k scratch race for our first race. Dad took the lead at the beginning and I felt very well so I was glued to his wheel for 2 1/2 laps before Cameron or someone else pushed it. I got dropped on the back half of lap 3. Erick Maddis was already dropped so for the final two laps I concentrated on gaining my lead. I finished 6th that race. Race #2 was a 10 lap tempo which is where each lap the first rider across the line gets a point. It started off to hard so I eased back and rode with Erick for 3 laps. Then I cramped up and road steady trying to save some for the 25lapper. I got 7th or 8th. In the 25 lapper, I felt very good after a Gue and some ice cold vitamin water. Every 5 laps, 3 people got points in this one. I held on for 5 laps!! I was quite pleased as the pace got really hot the 5th lap. Then I road solo for another 15 laps timing myself on laps. I believe I pulled out a 35 second lap on the wheel of Mitch from Spin. After that grueling test it was time to go. I asked the Maddis family could time me in a 500meter road bike effort. So, into the 46-14 and I sprint 1/3 of the way around and then sit and hammer. I was a little out of control but managed a 47 second 500m. Only a 1/2 second behind Erick who has been track racing since age 8 and has a very nice track bike. I also just raced and practiced for an 1h 30m. After the racing was over, Ray H. let me use his custom 52cm track bike. Besides getting on and off it was very fun.

Lorain County Speedway is a great way to spend you Thursday nights. I know we'll be back soon but next Thurs. is the Chapel Race again. Then maybe another Leroy? Off to an easy ride today as I only have one more week before vacation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Big Training Weeks

ahead for me before vacation. Probably 8 or so hours with LT intervals and two races on each Thursday. It looks like we'll try the Lorain County Speedway Track Races this week instead of Leroy or Chapel at least this week. Also, I'll be in the JCB Biathlon with my running partner Chris Martino. Chris is the manager at B.A. and looks to be breaking a 20 minute 5k soon if not yesterday. It looks as though the bike leg is 12 or 15 miles.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapel Hill "B" Race #1: Report

Dad and I wanted some new action this week away from Leroy and we had two within an hour drive options. Because of lack of driving directions, we opted to the Chapel Hill Crit in Green above the Lorain County Speedway Crit/Track racing. So, off to Chapel it was and I wasn't planning on racing but Coach Gilbert came with and said I should give it a go. With a little more warmup, the race started.

The "b" race had about 25 racers, about 23 more than I've been in a pack with. I started near the back so when I got dropped, I wouldn't hurt any ones chances. Some other people should have used this theory too. I make it to lap 3, and I'm in my biggest junior gear (46-12) and trying to hang on. I make it one more lap and I read 27mph on my computer screen when I get dropped. Dad and Chris Riccardi help pace me the rest of the race so I don't pass out or crash. I got lapped twice but averaged over 20mph on a 10-turn per 1k lap. I was pretty pleased with how I did but if I ever race there again I'll start near the front so I can hold on a little longer.

In the "A" race, Shawn Adams was in nearly every break. And started most of them, too. Chris and Dad had there moments in front, but Shawn stormed away with 20 minutes to go taking Pete Baughman and Eric Lesco with him. The field got oh so close once, but the trio keep the pace high and had a big lead going into the final few minutes. The Lake Effect riders dropped Eric, and Pete Baughman surged past
Shawn for his first bike race victory! Dad got the field sprint for 4th.

Nice job Drew Bercaw for winning the B race.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged Version 2.0

Gary and JimmyNick (SBR Fellows) seem to be passing the horrible bug around by tagging each other via Internet and telling us to write about oneself. Six things you probably didn't know about me are...
1. I'm secretly running for president. HERE is my story.
2. Besides Cycling, other competitive sports I should be pro in are ping pong and putt-putt. In the picture is one of my countless cousins who've been dominated by me.
3. Vitamin water is great! That is my fuel for racing, training, and recovery. My favorite is energy (tropical citrus) and yes that is the yellow one.
4. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! I guess something with flexible hours and a high pay check.
5. I have no brothers or sisters yet but will be getting 4 in a few months. No, Julie is not having quadruplets, my mom is getting remarried in the summer.
6. My goals for 2009 are to average 23.5mph at the State TT and win in my age group.

Now I need to tag 6 more people...
1. Bob Myers
2. Brian Batke
3. "Stina" Jacobs
4. James Anderson
5. Matt Orehek
6. Russ Fogle

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th Weekend

After having a very successful Leroy TT, our baseball team loaded up and headed off to Michigan for a 4th of July tournament. It was called the Clio Firecracker. On Saturday, we started off with an 8am game in which we won 10-3 and looked really good going into the next game at 2pm. We won again by another good margin and seemed poised for the title. Then Sunday we played at 10am in the semifinals. We lost by 3. For third place, we lost again by a lot. Oh well. We played some good baseball and played some good teams. One of the coolest parts of the trip was being in the neighborhood of where the Tour of Frankenmuth and where James' races. Frankenmuth had so many little shops and horses, it was cool. We even went through Saline, MI and Ann Arbor.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Leroy TT: Report

Dad and I headed up to the Leroy TT this week and got there a record two hours early. We got suited up and rode for 3or4 miles before the Marut's arrived. We rode a full lap at around 18mph and I was feeling good. The course is a 3.875mile out(or more), 3.875 back. There is a false flat around mile two for about a mile before a slight recovery and then it pitches up into a steeper top off. Turn-around at the top, and pound it on the descent all the way home. There was perfect weather-temp too today at 65* and a NE 5mph tailwind up the false flat. A few more miles of warming up and it was time for lift off. I felt quite confident knowing the course and stretching and being quite hydrated. I started out pretty darn hard at 23mph, and kept thinking, if I can hold this + the downhill... Through the first turn and I'm still flying. The false flat doesn't bug my legs, only the steep pitch. It did bother my mph though(21mph) I see single digits mph for a second or two and the fly down nice decent. I can hold a pace near 30mph for about a .5 mile right on the hill. The 27 for another .5 mile and finally around 25mph through the turn. The final stretch I was going about 24-25mph but was at such a hard pace, I couldn't really wind it up. I punched it through the finish and look at my computer average a few meters after the finish line. 22.5MPH! I'm guessing it dropped a little after those few meters so 22.6mph! .8mph faster than states for me. I had a final time of 20m 46s. And this was only 2 days after an 8interval day! Boy, if I had legs like this everyday...

Dad felt great and did a super fast 16:53 while Tony and Bill both set new records with a 18:13(T) and 18:16(B). I think the weather helped today with the air seemingly light while racing (not thick and humid), the slight tailwind up the hill, and the 65F degree temperatures. Leroy TT is a challenging course that is very rewarding on the home stretch. Thanks to Jim Behrens for putting this great event on.