Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ohio State Junior TT Course

Team COBC is putting on this event so there is a possibility we may go. If it was Tym Tyler. NO! The finishing few miles is on Richardson Road and gains a good few hundred feet. This is still 3+ hours away so it will take a lot of convincing and I don't know if I want to go that far for 9.4 miles. It says it will suit us well for nationals, if I was going.

Bursts of Energy Exerted

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Robert Sroka
today that was in a 15mile+, 1h 15m ride. I did most of it around an office building loop that was a .4 mile loop or so. It's got some really nice pavement so I did about seven or eight 10 - 30 second intervals there while working on cornerning. Then I followed with three 2-3min LT intervals with the nearby Harley Hills. This followed a one hour easy effort yesterday. I really want to do well at RATL this weekend. Teammate Trace Atkins won last weekend. Erick won't be there because he's participating in a triathlon.

My mom got back from her business trip today and won in a raffle the new i-Pod Nano. She didn't know really how it works (or the price) but the guys told her she was lucky. I think now I'll take that one and give her my video. Here in the picture you can see it's pocket sized which will be good for rides and is super thin.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Presque Isle: Report

Check out an updated Lake Effect Team from races this weekend. Photos: My Set and FotoReg.com Fotoreg's got some great photos of action, I think I'm going to by the one of me on page 22.

More Importantly Results are HERE! It says I got 4th but I think third place complained or something. Hey o well it's over.

True to form, the Diffenbachers arrived at our house at exactly 5am sharp this morning for the spring Iroquois TT. We arrived at P.I. with plenty of time to spare and some. Registration was a breeze and got in a good 6.5 miles in about 45 minutes for a fantastic warm up along the course. I lined up at about 8:03 for my 8:08:45 suffer fest. This was my first time getting all started professionally and getting all clipped in and I loved it. Started super fast, almost felt like the days of cylcocross. The first three miles I felt as though I was king of the world, some tailwind, a nice warm up, and some slow people ahead of me. 22mph. 23mph. 24mph. 23mph. 22mph. 21. 20. 19. 18. You get the point. The back half of the course, miles 5-10 was windy. I averaged nearly 19mph through this point and felt somewhat sluggish after a killer start. Dad kept telling me this morning to try and wind it up or at least speed it up through the last 2-3 miles and I definitely tried. The ramping up wasn't by so much of 1-2mph but I sprinted hard and left it all on the course churning out a 35:52.62. Good enough for 119th place of 174. I learned a lot from this race and felt really pleased since my goal was to average 20+ and ended up with 20.9MPH! First solo TT: Down!

My good friend and rival Erick Madis finished disc and all with a time of 35:24.28, and a mere 7 spots ahead of me. Finishing 3rd in the Junior 10-14 years young, I am very pleased with my performance. I only was beat by Erick and Kody McCracken, a thirteen year old who's been racing for a long time (more than my 3 road events)

Dad got 5th overall and first in the 50-54 age group with a 27:10, giving us the FAMILY VICTORY!! Yahooo! I even got a plaque. The top 3 overall went Jay Joslyn (NY'er who wins each year at 29.12MPH!), Ray "TT Specialist" Huang (27.87 and a whole bunch of power), Brian Batke (27.75mph). Lake Effect had 4 in the top 11 in an out of state event with dad, Pete, Pete on the tandem with Jane (9th overall after already racing), and Matt Weeks (7th) Brian D. got 18th and Austin D. got 4th junior.

Overall, Presque Isle is a great course and a great family event. With the :15 sec time gaps you are always safe on a closed course that right on the lake. I should update the website now before baseball. Cya. And good luck to the Speciaks, Shawn, Julie, and Jared at Vulture's Knob #1 today.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lots of thinking

went into the decision to not race RATL tomorow morning. 1. It's supposed to rain. 2. It's the last time I'll see my mom for a few days 3. Presque Isle's the next day. 4. I've got a baseball practice. 5. I just had surgery yesterday and the doctor says excessive bleeding my come in tough physical activity. No excuses though for not training enough this week. I guess I could say I was planning on a double race weekend so I would plenty of rest. Well, besides not training and a lot of baseball this week, my confidence has managed itself back to zero for PI. Maybe 20+ mph is too much for 12 miles for a Factory Rider. We'll find out soon enough. Good luck to Lake Effect at RATL.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surgery Today

