Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mohican 100

100 miler: Shawn was in second and then top 10 for a good bit. Then cramped up. Had to walk. Pulled out after fifty miles or so. Eatough and Shalk broke away and Shalk took home the win. Eatough 2nd. Brett Davis was looking pretty good throughout the rest areas/ aid stations. Betsy Shogren rode with dad for a long way and ended up passing him even though she did the 100m today. Looked as though she had it wrapped up. Landis "landed on his hip" in the first few miles and suddenly dissapeared.

100k: Dad stayed top 5-10 throughout the race. Rode with the Shogren's for a long time. Got passed on the last AID station and ended up 7th overall and 1rst 50+! nice. Other racers were a lot of Orville and Spin and Erik Lesco from Stark.

Monster Upload in my flickr. Over 300photos taken. Gunnar's single ring setup. Maybe I could?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Record Pace

for me today averaging 18 mph for 20 miles from N.Royalton to Hinckley, up Harter road and back. Usually this route I average 15mph or so, but today we added another 4 miles and went 3mph faster. Was feeling sick two days before but today I could have pounded it harder! This usually doesn't happen where I'm happy and confident so I needed to write about it.

This Weekend: LAJORS Garrett Wonders Memorial Crit Junior race that is only 20 minutes or Mohican 100 (watching) Well, I chose to watch Dad and Shawn and Landis and Eatough tear it up in the 100miler and 100k. Julie and I will ride the 25 mile loop after the field goes by.

Photo: Big Bear 24hrs in 2 weeks!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jerseys Are In!!!

super fancy smancy Hincapie stuff. Small Bibs are a little big for me so I'll try to get an XS. Jerseys are awesome! Skinsuit and long sleeve look nice too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Westlake Worlds Tonight

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and I'm playing photographer. Photos tomorow.

Russ Fogle has a great up and coming blog. Would like to give a shout out to him from mine. Photo by who else: Rick. Also, check Rick's flickr for the Northcoast Flatland Battle. Pretty Sweet.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tacking on another 18 miles

today with my mom. She took out her custom Richard Sachs teal and yellow bicycle for a Valley Parkway ride. She did great! I kept my HR under 120 until the final climb where I punched it. I waited at the top for mom as she really pushed it. She still runs about 4 miles a day but hasn't road ridden in a while. She used to sometimes win Connecticut triathlons overall! Not much else today just chillin and enjoying the weather. Got pretty burnt yesterday.

Updates: No Racing...

this weekend or Father's Day weekend because of baseball tourneys. This weekend had a Vulture's Knob mtb race I was looking forward to and Father's day is Presque Isle.

I think I've developed quite a bit since a month ago, not only faster, but more confident and now I know the PI course. A few more times on the TT setup and the Fall Presque Isle, I'll try to average over 21mph. Pretty fast but considering I did a 21mph effort last time...

I might buy the new GIRO TT helmet that is in team colors. I've been saving in my piggy bank and want to get some cycling related hopefully make me faster gadget.

Been icing a sore muscle that I injured and rehurt in a baseball. It hurts right below the knee and to the right of my right shin. Walking isn't that bad but jogging or running just hurts. Stair climbing BTW is terrible.

Easy ride today or off because I'm super tired. 6 hours of sleep Thurs. 8 on Fri. Then early game and 15 mile mtb ride. Sat. 11 hours of sleep (most ever I think) Sun. 10h 30m. Double header. total of 9 hours at the fields. sunburn. Lots of sleep but still tired.

Gotta rest.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


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Back from Chicago, fun trip. Pretty tiring though. Hopefully some pics later. In news, got in first real mtb ride today at CVNP. A 2.2 mile loop is kind of sketchy and off-camber but awesomely fun. Fast and flowy. 2 really tight turns a lap. Rode from Malley's Chocolates on towpath to trails, 3 laps, and back to Malley's. I led the 1rst lap, then Julie, and then Julie. Julie liked to drop the hammer on this one dude.

Time: 1h 44m
Distance: 15+ miles

This is the trailhead at CVNP. Double header for baseball tommorow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

18 miles today

and some more packing and I'm ready for Chicago. Tomorrow we head out at 6am to Notre Dame for a field trip. Then to Chicago for the Wicked play, Hard Rock Cafe, Renaissance hotel, Navy Pier, and Shedd's Aquarium all in just two days. Not much else, TLE TT's are on almost. Permit is sent tom. and park is being checked again tomorrow, too. Have 13 possible volunteers so far on the 4.85 mile course x2 laps x2 races. Looking to be great fun. I think I'll try at least one of the superbly hilly races.

Today had something else exciting in team work. I helped pace my baseball teammate to a 7m 45s mile. I had all the times planned out and he listened to everything I said. He took off 1m 10s of his fall time. My fall time was 6m 49s.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Demo Night is tonight and dad invited me a week ago to check it or ride the course. But, I have a baseball game at Reagan Park at 7pm so Zipp Demo, I'll see you next year, hopefully. I'd ride down to Reagan (15miles, give or take a little) but we've got company over before and that wouldn't be the right thing. Speaking of baseball, we're 4-2 and looking somewhat decent. We started the season with losing two games but have rallied to win 4 straight. I was wondering about how many more days a year I'd have more to ride if I didn't have baseball not considering I ride on a fifth of those days anyway. 40 practices, 30 games, about 5-10 social events, and prob. 12 times at the batting cages each summer. If my math is correct, that's about 90 days. Wow!

