Monday, March 31, 2008

100 Posts...

encounting. Another milestone today accomplished in the blogger world today as I reached 100 posts. Wow! I can remember just the other day when I made my first ever post. No photos, videos, links, spelchecked, or anything. Recapping since then would be difficult but I'll say a few words.

I've grown tons since I've started this blog: writing, size, cycling, and most of all, friends. I've been pushing myself seeing Bill or Ernie or Shawn or anyone really write up about their huge rides and new equipment. Just a few months ago, cycling wasn't very big in MY life, but in my family.

Now, I love it. I save all my money for equipment, do all my homework at school for riding time. Ask my mom millions of times to let me go farther and faster. I think about it. I encourage it. My life is revolving around it. Reading and believing all sorts of stuff to make you faster. I've been eating better, and now, even stretching! I barely watch TV but choose the cycling magazine. I don't travel with friends or participate in outer school activities but save up my time for it. I got cameras for the blog, trainers and rollers, all for this one thing: cycling. All this time and energy for it. I know I can accomplish anything in it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Graphs Don't Lie...

Especially ones on computers. Good Week.

FS Concepts Camp

Saturday we headed down to the Penninsula library for the FS Concepts Camp. It was only Austin, Mr. Diffenbacher, and me, though. We discussed race tactics for a few hours over bagels and coffee and then we geared up to head down to the circuit designed by Shawn Adams. It took about two and a half miles to go to the course which was relatively downhill. We started off with a warm up lap which was almost exactly four miles. The mock race started seemingly fast which was one lap, where we chased a break or two. I lasted about a mile on the first "mock" race with the group then got spat out the back with a few others. They caught back on but I couldn't keep the high tempo pace and practiced pace lines with the Diffenbachers. The first four laps ended like this, then the I broke away from them and rode by myself for two laps. A total of 29 miles at nearly race pace with three or four stops. Weather coora Very fun stuff.

Tomorrow I won't end up going because of my mom's birthday. My mom and I might wake up early for the Herme's West 125th 5k. Maybe?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Years Spring Break

was at Camp Favor "where the Big Dawgs run". Still was riding outside today but with 6 layers on. We took a drive down to the Team Akron Training Series course (covered bridge) and rode a round that loop once. Then took the bike path throughout it two more times. A total of 12.4 miles at a more difficult to sustain pace because of the high winds. Course seems pretty darn tough for an April 13th appearance. Probably a spectating event for me. Maybe Earth day if I feel strong. HERE's their flyer. Also rode the rollers this morning, and got baseball later. Got in over 110 miles so far over Spring Break + rollers & trainer. Like one day for Shawn or Ernie, but good for me.

Summit Freewheelers/ FS Concepts camp is a go for me and the Diffenbachers tomorrow. I won't be able to go on Sunday because of my mom's birthday but sounds awesome. Hope to see a few there.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Filling Out April's Calendar

Here's what I have so far. Most races are still undecided. I've got a few more possibilities also including Big Bear Lake MTB in West Virginia on the 20th. Click on the scan to view closer. Sorry about the blurriness. PDF files may not be uploaded to blogger. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Factory Rider.

Well Planned Robert Well Planned

Today's ride with Coach Gilbert and dad went great. Started around 4:00 and rode for 1:33:41 throughout Richfield and Royalton. A total of 20.87 miles with some good rollers and a few good climbs. We discussed seat height and riding position. Sean says I have position down pretty well. Rode by many famous people houses today including Paul Martin, Brian Diffenbacher, and Browns great DE Kamerion Wimbley. We expected rain or snow and it came out quite pleasant. Getting much better at descending and breathing. After today, TOK doesn't seem incredible long at 23 miles. Maybe?

Davis Phinney and his son Tayler, had a whole five good minutes to themselves on ABC tonight about motivation. A very good story on how Tayler just made Bejing Olympics in '08. I wish I would have TIVO'ed it. I wish I had TIVO.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ignore the Post Below This One

Today seemed to be lost as I woke up dehydrated and feeling a strong head-cold coming. I'm not saying my snot-rockets helped but those snot rockets sure did help. After picking up my mom's b-day present and going to Sam's Club for like 10 hours, I knew I needed to ride today. It also didn't help that the weather for tomorrow is 35* and raining or snowing(?). So, today I got in 20+ miles(?) in an 1:45 ride. Weather was absolutely PERFECT. Time went by sooo fast. Too fast actually as mom pulled me in early. O well, great ride anyway.