The past four days, the back of my mouth has been in deep pain that seemed everlasting. Mom and I decided to take a trip to the dentist to check it out. My next dentist appointment was Monday but this couldn't wait. They checked it out and told me I had pericornitis, "one of the most common dental emergencies." The doctor came in and shot some Novocaine in me to get ready for my surgery! Surgery? Yes, NOW! The thought hurt my tooth even more. After a long two shots of novocaine, I was ready for my gingivectomy. I won't get into the details but I will mention hundreds of scissors, knifes, and blood. Well, I didn't see the excess skin but I did see a tube sucking up gross stuff I'm expecting is skin and blood they didn't want me to see. Not so much pain but they kept shoving more gauze and pulling it out.

That was scary today, and now the doctor says I'm not supposed to participate in any sporting events for a few days but, I need to play in my baseball game today so we have enough players. They said it will bleed if I do activities but o well. Expectations for this weekend suddenly dropped ground low.

Gotta get Ice.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Watts, Watts, Need MORE WATTS!

I think the time has come to...take another conconi and wingate tests. A mere two and a half weeks before my V02 training begins, I need exact training data. Then LT. This all leads up to my peaking time from the dates of 9/15 to 12/08. Did you notice that's cyclocross season? My season this year! "C" - class victory, bring it! Pretty cool, I'm trying to peak for four months straight.

Anywho, I think I need to redo these very painful exams because my LT is at 150-180 watts (actually, my LT is 150) and from my calculations and my training, I should be up to 30-50 watts ahead of that. I also need to try harder during my recovery periods, I think my cadence should stay more the same, while also shifting into the easiest or easy gearing.

Why does this all matter? In the long run, or 2-3 years, I'd like to be "B" class winner in the B.A. series. Looking over Scott Thor's blog today, he averages around 230 - 240 watts for a 2-4th place finish in our "B" series, resulting in me in 2-3 years, I need to get to 260 watts avg. for a 45 minute time period.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be Green!

Happy Earth day today! Hope you got to ride to work or school. I have baseball practice. UGH! I've recently posted some videos on Youtube of RATL. Here is the masters field sprint, and then the 1.2.3 break finishing it up in a sweet sprint. Also, this one is of the cat four race taken by someone else. I got my start time for Presque Isle, really excited because I start :15 behind Dad and he starts :15 behind Ray. That'd be nice to see them for a while but no draffting boys! Two early races this week that means lot o sleep and lot o stretch + fluids. Gotta run.

It's Official

The past few days Derek and Dad have been emailing each other of turning of the Team Lake Effect Racing website to me. Now officially manager of the website. This has been an Internet/blog related goal from day one. I'll try to update every race a Lake Effect member participates in. Shawn Adams Cohutta 100 performance is up next. Here's the site if you haven't been on it. I'm thinking of keeping the basic layouts just with more updates and future team related stuff. If anyone has good pics of the team send them to rudycoach@hotmail.com (dad's) or original237525@aim.com (mine)

Thanks for helping me get to the top blogger fans. hasta manana.

Monday, April 21, 2008


ride yesterday that was 20 hilly miles. Dad said it was the hilliest single bike day ever for me. We went down to the Metroparks, Richfield, Bath, and back up Harter Road. What an appropriate name. Got home in time to see Paris-Roubaix, knowing the result. Go Slipstream! Felt so much better than on Saturday. Humm...? Shawn Adams rode to a great 8th place in the Cohutta 100 topping Floyd Landis. So did Ernie. Presque Isle was the talk of the town at RATL along with the weather. Getting super pumped. I averaged 19+mph at RATL mostly solo (at least it seemed) so I am shooting for averaging 20+mph if it isn't windy at the Isle. Sub 36: looks tough but I'm shooting for that if there is no wind. Placing I'm not worried about because I've already got 180 competitors. I do plan on doing RATL the day before, again.

