Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tym Tyler + States ?

On Sunday morning, we took a ride down to Granville, Ohio for the state championships. It was my first Tym Tyler race and maybe my last! We got there about one and half hours early for my 1:00 race. After a little shenenagan in the sign-ups (It was an arguement over weather the fee was 25 or 35 dollars, I heard some swears I've never heard before) it was time to warm-up. I only did one lap because it took 45 minutes to sign up. HAHAHA. It did end up being 25 dollars. I road a little more on the road and the start was here. There was I believe 9 Juniors. 1 in the 10-12(Erik). 4 in the 13-15 (me and some kids from the south). And I think the rest were in Tony's division, or 16-18. It started fast but I went slow. I got slowly faster then finished super strong right behind Tony. after he lapped me. I got third but beat a 15 year old with a C'Dale Optimo. Erik didnt get lapped so he did 5 laps, I did 4. We were closer though. Tony won.

Results: Jeff Craft won. Dad = 2nd. Derek = top 10. Bill = 4th. Matt = 8th.
Shawn = 5th. Julie = a soo close 2nd (cheaters helped winner). A good experience.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Broadview Heights #2

Today was the 2nd Broadview in two weeks. We basically ran the course backwards with a variation of avoiding the "up part" of the big hill. Yesterday it was snowy. Today it was muddy. I picked up Bill's Lemond after the race- HEAVY! I had a good warm-up including the whole course into 3 splits. First was the woods and some straight away. Clif Bloks. Dirt path and around baseball field and down big hill. Clif Bloks. Lastly, large soccer field, straight aways. Clif bloks + banana. A few more times to the bathroom and I was ready! I'm ready, I'm ready! I went to the start line feeling as good as Spongebob on the way to work. I started fantastic too! 2nd into the woods, and feeling like going, like fast! 3rd place overall across the bridge and then it all went downhill. No wait, we just did the only downhill. Now up-hill. The first lap was probably the fastest as a slopped through the mud. More slopping. More slopping. And slipping was included. The second lap, Erik was still in sight but slowly fading away into the wind. Wind, that affected me a lot too. I finished the second lap decent and figured I was done, ONE MORE! Ugh. As I continued my slop on the 3rd lap, the leaders of the B race went by. Tony got a flat after dominating- Ugh. Third lap went decent. Slow. I decided to run the big soccer field and stayed with a couple of B's. More enjoyment. Mud, slop, scurry, finish. I'm glad I got the baboon off my back for doing a seriously muddy cross. I felt pretty good and better than last week as I finally feel accustomed to the cold.

I still don't know who won the B's but good racing especially to: Drew Bercaw, Luke and Kyle Spisak, Julie, Cameron, and Tony(our current points leader.) The A race had another awesome turnout of awesome competitors. Here's how it went down. Paul broke away early and eventually won. Shawn stayed near Gerry Phlug and beat him on the last corner. 4-7 I'm not positive yet but I think Steve Twining got 4th. Dad got 8th. Quinlin-9th. Zak-10th. Matt Weeks-11th. And I think Ray got 12th. Nice job guys on a season low 5 laps. I got a good video on the camera of the start. Terrific turnout for the day before states. I think we had around 70! Speaking states, they're already here and it's looking like some good racing. There are 38 pre-registers for Granville.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Broadview Heights: Course Preview

Broadview Heights received 2-3 inches of snow on Thursday night, consistently throughout the course. The course is quite similar in some sections and quite different in others. I'll give you give you some hints. We might possibly go an opposite direction. We still go through the muddy, sloppy woods, but have a different entrance. We only go down a big hill. We cross a bridge. We go through white snow. We go over logs. We don't have barricades. We have some fun before states. Hopefully the turnout will be just as good as last week. Come out and get your final tune-up before states.
This is a picture of dad and Zak battling at last years snowy Broadview.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bike Authority Cyclocross: Broadview Heights

A clear morning, a sunny day, and a great course. After adding a few more yards here and there, it was time to warm-up. Lately, I've only had time to do 1 lap for warm-up, but today I had enough time to do one complete lap and practice a couple other tricky sections such as: the first log in the woods, the big hill uphill, the big hill downhill, and the corner after that downhill. I decided I should run the log, run the up hill, and take it easy on the downhill and corner. I had a game plan of being safe and finishing my first race at BH. I also have been under the weather for about 5 days and wanted to get points to stay near Erick Madis.