Well, anywho. Tomorrow's ride might be delayed but I hope the weather prevails. Saturday, the Diffenbachers and I may head down to Canton for the FS Concepts Camp. Sounds fun because I'll get to go with another newer ride Austin, who is 10 or 11. Rollers or off Friday because of more snow.

I hate snow. and or any weather besides sun. Factory Rider.

Complaining When It's 50*

Andy Hampsten once quoted

Ninety-Nine percent of cycling is not being sick.

I'm glad I'm not racing today.

I guess I caught a minor cold at Great Wolf Monday or Tuesday and then pushed on a tough trainer ride yesterday which involved lots of sweating. This was just enough head cold to slow me down. After a 6+ minute shower (my average is 3:30) and a whole bunch of snot rockets (yes, in the shower) I feel a lot better. Today will be a good day of rest and getting my mom a birthday present. Maybe if I feel better I will do a light core workout. Anywho, the day that's a rest day and I feel crappy and it's like 50^(42)degrees out. I plan stuff so bad. Except for tommorow! I was planning a later in the day group ride but it is supposed to rain and snow shower throughout the whole 24 hours. Enough complaining, I should be riding. Maybe I'll resort to rollers tommorow. Fun, but not too fun. My new March goal outside of riding: post 31 times in the month of March.

C ya l8r.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sorry... but I can't stop laughing

Elite amateur racers set for Tour of Ohio
The 12th annual Tour of Ohio is expected to draw more than 4,000 total participants, including some from as far away as Canada and Hong Kong, but the highlight of the event will be a five-day elite amateur race from June 17-21. The stage race opens with a criterium in Mount Vernon. Stage two features a 70-mile hilly loop in the Hocking Hills Region. It includes the famous Glick Hill which was part of the 1993 US National Road Race Championships. The third stage will take the race from Gambier, Ohio to Coshocton, Ohio and back to Gambier. For the first time, the race will climb the 14% Hill Street climb out of Roscoe Village in Coshocton, and have a hilltop finish in Gambier. After a stage four neighborhood criterium in Worthington, Ohio, stage five will conclude with laps on a five kilometer loop in Granville, Ohio. In addition to the overall, jerseys will be awarded for best sprinter, best hill climber, best category three rider jersey and best collegiate athlete.

Courtesy of Julies email.

Great Wolf Lodge Welcomes You...

This photo is from Jeff McNaught.

So, until Tuesday night I'll be in Sandusky swimming away at the wolf. So, sadly that means no posting until Wednesday. After a 7 and 1/2 hour week of riding, I will take one day off. Ughh! This week is supposed to be without scheduled workouts so not much riding but... Me and coach(Sean Gilbert) and dad are going to be riding this Thursday probably after 3:00pm or before 10am. If anyone wants to join in that's fine. Probably Hinckley or North Royalton.

Get riding, it's fine out. Factory Rider.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter to All!

Happy Easter! Dad and I managed to sneak out today and catch up with Shawn Adams and "Stu". We took out the tandem today and boy that thing goes on downhills. We were going 50+mph down State road next to the sled hill. Which was all mucky BTW. Road to Brecksville Reservation to meet up with Shawn, back through Hinckley, then finished up on Harter Road. Total: 2:30 hours. Miles: about 40. Only 5 top layers and new bibs, tights, and leg warmers.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Comes Early

I'm no Eric Gibb, but I did get to model today an Easter present. From none other than, Cannondale. These are their new domestique bib shorts, my easter present. And yes, those abs take thousands of crunches.

Hey Tony

Marut. I like the things you do, like donate to smaller kids. Thanks for the cycling clothes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break is Here!

We left relatively early today and went out to Hinckley and back for a 17.45 mile ride. We did it in 1:13. We took River Road to get there, did a lap, and came up River on the way back. Avg'ed around 13.5mph. I got to use my new C'Dale cycloputer, leg warmers, and arm warmers. A decent pace for "spring", 20 layers, hilly, and a longer roller ride yesterday. Felt great. Temps were around 36-37 F. I concentrated on breathing and jumped a little about 3 times. I got dad surprised, too. Fitness is really coming around. This pic is from the city of Columbus.

Monday, March 17, 2008


ride today. Probably around 25 miles (I changed wheels with one w/o a magnet) in about 2 hours throughout my development and a school across the street. I couldn't handle the trainer 3 days in a row. It was pretty pleasant. I am guessing around 35 or 40 degrees. I rode pretty strong for not riding outside for about 2 weeks and having varied terrain. I'll probably post a picture tomorrow of a pothole I hit every turn-a-round.