I just got off the rollers and am doing some work with my power. I had a high HR of 179 during a 1min.30sec. interval and made it up to 36.8mph at about minute 20. Not that easy but not that hard but kind of hard to balance. On Kreitler's website, 36mph is at 250 watts on a 4.5 drum. This really tells me something. My intervals need to be much harder if the one's today were at about 220 watts+. To improve my training, I plan of strapping on the headwind fan all the way open or at least 1/2 way. Then 16 miles per hour, I'd have to put out 231 watts+, reflecting more like the road or slight grade. 13.63 miles + 469 calories x 220watt intervals x 6 - 8 minute warmup divided by 50 miles really hard in three days = one pooped out Factory Rider.

Road Bike looks quite racey after flipping over the stem and pulling of the little hand brakes. Can't forget the 404's. Results from numero uno here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


If you've been following my blog lately I've been mentioning RATL quite a bit and I'd love to write the biggest post ever but if I fall asleep, don't blame me, blame Erick Maddis and 4 other fast juniors.

We arrived about 8:15 for 8:53 junior start time. B-E-A-Utiful day. Race started pretty easy with Austin Diffenbacher leading for the first few laps with no one else pulling. Erick and I tried jumping off the front a few times but we couldn't get away from three giant 15+year olds. The pace picked up for another two laps and I found my self yo-yoing a good bit in the windy flats. By about lap 6 of our 9 I was officially dropped from the front four. The two largest kids (Real Global Warming. Com) broke away from Erick and an SBR kid. SBR broke away from Erick and ended up 3rd. The last lap I was in sight of Maddis and gaining but he edged by about 30 seconds + dad said. I don't really know. So, I've bagged two crits this year that ended up as TT's. 5th out of 6 isn't so bad. 15+ should have their won division though. MAX:32.1mph Distance: 10.8miles AVG:19MPH(possibly more) Felt: Good+

4 Race. Drew raced great don't know how well he finished but nice job. Rick did well too.

Masters 45+: Dad, Batke, Derek, Bill, and many others lined up for a high paced crit. Derek broke off on lap 4 for about 3 good laps. NiCE! Then dad, Batke, Ed, and Jeff Braumberger (speedy 45+, I know) broke off and gained about 1:30 on the field with the help of great blocking and pacing and controlling of Bill and Derek. Dad ended up 2nd to Braumberger. He jumped a few feet to early.

1.2.3. STACKED. Anyone (mostly) who's anyone was their. 57 of the fastest racers in the Midwest with PM, Albers, England,Stefan, Grimm, and great teams of TLE(8-10 racers), Roadhouse, Inferno, Spin, Summit, Velo, and MANY MORE. Dad and Brian Batke +more decided to line up for both races. Tony Marut did a fantastic ride to 16th place. ONLY 16 years young! Grimm, PM, Albers, England, and Stefan broke away with England taking the victory. Grimm 2nd. Albers 3. Stefan 4. and PM 5th. Dad 34th. TLE great field.

Great Racing to all and to all a good night. Check out some more RATL photos on the Flickr.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Giro Ionis

I've been meaning to write something about the Ionis for a while now but with the unpredictable weather I haven't worn the helmet that much. This is the medium black/red/carbon highest end Giro made available by Julie and Dad for my birthday. This helmet is perfect. Light, aero, and heavily ventilated. A total of 21 "enormous wind tunnel vents" as advertised. Very easy to adjust. Almost to easy. I got to ride today with the Team Lake Effect Ionis on the aero bars. Just cuts through the wind.

You'll get to see it in action Saturday at RATL because I'm now officially pre-registered. See you Sat. Got three baseball games this weekend.

Sweet Victory

You guys called it. We defeated the Bears in our scrimmage 9-1! They still are making up excuses but we won, face the facts. I went 1-2 with an RBI Single and a groundout. CUBS WIN!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Intimidation's Work

real well. Anywhere you go, sporting or non-sporting event, you see someone intimidating someone else. And you know what, it's so easy to fall for. One person says to another I'm better than you and that scares them. Once thy has doubted oneself, you have lost. I keep telling myself that but it just won't work. I play on a travel "B" team for baseball. Which means there is an "A" team in our school, and our age. We get pushed and shoved around so much about how they're #1. Our team feels like #2. Well, today we're scrimmaging them and I am so freaking nervous. Our team acts as though were tough and we'll win but we took a poll at the lunch table today and we all agreed we were pooping our pants scared. They're bigger, faster, stronger, been together longer, and etc. I believe the absolute only thing we have on them is heart (and jerseys.) I don't think that will give us a win but it makes my blog sound good. I'll post of our defeat tomorrow. Got to go lose.