After warm-ups, I talked to Erick for a while as we headed down to the start. I asked whether he was running the hill or not. We both agreed we'd run it at the start. I got to the hill first in the C race but got passed immediately on the uphill. Wow, those are some fast C's on the hills! I slowly fell back and was caught by Erick right before the downhill. He was insight for the rest of the lap, but eventually dropped me. Ugh... I felt so terrible the first 1 and 1/2 laps but slowly got faster and faster. I finally had momentum and was so far behind, I tried everything! mistakenly. I raced through the woods at a great clip, then.. I got a little over confident a took an inside route and BOOM! Smack on a couple of roots. Ouch. I walked my bike through the rest of woods as the leaders of the B's lapped me. Go Tony. I finally finished that lap and had some fun on the last lap.

The big hill was slick, steep, and filled with fans. I decided I'd try to ride it. I kept good momentum throughout the mud and then took it wayyyy right. Dry, less steep, motivational, and I made it. It took more energy and more time but it was totally worth it. At the top I had to pull my foot out though so I wouldn't hit the stakes. Thanks for all those who were cheering me on because I couldn't have even finished without it. I got second junior and now sit 6 points behind Erick. Nice job Erick. Zak J., myself, Julie, and Tony all raced in the B and C race. Julie finished first women, Ms. Consistent. Tony got 2ND in the B's and Zak finished 3rd in the juniors, I think. Nice job all.

The A race was as filled with greats such as: Brent Evans, Shawn Adams, Ernie, PM, dad, Ray Huang, Zak Deringer, Steve Twining,and many, many more. I'll save these results until final though. Congrats Shawn on winning a fulfilled A race. I took some photos of the A's and masters. I'll try to get those up here soon.

Record Turnout: 96 people!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Broadveiw Heights Saturday

On Saturday, julie, mike j., zak j., dad, brian, derek, and bill all showed up and helped clean up the BH course for Sunday. It's looking like it is going to be as I described before. It will still include taking a downhill on the road, making a cannondale C on the big hill, and include a good portion in the woods. It will start on a grass box about 20ft. X 20ft., then drop off the box. Post-box we will go directly into the woods. It was slick today but courtesy of the crew, the leaves are gone and there aren't so many large roots. There are still some good roots and 2 large logs. The logs are probably both dismounts on Cyclocross bikes. Caution: slick roots are easy to fall on. After the woods, we go around 2 soccer fields and do a 180 into another soccer field. This time around the whole field. Then, we go down the steet, over a curb and on "the hill." The hill isn't quite as big as Willoughby, but still a run-up if rain continues. Go around 2 baseball fields on walk-way and go down big hill in Cannondale "c" formation. After the C, we finish up the lap around a muddy soccer field and a steep up. The steep up was a run-up for myself, but dad did it on his MTB. Currently, no barricades are needed and/or wanted.

For more directions and info, head to team lake effect raing. See my sidebar for the link.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Broadview Heights

Dad and I went up to BH Thursday and made a practical course. The course included some switchbacks in the woods and a Cannondale C on the big hill. This possible course was 1.63 miles with possible add ins up to 2 miles. We ran it up the big hill and rapped it around a baseball field. The woods includes 3-4 logs, and probably only on dismount in the woods. We might have Jeff Craft ad one of his all infamous maizes as seen at Fairport Harbor. There was quite a bit of road so we might have some drastic changes. Get ready for a super weekend at Broadview!

"Niceman Cometh"

Julie and Dad finished 1st in their catergories at the Iceman Cometh on sunday. Congrats! I knew this has been a goal for them for a while a now and it finally came true. Dad finished 4:30 minutes in front of 2nd place and passed 599 participants. Julie won by 2:00 and passed 368 people in a 27 mile race. Next year iceman may be moved later in the winter and is a lottery to get in. I hope they have a family pack because I want the Sroka's to go 3 for 3 next year! To find out some results head to

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spin Cyclocross

On Saturday, my mom, Gary, and I went down to Willoughby to the Cross my heart and hope to die Challenge presented by Spin bike shop. We got there around 9:30 when the race was at 10:33. I expected a lot of young competitors because of the big prize list for the dad's and mom's in the A race. + there wasn't too many other big races nearby. So, I warmed up and went back to registration to see how many C juniors there were and there were NONE! I couldn't believe it, so I warmed up a little more and went to the start line and no juniors. O well, I guess that's how racing goes. There was probably around 3 women, 20 B's, 6 masters, and about 12 "C's". A good turn out and it started fast for each race. I think because of the prime prize, a $10 gift certificate to the brewery up the road. Willoughby Brewery was where the award ceremonies were, but we didn't stay.