Factory Rider. Getting a lot better a "U"eees on a road bike. In tight spaces.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


While Shawn and Sologoat got in over 180 km yesterday, Robert did a 47 minute trainer ride w/o any intervals while watching The Life of Salt 'n' Peppa. Peppa needed to fit into a incy tincy little dress for some runway coming up in 2 days. Salt said she'd be fine, but Peppa said she needed to lose 10lbs. She went anorexic for about a day. She tried working out (that was funny). And then she finally got acupuncture without telling anyone. HAHAHAHA! That's what America's coming too.

BTW: Peppa fit into the dress.

F1: Lewis Hamilton continues his reign and wins Austrailia. Only 8 of 22 finished. Results here.

Presque Isle: I made a countdown to my first solo TT(most likely). Click HERE.

Friday, March 14, 2008

F1 Team Owner Suggests Reversing Starting Grid

Julie sent me this e-mail today:

Williams F1 race team co-Owner Patrick Head has proposed "reversing the start grid in Formula One to improve the spectacle of the sport," according to SPORTING LIFE. Head suggested that the fastest cars start from the "back of the grid and the slowest from the front." Head: "It's the same for everybody, and over a whole season the right guy would still win the championship." Head said that the current system, in which the fastest cars in qualifying start up front, means "there is less chance of overtaking." Head: "The fastest drivers might say: 'Well, overtaking is a risk and it puts us more at risk than the guys who don't have to do that.' I'm sure people would complain about it" (, 3/11).

Wow. This is such a crazy idea I bet it would work. This sort of reminds me of when at the B.A. Cross series P.M. agreed to start two minutes behind everyone. Ernie won that one at Broadview Hts. This would just be a huge traffic jam for crits, MTB, cross (less likely), or any sort of cycling event, but for a F1 type sport (wider for passing, not as many cars on a smaller loop) this would fit perfect. +, everyone always spreads out so much in F1. Which is on Speed this weekend from Australia.

Also, watch this video it only takes a minute. I found it off Ray's Blog. And yes, it is about cycling.

For another story about discrimination against cyclists, check out James Anderson's research paper. Pretty good.

Controversial Factory Rider. Out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Say Cheese...

Today I managed :45 minutes on the new rollers. Great practice that will pay off. I didn't check my email this week as coach told me to take the week off but, o well. I'll get a video up soon. My heart rate was definitely a lot higher on my first real ride of the rollers. Just think: we didn't even attach the killer kool headwind fan yet.

Factory Rider. Later.

Uh Oh..

My spring training secret is out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nice Rack

Nice rack has been used a thousand and one times. But my mom did buy some storage hooks for my bike at her house today. And boy do they look nice. How do you like those fluorescent lights?

Not much other news to report. I have an hour and a 1/2 tonight of baseball. No riding today or yesterday but looking forward to some more one-legged drills tommorow. 37 more days until RATL.

Factory Rider, out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rain Riding Soon... or more trainer

I'd hate to count how many snow reports or snow-related posts I've read this week from Cleveland area blogers because their would be sooooooo many. I'm not saying I haven't written any but this week we're supposed to receive rain on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also, how about those crazy TOC stages with Hincapie and Dominique Rollin in the rain? Even the racing this year at Paris-Nice.

Only a few rain layers needed in Cali while here we need on everything we own. We usually have decent flooding on our street so I'm betting that will be coming back to along with more snow soon. It seems the winter waited a month this year. Interesting.

Check out the newest Cleveland bicycle blogger, MikeV at Vanucci Cycling, Speed, and Music.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Active Day

Saturday was plenty boring riding the trainer for an hour an only getting up for shoveling but Sunday went much better. I woke up and rode the rollers for about 20 minutes until I got the hang of it. Then dad and I went skiing for about an hour or so and went two miles at Kendall Park near the Truxell TT course and Big Valley Manatoc MTB trails. Later, I got an e-mail from Ray Huang that we'll probably get to go to Presque Isle this year for the first time. Lastly, I went to baseball for an hour and fifteen minutes of easy hitting. Pretty busy day but definitely worth it.

Rollers are coming along great. I'll have videos up tonight or tomorrow. Fitness is coming along pretty well even though my "A" season doesn't start until later September. Jerseys will be here in mid-may and Giro helmets arrived last week. Tour of Richland county is a no go.

Ombc's first mtb race is at Mohican on March 30 which is also my mom's birthday so that is probably a no go too. Next couple of races for me are probably RATL, and Presque Isle. Here is PI's link.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

As expected...

one foot of snow.