"A" Westlake Worlds went well till the sprint when there was a tractor trailer in the middle of the road. Lake Effect was well represented with I think 7-8 powerful racers.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Planned Out

I figured out my racing schedule for the immediate future today after a one hour+ ride today.

On Saturday, the 19th, I'll be racing Monroe Falls RATL. Then the following Saturday I'll again race RATL but then go to Presque Isle the next morning for my fist ever solo TT.

Ok, I'm two weeks ahead of myself, the most ever. Trainings been well. Baseball too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Next Weak will be...

either a relatively easy week or a very intense training week. Saturday I have two options before a evening baseball game, RATL or Old Oak 1 miler. At RATL, I'll probably see all my blogger and racer friends and get to race for 10 miles(app.) and ride easy this week. OR. At Old Oak, I'll get to race only one mile, without my bike, and probably see no one I know. The decision seems easy from those facts but my mom wants to run the 5k and dislikes (I should say doesn't encourage it) me racing. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Rollers yesterday and prob. today.

How will me running take me to the top?

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The two closest road events to us were cancelled this week due to cruddy road conditions. Team Akron Training Series downhills is pretty beat and Chippewa Creek is scary too I here. Stark Velo has it up too in case you don't believe the Factory Rider.

Good Month

if I start the month on March 17th and consider I have like 2-3 baseball practices a week. 24+ hours riding the last few weeks. Still have a few days to go. This graphs measured in hours riding. The little riding in the last week of February was saving something for Arnold. I'm doing well trying to get back in my faster pace. I've got a baseball tourny next week too. Fri. Sat. Sun. And then the official season starts with about three games a week that goes through most of June. Last year it went to August. Usually on Tues. Another one in the week and then Sat. Trying to fit in everything.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bring in the TT Bars

for Presque Isle. Yesterday was a little iffy out so dad took the aero bars off the tandem and put them on my all-arounder bike. I'm pretty sure they're the Zipp Vuka clip-on Chicane set. Super nice carbon and aluminum. Fit hands pretty nicely too. I'm definetly not superbly aero but I pretty tight. By that I mean my head isn't in my elbows. Yet. I tested them out on the rollers and felt pretty comfortable. We're going to do a three mile time trial next week to see where my time should be for PI. Tot ziens.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jim Ryun Report

Jim Ryun
On April 29, 1947, a legend was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ryun. Jim Ryun was born in Wichita, Kansas. Jim, or James, originally played baseball while sustaining a scrawny figure with many allergies. At Curtis Junior High, Ryun tried out for track. In seventh grade he ran hurdles and in eighth grade he ran the 100 yard dash. He was unsuccessful in both. Then, in 9th grade, he chose the longest event looking for some better luck. He ended up more successful.
In 9th grade, Jim Ryun was introduced to cross country. By the end of 10th grade, Ryun was down to a four minute, twenty-one second mile and getting serious into running. That summer, he ran fifty miles straight to win a set of barbells. Jim set the bar high for his goals as he wanted to eventually run a sub-4:00 minute mile and compete in the Olympics.
In high school, he raced every weekend anywhere from L.A. to Kansas. To keep up his high pace, Ryun ran over twenty miles each day nearly all at race pace. By the end of the year, he started racing and practicing the metric mile, 118 and nine inches shorter for the Olympics.
At seventeen year young, Jim Ryun was asked to run the metric mile in Tokyo, Japan, at the 1964 Olympics. Sadly, just two weeks before the games, Ryun caught a cold. In the first heat in the 1500-meter, he ran to a 4th place, just enough to get to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Jim got dead last. He said he couldn’t even breathe because of his cold. His first Olympics were very unsuccessful to him. In his second Olympic run in Mexico City, Ryun dashed to the silver medal in the 1500-meter, possibly his best race ever.
After competing in the Olympics, competition back home was easy as Jim took home the district and state championships in Kansas. In the off-season, he focused on photography at Kansas sporting events. By the end of the year, Ryun accomplished so many things, the sub 4:00 minute mile, the Olympics, district and state championships. Jim Ryun is recognized as one of the greatest athletes of his time. He was voted Sportsman of the Year of nearly every organization including Sports Illustrated and the AP.
Two years later Jim Ryun set the world record times for the mile and half-mile. Over forty years after Ryun set them, he still holds the American Junior (19U) records in the 880 yard, 800 meters, 1500 meters, and two mile events. In all, he broke the American record mile four times. Today, Jim resides in Kansas is on the US house of representatives. Jim Ronald Ryun was great.