P.S. The "whooosh" sound that Zipp wheels make are the best.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bike to Work Week

went great even though I don't have a job. No racing today because of the rain. I rode Tuesday through Sunday each day not too hard and not too easy with today being the most difficult at 18 miles for an hour and 15 minutes. Averaged 14.2mph solo, in the little ring, against the rough wind. Fantastic for me and it was the sixth day in a row I rode. 6 hours of riding this week for a total around 135k. Great week for not the best weather. VO2 training calls for 5+ hours a week so next week will be some good intervals. Vulture's Knob next weekend is a no go, a baseball double-header in Independence.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sram Rival: Review

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The first thought is wow. An entry level priced new design that is super sleek and effecient. The hoods are so comfortable it keeps you riding all day. The clean design keeps you eyes on the road. No cables in your face and ultra responsesive. This is the best I've ever had. Not like Tiagra where your hands are stuffed and unconfortable, but easy and quiet. Also, your pedal stroke doesn't have the huge clicking feeling when you shift. Reaction time isn't slow but unheard and quick. Nothings ever inbetween gears or stuck. Super easy to maintain and super light. A very practical race or commute system. A mere perfection from Sram, and it's thier lowest quality set. The double tap is easy to learn and light. Versital and strong, too. The next big thing in cycling is now. Will you make the leap?


Maxxis Fuse Roadies
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was very plesant and relaxing. I had a band concert at 6, so I ran out the door around 4 and got in an hour twenty minute ride. I found a new crit course about one mile long with a good hill and descent. I did 8 laps. It's only about two miles from my house. About 15 miles today at a nice and slow enjoy the weather pace. I also burned 661 calories which gives me one cal left over to have a Jack in the Box Chocolate Shake - small that is. So, I didn't drink that.

These are the road tires I've been running with about 90lbs. of pressure. Great in the rain. Only flatted once this year with them on.

The wheels are Easton Vistas, a heavier version of my Easton Circuits. I'm saving those babies for cross!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Windy Ride

Sram Red
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today that was a little under an hour with 15+miles. Very windy today. Rode to Hinckley, one lap of course and back for a total of over 17 miles today. Went by fast. Flatted once. Dropped my chain twice. Attacked dad three times.

New t-shirt dad got me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


are going to be a lot this year for the Factory Rider. Next week is Chicago on Thursday and Friday for a field trip. Then Michigan for a long 4th of July weekend (Cilo,MI) for a baseball tourny. A vacation near Outer Banks for about 8 days. I'll try to find a junior race there. Then 3 days of D.C. for school in the fall. Hopefully many bike related trips inbetween. Other notable distant trips would be State TT Junior race, Mohican MTB weekend or day fun, Cinci UCI cross weekend, and many more!

DAD WON WESTLAKE #6!! in a sprint finish over PM and Jim Baldesare! OLDEST westlake winner ever! Nice job! HERE is the proof!

Vulture's Knob in two weekends. Rode today outside for about 13 miles in the wet and drizzle. Not much else. Also looking around for a small fixie!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jerseys come in Friday!!

It's about time. I got one skinsuit for cross and TT. I don't know whether it is long or short. Then a bib and a jersey. If there were jackets, I got one too. Not much lately. Game got cancelled and I think I'll go for two rest days in a row!

Been working on the team web quite a bit. This weekend looks like no racing. I doubt but maybe, the Wilds on Sunday. Real good drive. Vulture's Knob #2 looks to be the next race on a modified course. I would love to go and watch the Mohican 100. Dad might try the 100k. TLE TT coming soon!

Really itching for a decent trail ride!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

RATL Photos

This is from RATL #3 by Robert of Summit. Thanks.

Some new RATL photos below. Great series. I would love it if I did better. Next year.


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Rick's a photographer.


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Here are a few good ones of Dad from Rick. Thanks for the photos.


Originally uploaded by inquintessence


Originally uploaded by inquintessence


The women's field was decent sized when Jane broke away solo for the win. She had a good 2 minutes on the field. Stars and Stripes.

In the Master's field of about 12, Dad attacked hard early and got away solo. 12 laps later he got to throw his hands up in Victory! He had over 2minutes on the field and was 15sec away from lapping them. Great to watch and cheer on dad. Derek and Bill also did a nice job in the field sprint.

Dad looked so good in the 45+ race, he told me he'd try the 1.2.3 too. Way to Man-up. Shawn then took 2 primes flying right up the gutter. A good break stuck near halfway with about 10 of the strongest riders except for Paul. So, Shawn Adams got caught on the bell lap. I think 4 still stayed away and Paul bridged. Texas Roadhouse took one and two places going Albers and then PM. Tony also looked very strong. Other TLE riders were Pete "the puller" Baughman, Chris, Brian, Derek, and dad.