So far.
Rollers came in Friday. Used sparingly so far. Will practice more tonight. Video coming soon.

Factory Rider. Snowed in.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Youtube Videos

Arnold Cycling Challenge Category 123 Videos: The Start/Finish of the Bell Lap, I think this is lap 4, Sprint finish in breakaway with Kirk Albers and Jared Babock We had yet another snow day today which I believe is our sixth this year!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kreitler Rollers

Last Week: The Arnold Race was approaching fast I needed some outdoor riding. I had put in a few hours on the trainers this week but felt like I needed something extra. I knew rollers were for me. Today: I called up Chris at B.A asking him for the Kreitler Roller prices. I ended up purchasing each item separately and actually, I will being paying for most of it. One of my first major bicycle buys. I ended up getting the most easy to learn, easiest to pedal, rollers. I bought the Challenger 4.5 Drums with poly endcaps, the Kreitler Universal/Standard frame, and the Killer Kool Headwind fan. This is looking to be a great buy.

I would also like to put together a fixie (fixed gear) bike for the rollers and minor road riding. Hopefully the Cleveland Velodrome will be up soon and I could use this bike there.

At a 200-watt* power output: 4.5 rollers can be ridden at approximately 30mph
3.0 rollers can be ridden at approximately 22mph
2.25 rollers can be ridden at approximately 18mph

This purchase was obvious for someone whose new to cycling and who has a threshold of around 150. Like Me. Factory Rider. Rolling.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Arnold Cycling Challenge: Report

After seeing and hearing countless dance crew members in our hotel, it was time for the real Arnold event, the Cycling Challenge.

Weather: 33* degrees for 4-5 race,women,and juniors, with wind at about 15mph, few clouds. 40* degrees for 3-4's. 47* degrees for 1-2-3 with lot'o'sun.

Course: A 1.02 mile course with 4 turns (that's surprising) 2 being pretty tight while the others were flowing. Lots of cones.

Prerace: Sign-ups sucked. Tym Tyler secretly came out and ran most stuff. I had time for one lap! I was hoping for 4-5 and a few minutes on the trainer. So, one lap done, and we have a pre-ride of course. I wore 1 cold gear under armour, SS skinsuit, light racing jacket, tights, and ultralight booties.

Race: Holy Crap! I forgot 18 year olds are aloud to race juniors. Three of them broke off at start at 100mph (ok but close). I was going like 20. I stayed with Erik and a few others for 4 laps or so. It was just me with Erik in sight when I started getting lapped by 4-5s around lap 3 or 4. BTW: I was doing about 3:20 laps. Erik jumped on everything that went by him each lap. I need to warm-up more. Factory Rider Cramps around lap 6. I started going with wind on turns with Hed JETS, fun
stuff. At lap 7, I have 2 to go and sun gets really warm. Feeling much better but can get on wheels. Juniors lapped me sometime I forget. But finished with 7/8 of the race by myself but avg.ed about 18mph. Sprinted at 27mph. Ok, my cold is almost gone, fitness is ok, and am starting to come around after early season start.

More results: Women's- Julie - Top 10 (Bear Naked/Lake Effect) Juniors - Drew - Top 8(Pista Elite) Erik - Ahead of me (Pista Elite) 3-4- Bradnt Athey - Top 15 (Team Lake Effect) Dave Steiner - Top 20 (Snakebite) 1-2-3 - Jeremy Grimm - 3rd!! (RGF) Dad - Field (Lake Effect) Shawn - Crashed/finished (Lake Effect) Kirk Albers - 2nd (Texas RoadHouse) Groundskeeper Willy - Crashed/Finished Won Prime (Lake Effect)
Nice Job to all who participated. I don't know about results so maybe a try and make some later.

123 Story: Kirk Albers broke away 5 minutes into the 123 race, and had 20 seconds on the field before (fill in name later) bridged up. (Name) never took a pull and sprinted by Albers for the win. Jeremy Grimm broke away and two others tagged along. Jeremy broke away on the last corner to get 3rd! Nice JOB!

Photos: Are here.
Videos: Tommorow. Take a while. Got almost all finishes/ Starts.

Overall: Arnold appeared for 30 sec. w/ about 20 body guards. He doesn't need them. I mean, the Terminator. He spoke of the tou da cali forn ia (in his accent)Would go again if weather was this nice. Overall good atmosphere except signups and results. The two things that really matter.

Factory Rider,