Ray's Indoor MTB Park Elevator

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If It's Nice, He will Ride

Westlake Worlds begin tonight so good luck to all. Go Lake Effect.

I got in a harder tempo type ride yesterday that was two hours and since it was so nice today I managed an hour recovery ride. Both very fun. It was 74** degrees when I rode today!!! School's been quite busy as we're getting closer to summer and OAT (Ohio Achievement Tests)

I'm going to try running and stretching more. I hope it will help. I'm also officially registered for the Presque Isle TT and their T-Shirt size medium. Hope to see you all outside riding soon. Factory Rider.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Reasons its Spring

1. Short Sleeves - Check
2. Shorts - Check

3. Unzipped Zipper - Check
4. Gloveless, or Shifter Rash - Check

5. Happy Factory Rider - Check

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Notable Ride

today that was 16.43 miles with two one minute intervals and two tough climbs. Road an hour and seven minutes with dad on a gorgeous 50*+ day. Hit 38.6 on a downhill. Gotta get to baseball.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday... So far

Woke up around 6:50. Ate. Road down to Cleveland West Road Runners Spring Classic Half Marathon to watch Chris from Bike Authority. I went with coach and dad for 20 miles. Sometimes stopping to watch Chris. He ran a 6:20 on mile one! Nice Job! Finished ride averaging 15.77 mph. Didn't feel very well. Got baseball in about a half hour. Got to run.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday at Ray's

Great fun today at Ray's indoor MTB park. Completed lots of stuff. Couldn't get out because of rain. I felt sore all day from sprints at baseball. Will probably ride tomorrow with Coach Gilbert in the morning. Then baseball at 11am. To 1pm. Gotta stretch. Shower. Sleep. Ride. Repeat.

I 'll post some videos on Youtube tomorrow from Ray's. Later.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too Busy To Post

Yah. Right. Friends are in from Chicago this week. Rode on Wed. up killer Harley Hills at about 5mph. Got out only for 45 minutes. O well. Walked through "mtb trails" in my backyard three times this week. Baseball on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday now. May change racing schedule with 6 hours a week for baseball. Ray's Indoor park on Friday night prob. if anyone wants to come check it out. Gotta sleep.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bike Mag

A few good write ups in the lastest Bike Magazine 15th annerversery. Buy a copy if you don't already subscribe. Gots to Go. More tommorow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday Update/ Quotes

Jerseys are due mid-May, a little slower than thought. Originally were planned for Race at the Lakes but too much talko, not enough duo. I'm probably watching or not going to the first Team Akron road race. I personally don't think I'm ready for 25 miles in the wind with 5's. Possibly the next week or three weeks from now. It's too early in the year for me.

I found a few more cycling quotes I think you all deserve to hear. Most of these I found online heard or made up. (April Fools)

Classic. Eddy Mercx - Dont buy upgrades; ride up grades. Greg Lemond - It never gets easier, you just go faster. Jim Burlant - Cycling is like church. Many attend, but few understand. Eddy Mercx - Ride Lots.

I ecspecially like these ones. Ernesto Marenchin - The second you stop believing in yourself, you have failed. NEVER doubt yourself. Vince Lombardi - Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. And yes, I believe that is what Vince said not all the other quotes.