Photo credits to Ray.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

RATL #4 Juniors

Arrived earlier than usually today at about 8:15 for a 8:53 start time. I wasn't too nervous but really hurt my knee yesterday in baseball. In warmups it was super difficult to stand so it didn't do it so much. Race started neutral to finish line and was very comfortable around 17mph. One more lap of holding on and attacks started flying. Two religious kids went off with SBR kid. No one else could hang. Erick, Austin, and I stayed together for awhile and I slowed down dramatically. Or did they speed up. Either way, the rest was a 8 lap TT without aerobars. Didn't feel ill but was definitely sore and tired and couldn't go. Another disappointed week for me but ok, at least the weather was nice. Averaged 19mph+. Sprint felt good, think I hit 26 or 27. Fast! Felt like curling up and rolling away after. So depressing I know I train harder and more but still can't beat him. Next race is looking to Vulture's Knob and some TT's. When will cyclocross come to me?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Presque Isle Photo #2

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boy, do I have white legs?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Presque Isle Photo #1

Presque Isle Photo #1
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Not much to report lately. School's getting less stressing. Baseball started and we're 1-2. Victory at Ashland on Tuesday night, 6-3. They beat us in game #1 and went like 40-1 last year.

Been getting in some decent miles here and there. I took Wednesday completely off and felt great riding today. Another 15+mile day. Getting pumped for RATL. After that not too many more Junior races in spring or next two months. Summit TTs. TLE TTs. Looking as though State TT is a go. So far.

Photo is from and is a sweet pic from a spot on the course where you really cruise with the wind.

See you at RATL #4

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Ride was..

beautiful and quite scenic after the rain from the weekend. 18 minute warmup and I decided to test Harley Hills Road once more. It is a total of .61 miles and is super steep. Dad says the steepest part could be a 25% grade! Yah, it's that steep. So, I started at York Road and road all of Harley Hills Road which I mentioned is .61 miles and did it 3m 45s. Not to shabby. Avgeraged 10mph with half of it being incredibly difficult at like 7mph. I rode another 20 minutes and decided.. lets do it again. Two times the fun. Two times the pain. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Well, I went nuetral at about 15mph on the slight grade(nearly none) and pounded it on the steep part. What did I get? 3m 35s. Yahoo! I'll finally give my self some credit for riding alone and it was today. Final Numbers were 15.5miles at 10mph(yes, nearly all recovery) for about an hour and twenty minutes.

I later did some research on MayMyRide and I figured it had a 211ft. total elavation gain in .61 miles. I tried to figure out the grade. I think I'm wrong but I got 18+%. Here's the course. I started it a touch late so I ended it a touch late. It says 204ft but the exact is 211ft. Tough Climb anyway.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lake Effect TT Series

is set for June 5th, 12th, and 19th. Thursday nights at 6:30. Two 4.85 mile laps of rollers and killers at Allerdale in Granger(near Medina). Check the TLE website for more info. I'm most likely be able to make every one! Wouldn't that be nice before states? Dad says State TT are a go if I don't have baseball. We'd get to go down the night before, too! Thanks to Ray for making the mapmyride course profile.

Sunday Ride

Originally uploaded by Robert Sroka
on the parkway where I had some promising numbers. Surprising because I had my worst day ever yesterday. We rode for an 1h 18m for 20 miles. + 4 more miles between houses. Averaged 14.9mph and reached 40.7mph. I took a half mile pull that was about 23mph and had a HR of a lower than usual 160BPM. I burned 578 calories and feel great. I hope it was lack of food yesterday. I also had my first fault with my sigma sport HR monitor (or was it) when it said my highest HR was 213BPM! I took a pic for tomorow's post. Off to the shower and then baseball.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

RATL #3: Quick Report

rainy days
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How did it go? Well, it went and I didn't. It felt today as though someone was just grabbing down on my brakes and I just couldn't turn the cranks. The race started off with a bang as there was a crash on the wet course on the first corner of our race. The next few laps were neutral. SBR kid attacked early and Erick was the only one who could go. Erick got dropped by SBR soon enough. So, TT for another 6 laps and done. Austin beat me by :30sec or so. Very displeased with how I felt and how I raced. Rained the entire race and really hurt your eyes. Couldn't draft because of the water be shot at you. Averaged around 17+mph. Either way: not enough.

Drew got 2nd in cat4's and Russ was 6th. Dad and Derek made the break of 3 in the 45+ with Ed Delgros. Derek took the win for Team Lake Effect!!! And Dad domestiqued for a day and looked great. He took second. 1.2.3. race started fast and there was a six man break that stayed. Shawn, Ray, Tris, Dan Q., Batke, and Andy Moskal. Shawn won both primes and took 4th. Andy won, Ray 6th.

Flickr Photos

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Saeco Long Sleeve

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20+ miles today with dad averaging 15mph with some very steep terrain. Went to Hinkley Du course, rode a loop, and took the shorter, steeper way home. Rode between picking and dropping off me.

This is an unused jersey my size Julie found on Ebay. Super light. Thanks :)