So back to race, it started fast and I was in about 3rd until the M and twisty up and down section that I think everyone ran. It was nice and sloppy and I started to fall back. The back section of the course included a super high log and two barricades. I think there was 4 dismounts for me a lap counting the barricades as one. Then, it came time for the snow hill. It was enormous, steep, and rough. It went straight up then did a 180 degree turn followed by a screaming down hill. If you weren't careful you could have hit 30 MPH, and went straight into some stakes. After the hill I was all alone for the rest of the race and had some fun with it. It was a long, tough course that was about 1.8 mile loop. The "c" race did 3 laps and I finished in 38:17. Derek told me the "b" race did 8 laps. WOW! On the last lap, I flatted with about 100 yards to go but didn't notice and sprinted really well at the finish. I think I flatted going down the sled hill. must have hit a bump. I ended up winning the junior race and got $10 to the brewery. All i need. I think i got another prize too but my mom wanted to leave and go run so i missed the "a" race. I saw some local greats(and national) including Paul Martin, Matt Weeks, and Ray Huang. I think I saw Brent Evans too. I'm predicting a fantastic race.

Nice job Tony while having another dominating victory in the B race. Bill had a great race too, winning the masters. Derek did well too but got a little beat up courtesy of a tree. Today was great practice for next week's Broadview Hts-muddy, cold, and a giant steep hill.

Good luck Julie and dad in Iceman Cometh. I think 25 camba members are going too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Orville Cross Results#4

I was 7th overall in the "c" race while winning the juniors. Nate Zabo had a strong finish on his slick ride, getting 3rd place. Julie won the women's race convincingly again and plans to peek for states and nationals. Go Julie! Tony Marut got second in the "B" race to a 25 year old who should be in A's. Nice job Tony. Bill Marut got 2nd in a masters just edging out Derek Wilford. Dad and Shawn got a close 2nd and 3rd by getting outsprinted by Brent"i hope u don't come and win"Evans. Paul Martin was leading by about 15 seconds but broke his chain. Nice job all. Is anyone going to Willoughby for the cross race? Dad and Julie are out of town for Iceman Cometh.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's sunday morning the day of The Next Orville cyclocross race and the day's takin forever since that time- change thing. Here's a picture of dad back in the day. He never looks nervous, just determined. How does he do it??

Ray's Opening Night

Julie, Dad, and Me all went up to Ray's last Night. Wow, awesome fun! X-C loop is fantastic, and it was packed. We arrived just after Gary Fischer left but we did get some dirt rag stuff. Great food was there along with some great riders. We saw constant 360's and some amazing stuff on those box jumps. Thanx so much Ray!!

Diggin Deep

Diggin Deep in cycling is usually referred to going all out for your best results. In this case, I'm talking about our new oil wells going up everywhere in Northeast Ohio including North Royalton and Broadview Heights. My father and I were building some sweet singletrack in my backyard and then 2 days later when I go out to ride our mini demo course, the whole trailhead is COMPLETELY GONE!! My mom later tells me some of school's property and some of our development's property was bought to dig for OIL! I now started a new trailhead of Reagan Park like singletrack(tight and twisty with trees doinking your handlebars.)

In the racers case, how will this affect you? The Big Hill at Broadview Heights is getting drilled for oil too! If your doing November 18 and 24 Bike Authoriy Cyclocross series at Broadview- you'll be ridin around an Oil Well!!! My Dad and I took a trip over to Home Depot and rescued some lumber from under our deck and are now building a bridge for the Cyclocross Race! Well, I hope it all turns out well.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ray's Indoor MTB Park Grand Opening

Ray's is open again and has their official opening weekend the 3rd and 4th of November. Gary Ficsher, Gregg Watts, and some pros will be there. has all the info you need. ATTENTION X-C racers: Ray has built up the XC course so you can do a rythm in the sport and THEN FINISH THAT SAME XC loop LAP YOU JUST STARTED. Great job Ray!

I've road at Ray's twice and I bought a singulator and hope I can do a cc loop with out gears!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Orville Cross: Smuckers Race

Wow, on Sunday, I swear my mouth felt like it had Smucker's jelly stuck in the back of it. It's cross season at it's best, and with exciting racing in the C,B,and A races. Congrats to Tony for one of your best races of the year and dominating the B Race. Nice job Julie and Dad finishing strong in each of their races. And Way to go Shawn to get another 2nd place finish in the A race.