Friday, February 29, 2008

It's hard to imagine...

that Major League Baseball has been playing in the Grapefruit League down south for already a week now and we had 2 snow days this week and still have a good 2 feet of snow. It's also hard to see I've got my first race of the year on Sunday! Surprisingly, I read today that Sunday is supposed to be 50*F down in Columbus.

It's also hard to imagine that every one's posting of the weather in the Cleveland area in February! What's up with that?

No posting probably till Monday about Arnold.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weigh-In Day

Not much to report lately besides I am officially pre-registered for the Arnold Cycling Challenge Junior Race. Dad and Julie are too. We are heading down Saturday afternoon probably after trail building. With that being said, Saturday we rode to the shop on our cross bikes and build a bikes. Luke Speciak was putting together his new XL 29'er with all new Shimano XTR and a carbon lefty. With his new Crank Brothers pedals on and his carbon water bottle cage was about 22.5 lbs. Nice Ride. So, Sunday we decided to head up to the shop again and work on my new mountain bike, a large black Cannondale F2000 Caad 5. With a starting weight of 22.55 w/o pedals, we had something good to work with. We were going to add a used Ultra Fork that has very good air adjustment. Here's the weight difference between the two forks.

and the old one. A good 51 grams dropped with a lot more comfort and style. Now onto the grips. I knew the Ergons would be heavier because they aren't race-lite but I definitely was going for comfort today.

You can subtract another 2 grams from the Ergons because I didn't change the handlebar caps to theirs yet. I was shocked at the weight of the Coda's though. So, 81 grams gained in grips but much needed comfort.

Here's the final verdict: Fork -51 grams, Grips +81 grams, Robert = Weight Weenie

Total Weight w/o pedals: 22.88LBS

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slipstream Chipotle Arsenal

We were reading Velonews (I think) buyers guide for 08. Some great stuff in there but ran across this article that absolutely blew me away! Slipstream's Arsenal: 200 Powertaps. 40,000 Water bottles. There clothing orders, are just funny. A light, medium, and heavy type for each product. That's almost as crazy as this.

TOC Update: Levi dominates TT and has :49 lead. TJ sits in 70th overall 33:47 back of Leipheimer.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

When The Trainer Gets To Boring...

juggle on it. Update of TOC, Tim Johnson currently holds 90th place overall and is only 29:54 down of leader Levi Leipheimer. Surprisingly, Cancellara still sits in 2nd place overall.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last B.A. Trainer Ride

Last night was the last B.A. trainer and easily the hardest. We had two new volunteers this week from Snakebite, named Gary and Rick? Rick ate a lot of Clif Bars and burped a lot. We rode to the Trainright Criterium Video. Wow, that's a tough ride, it also didn't help that my throat was like blocked and I felt like poop. I also drank two Glaceau Vitamin waters right before and really had to go. In warmup, the longest of my life, almost 25 miutes, I felt great. Then we had seven 2-minute power intervals with only one minute rest and that hurt. A total of 22 minutes full-on (again, not feeling good) and 1:00 hour recovery/warmup/cooldown. I was at 190 HR for a good 7-8 seconds though at the end. Today's only (ONLY) core workouts.

Tim Johnson got 95th yesterday in a very long 187.2km stage of the Tour de Cali. Nice Job Tim!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recent Stuff..

On Valentine's day, me and dad went down to Reagan Park with our mountain bikes (my new one, first real ride.) The trails were great. We parked near the lastest trails (Camba built a new 3 mile loop last month) but rode the connector loop over to the other newer 2.5 mile loop. These are the Reagan Park trails next to the soccer fields and near the pavillion. The trails were not icey at all and made that crinkeling noise everytime you didn't hit the same route as the leader. There was one other fellow there who we met up on a bridge that seemed to sort of floated away from the trail. Weird.

Well, today my mom and I walked on our own trails and got some nice photos. I ecspecially liked this one of the bridge me and dad built this fall to make it across stream. In some of the photos you can see where they dug for oil. Look closely at big mound of dirt in back of photos.

Gotta Vacuum,
Factory Rider.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

B.A. Trainer Ride

More of the same lately with hours and hours on the trainer. On Monday, school was out and I spent the day at Bike Authority awaiting the trainer ride. Before the ride started, I ordered a pair of small ergon grips for my new mountain bike, without the climbing bars/handles (going to put my coda's on). Later that day we rode to Race Day by Robbie Ventura. Great video, action packed, challeging, and anyone's own pace. Makes you pay attention as they take you through the criterium in Chicago, where nationals once took place. Mike Vanucci mentioned he has already signed up for the Arnold Cyling Challenge. Approaching fast on March 2, I'm in my 5th week of Economy Period already.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New (used) Cannondale MTB has arrived

Last week we discovered that Julie's (mine for last season) yellow caad 3 is a medium and has a pretty long top tube. We also found Dad's old Ray's bike is a very short top-tubed large bike. It was a Caad 5 so we decided to take my current compenonts (mostly older Shimano XT with newer Magura disc brakes) and transfer them to the black Caad 5. Before trading parts, Dad weighed the yellow bike at the shop it was a whopping 26.7 lbs! Very weighty for a hardtail, but with mostly the same componets (switched out seatpost, cranks, handlebars and saddle) on the black bike, it weighed 23.8 lbs! Almost three pounds lost this week!

Getting over cold slowly, going to baseball today at the NR high school.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tour De California

Sorry about the lack of posting, I was sick with a common cold (sore throat, fever, etc.) and was feeling to lousy to write. I have been reading though. Good blogging everyone who keeps updated. Monday night at Bike Authority went great though. Check up on the Marut's Cycling Page about that one. Well the Tour de California is almost here. 16 teams enter: one team wins. Last year, the Tour of California was the largest spectated event in North America with over 3 million people. This year, they have two less teams, but twice the tension, and a wide open race. North America's top professional team, Health Net-Maxxis is riding Cannondale's, how about you? The team includes cyclocross national champion Tim Johnson who I've got at the top followed by Levi Leipheimer. Wish I could go,
Factory Rider.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Numbers Game: Take That Bill!

Since Sunday,
I've recorded over 3.5 hours on the trainer,
1 hour outside riding,
30 minutes of my HR over 180 on trainer,
1 hour of X-C skiing,
3.5 hours of intense baseball (two more hours today),
1 hour of listening to the I-Pod,
over 4 hours of blogging,
60 hours of sleeping,
and over 2 hours of ping-pong.

Friday, February 1, 2008

10 reasons why this season will be...

- Training- helps most people
- Attitude- know what I want and how to get it
- Desire- I need that win
- Coaching- Promotes riding, training, and massages
- Recovery- drinks, I love Clif Shot's Hot Cocoa
- Bikes- New Cross/Road bike, possible new mtb. (C'dale Caad 5) and borrowed training/crit/tt Multisport 4000
- Experience- Not a rookie anymore in cross
- Equipment- New jerseys, helmet, gloves, bikes, hopefully shoes
- Heart Rate Monitor- I even know what zones are
- Trainers- You've got to love them